Been banned by Chaturbate? That is a pain and sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it except move on and get started somewhere else. In this guide I’ll show you the different types of Chaturbate bans you might experience, and what your alternatives are in each one.

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Types of Chaturbate Ban

What the best alternative is when you have a CB ban may depend on what type of ban you have.

There are four main types of ban at Chaturbate:

  • Broadcaster Ban
  • Exhibitionist Ban
  • Viewer account ban
  • Viewer room ban

I’m going to explain briefly what each one is, and then for each one, I’ll explain how you can choose the best alternative to Chaturbate in that situation

Broadcaster / Camgirl ban

I’m going to start with the one that worries me most and causes the most serious problems.

Are you a broadcaster at CB like me? I’ve been broadcasting a live chat room, on and off, for many years and while the experience has been fulfilling both personally and financially I know perfectly well that at any moment I could get banned.

Chaturbate has a strict list of rules about what can and cannot be done online in a chat room, and if I breach any of those rules, even accidentally, then *bam* goes the ban hammer and I could lose my Chaturbate account.

What sort of things get Chaturbate broadcasters banned?

  • Obscene things against their ToS such as fisting, incest, age play, piss, etc
  • Not-so-obvious things like “huge toys”, which they define as “over 12 inches”
  • Broadcasting outdoors, at least if there is any chance at all that anybody around you can see you
  • Sleeping on cam, even when it is as a kink, not just being sleepy
  • Letting unregistered people appear in your broadcast
  • Showing or playing copyrighted content, at least in theory

There are almost more subtle things that don’t appear explicitly on their rules page and seem more generally about making sure you are not cheating their financial systems or harming their business. These are not always clear but you can tell it is a bad idea to:

  • Ask people to re-signup under the model’s affiliate link and pretend to be a “new user”
  • Get tipped a lot by someone using a stolen credit card, which makes it look as though you are doing money laundering
  • Talking about other cam sites
  • Taking payment for things outside of the Chaturbate token system

Anything like this can get you banned. Sometimes it isn’t an instant ban and you might think that those things actually ok, but it is just a matter of time before they notice, or someone reports you, and then bye-bye to your Chaturbate account.

Exhibitionist Ban

Do you have a broadcaster account at Chaturbate, with your ID all filled in, but just because you want to flash and expose yourself, not for the tokens? Then you are an exhibitionist and that’s great, but also just as vulnerable to being banned.

Any of the reasons mentioned above can get you banned, but you may also be in trouble for more minor things such as walking away from the cam for a long period or failing to interact with your viewers.

None of those are directly bannable offenses, but they can get you reported. And enough reports make it likely that you will get banned.

Viewer account ban

The viewers at Chaturbate are the customers of the business and they are reluctant to ban you, but they will if they think you are in any way involved in something illegal or which puts their business at risk.

Their main concern seems to be with things like stolen credit cards. Because they are so cautious about this even the slightest deviation from the normal way of purchasing is liable to cause a problem.

For example, if your credit card is from a US bank then don’t use it to sign up when you are in Mexico. Or the other way around.

If you are going to use a VPN for privacy, don’t try to be in another country from where your bank is registered.

The other type of legal issue that any porn company has to worry about is the age of their viewers.

Don’t do or say anything that makes it look as though you are underage. If you have a kink about age-play then you should look elsewhere, it isn’t allowed here.

Do not repeatedly ask camgirls to do things that are against the rules, they will kick or ban you and if they complain about you repeatedly you can get your account banned by Chaturbate.

The last thing is the various obscenity laws around the world, although the company is headquartered in the US it has broadcasters and viweers around the world and has to avoid breaking any local laws.

If something is against the law in your country, don’t ask for it on Chaturbate. That’s pretty simple.

Viewer room ban

This last type of ban is the least serious as it means just one particular camgirl has banned you from her room.

How does that work?

At any time when you are in a chatroom the broadcaster can click on your name and choose either:

  • Kick/Ban
  • Silence for 6 hours

The options look like this to me when I’m broadcasting at Chaturbate.

We hardly ever use Silence. If a viewer is really annoying us we just don’t want to deal with it and a Kick/Ban is the option that we will choose.

The kick part means that you are immediately removed from her chatroom and can’t see either the video or the text chat. And then the “ban” part means that you can’t go back into her room, if you try to do so then you will get the message.

Access denied. You are banned from this room.

Screenshot of error message: "Access denied. You are banned from this room."
Access denied. You are banned from this room.

When you see this you know that the model doesn’t want you in her room.

Now read on for more…

Soltuions to Chaturbate Bans

Of course, there are theoretical ways you can get your account unbanned, at least in some situations, but here I’m going to talk about the easy and practical solution to a CB ban which is to move over to a good alternative.

Chaturate Alternatives

For broadcasters / camgirls who have been banned

Whether you or an established camgirl at CB or only just started and messed up right at the start you’ll find that getting unbanned is difficult. What you really need is a camsite that has the same benefits as Chaturbate, but wn’t ban you.

If you got banned for explicit content that is against the rules at CB

Then you either stop doing that thing, or you find a camsite that allows it. For example if you provide fisting shows and you get canned at CB for offering that, then you should move over to Stripchat where fisting is allowed.

Alternatively if you do pissing on cam and someone reported you to Chaturbate for that, and you can’t get away with claiming it was squirt, you should find a camsite that allows pissing. The best choice would be cam4.

Maybe you don’t know why you were banned, or you did something silly that you won’t do again but now it is too late at CB. Then you want to find another cam site that is similar to CB.

Stripchat still tops the choices for that.

But MyFreeCams, Bongacams and Camsoda also have a similar way of working and it doesn’t take much to adjust to broadcasting there if you used CB before.

Amateur TV is also worth checking out, particularly if you have an “amateur” feel to your show. However, the way that the tipping shows work is quite a bit different.

For exhibitionists who have been banned

This is a tough one because the world isn’t very friendly to true exhibitionists, at least not to guys who want to show their cocks to girls.

Don’t forget that honestly, we don’t want to see your cock. That’s why you have to pay to get a cock rating.

There are so many legal issues around this that most sites have closed up the loopholes that allowed anonymous men to expose themselves.

Realistically what you need is either a random cam-2-cam site or a paid cam2cam.

For some of you that isn’t good enough, you don’t just want a one-to-one opportunity to expose yourself, you need the whole world to be able to see your cock. That means broadcast yourself in a public room so that many people will watch

If you are ok with proving you are 18+ in order to get the chance to show yourself off then you can still sign up at a bunch of sites that allow you to broadcast publicly.

The largest one is Amateur.TV which seems as though anybody can broadcast, but actually now requires ID.

Other smaller alternatives but which still let you be seen are:

  • LoverFans – Yes, that isn’t LoyalFans which is similar but harder to get registered
  • JoyStick.TV – Particularly if you are into gaming and would just as much like to play a video game as flash

All of them are safer than hanging out in parks and flashing your cock to people so please do use an online site like this where at least everybody is a consenting adult.

For viewers whos account is banned

If you are a chaturbate viewer and your account is banned then you probably should putr things behind you and move on to another cam site. Given that Chaturate doesn’t like what you’ve done, it is best to find a cam site that is happy with you.

For those of you who found Chaturbate great then you want to find an alternative website that has the same good things.

If the huge range of camgirls and the open free chat rooms was what apeals then the #1 choice for an alternative has to be Stripchat. Although newer than Chaturbate it is of similar size, has great free chat rooms, and has implemented a lot of the great CB features.

Then they have gone beyond and created exclusive games, apps, and levels that CB doesn’t have. So you can use it like CB, and decide when and if to use the other features.

The biggest difference is that it has a dark theme. All white things on black background. So while CB does have a Dark mode it isn’t the default.

Is that really the biggest difference? As someone who broadcasts and watches on both Chaturbate and Stripchat (CB and SC for short) almost every day I can say that yes, ther ereally isn’t that much difference.

You’ll even find many of the same models, including me, online at both sites.

For viewers banned from a room

If a you are a vewier and you have been banned from oine room.

Sadly the real solution to this is to:

  1. Think what you did she didn’t like, and don’t do it again
  2. Find another girl you like, there are thousands here
  3. Look for her on another cam site, but don’t forget step 1 !

Why did she ban you?

Here are common reasons and things to learn from it.

You aren’t a good customer but you take up her time. Camgirls need to pay rent too, they are not just chatting for fun. Therefore make sure you take camgirls you like into a private show regularly. It isn’t as expensive as you might think, as long as you buy and use your tokens efficiently and privately.

You want to get too close in real life, remember that Chaturbate is not a dating site. You should not go there looking for a girlfriend.

You asked for something against the terms of service rules of Chaturbate and she doesn’t want to get her account banned. For example, if you like fisting then you had better not ask for it at CB, go to Stripchat instead which allows fisting cam shows. Similarly, for piss shows, there are sites that allow camgirls to piss live onscreen, but Chaturbate is not one of them.

On which other website are you likely to find a cam girl who banned you at Chaturbate? That takes a bit of research but you can have a good start by thinking of what are good “alternatives” to Chaturbate for a cam girl? You can read on below for details but the TL;DR is:

If she likes Chaturbate then she is much less likely to be on Streamate, Livejasmin,, Flirt4Free, ImLive let alone on Camcontacts. While all great sites they are so different from CB that your typical Chaturbate camgirl doesn’t consider them valid alternatives.