is a leading Skype Cam Girl site with a good range of models and payment options. If you are keen on finding girls to chat with directly on a video calling software like Skype or other tools then this is a great place to find them.

Using a Skype site to chat with girls is different to other cam sites and you will have to get used to the negotiate-first-and-book-a-show model which is a little less interactive and immediate than other sites. But the up-side is a more personal and direct two-way chat, and knowing that the model is getting almost all of the money you’ve spent on her.

Visit the site to check it out first, and read on for all the details.

Skyping with Cam Girls is different

The whole chatting-with-a-hot-girl deal is different with Skype when compared to the more common cam girl sites such as Stripchat or Chaturbate. Unlike those sites the girls are not continuously in a chatroom waiting for viewers to come and chat with them.

Although they may be sitting by their computers the Skype cam girls are available but not interacting with the site. If you want to have a show with them you need to book one.

Often you can ask for a show to schedule right away, or within the next few minutes, but at times a Skyping cam girl may need you to set a time in the future. Such as “I’ll meet you at 10pm”.

It is a lot more like making a date than typical sites like MFC which are more like going into a bar and seeing who’s hanging around ready and wants to chat right now.

Because they know it is different there is a clear instructional page that explains it, plus online help chat if you need support.

The short version goes like this:

  • Step 1: Create a free account – click the link
  • Step 2: Sign Up – choose “Member” and enter username, password, email
  • Step 3: Confirm your email address – Click the link in the email from [email protected]
  • Step 4: Add funds – deposit funds into your Skyprivate account. Gets you premium membership and ability to see all models Skype ID
  • Step 5: Choose your favorite model – browse the profiles
  • Step 6: Add the model to your Skype – text chat to the model and set the details of the show you want.
  • Step 7: Call the model – use Skype and you will be charged per minute according to the model’s price.

The amount you pay for the Skype show is deducted from your balance

Browsing without an account

If you want to look around first without creating an account then browse through the thumbnails of the models who are online. The little green dots beside their name mean they are available to chat, but the images you see are obviously stock images.

Clicking or mouse over goes to a brief video clip which isn’t live, but is just there to show you what they look like today.

Although Skype is the main reason for this site models don’t give out their Skype ID until you have signed up, and for most of them until you have proved you have funds deposited.

You’ll see most profiles look like this:

The model chose to display her Skype ID only if your balance is at least $1.Add funds ?

If you click “Add funds” it takes you to the account creation process.

Although there is no live preview video, and skype cam girls tend to be quite defined about not giving “free previous” because they get far too many scammers messing with then, you do get a lot of review and feedback score that helps you to tell which girl could give you a great show.

For example one model has scores on her profile that look like this.

It is a bit like an Amazon book score, or maybe an AirBnB or Uber score.

SkyPrivate girls can get thumbs up or down ratings for a lot of different things.

  • Her English
  • Fast reply on Skype/Discord*
  • Good long-conversation partner
  • Quick to follow my instructions

* Note that the “Discord” here is about text chatting on Discord, not calls. Skyprivate doesn’t allow the actual video call to be on any software other than Skype as only Skype has a plugin to let them count the number of minutes you’ve spent.

WIth this score summary plus the actual “Reviews” tab where customers write down a few words about the model and you really can get a good idea if she knows how to give a good show.

Just as with Amazon reviews you can look at the details of how many stars different customers have given this model, and click through to see “1 star” reviews to see if you think they are reasonable.

For example if you check the 1 star reviews and find something like “She didn’t speak German” and that isn’t something you want, then you can safely ignore it.

Is this better than simply chatting with a girl life as you would at Bongacams or Camsoda? Better or worse is a matter of opinion but if you like to do your own research about your purchases, and you are ok with treating cam shows as purchases rather than socializing, then this could work for you.

All for free

All this browsing and researching the models has been done for free, without even having an account to login.

You can do quite a lot for free, but obviously can’t chat, nor load an account, or even mark models as favorites.

Therefore if you like the idea of SkyPrivate and purchasing shows you should go and sign up for an account now.

At SkyPrivate there are three different kinds of accounts: Members, Models and Studios. For the average viewer it is the “Member account” that you want.

Create a free account at SkyPrivate

Choose to make a member account and then you can enter your details.

Your Dashboard

Once you have created your account you can login, and rather than simply see the models while you are logged in you go directly to your account dashboard.

It is a bit much to take in all at once, despite the “Step 1, Step 2” across the top that is there to lead you through the process.

If you are serious about your cam girl watching then you are going to appreciate the comprehensive and detailed interface, but if you are a casual cammer this might be a bit overwhelming.

Add funds

The free account doesn’t do much until you add some funds to it.

SkyPrivate is one of the sites that support Crypto current purchases for cam girl credits, but there are other ways to load your account as well.

Click on “Add funds” under the “payments” menu and you get to choose how much to load, and what payment method to use.

An amount between $14 and $200 is good, though the default is $100. It is all in dollars and not “tokens” or credits so you don’t get confused about what you are paying. The choices cover most things you might want.

  • Credit / Debit card
  • iDeal Pro
  • Sofortbanking
  • PaySafeCard
  • EU Bank Transfer
  • Crypto
  • Mister Cash
  • Giropay
  • Paxum

Credit cards is what most people will be choosing, and that is handled by Verotel who will charge you. If you are not paying in the US then it will get converted to your local currency. The payment is done by Verotel out of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The statement will say*Techhelp U. so that’s quite discreet.

Those other payment systems, well if you prefer one of those you’ll already know how they work.

Crypto payments are via SpankPay which means you can load SpankPay via a credit card. There are charges to pay though, if you ask for $100 at SkyPrivate the SpankPay bill is for $105. Then if you load SpankPay using Debit the bill goes up to $110.25.

Privacy is expensive.

Finding a girl and asking for a show

Once you are logged in and have an account with some funds then it is time to find a girl you like.

Click through to the list of girls online and either browse the pictures or use a filter or category to narrow it down to what you want.

There is a lot going on here in terms of filtering and searching for models. You get to filter by age, by price, language and keywords.

Even without clicking the “Advanced tab” you can narrow down your list a lot. If you do venture into the Advanced tab then evetying from height and weight to hair length and breast size can be filtered on.

Want to look for “asian ethnicity black eyes long hair length small tits age 50 to 60”? That would be me!

Discount models

Although girls are free to charge any amount they wish, within reason, there are plenty who are offering very slow discounted pricing. Thumbnail images with banners saying $1/minute are not hard to find.

Check out their ratings to see that the great majority of customers are happy with their shows, even if they are low-cost.

Prices around $2 are also common and if you scroll through you’ll easily find a girl who matches your budget.


“Skype.Streaming.Love” is another brand of SkyPrivate with a different look but the same models and the same deals. If you find the main site hard to navigate, particularly on a phone, then try Skype.Streaming.Love which is a more modern design.

Joining Skyprivate as a Model

Want to become a Skype cam girl? Then Skyprivate is a good place to start.

Sign up for the site and say you want to be a model and you get into a similar looking control panel and dashboard where you have to give your ID and stuff.

It is the usual set of ID that you have to provide, front and back of some kind of government ID. A picture of you holding it next to your face, and a picture of your face with the date on some paper so they know it is current.

It takes 24 hours to get your ID approved, then you have to fill in your profile.

They require at least 8 photos for your gallery, of which 2 should have your face.

Remember that on SkyPrivate there is no free preview or free chat rooms so the viewers really have to judge based on your gallery and your profile information so it had better be good.

You also need to install the SkyPrivate plugin for Skype so it can manage your shows and tell how much time has been used. There are plugins for Windows, Mac and even Ubuntu Linux!

A plugin for Discord also lets you do live shows on Discord video but that’s new and not many people are using it.

Got “Settings” and “Public Profile” to fill everything in.

Once you are all set up you can start to take calls, and when you do a Skype show call you get “up to 85%”. Only that is is what you get once you have set up everything. Initially the percentage is 75%.

There are several things you can do that increase your percentage. Like adding your Twitter gets you an additional 0.1%, forever. Then setting up auto-tweeting is another 0.1% and so on up to a total of 0.4%.

Refering people can get you 4.6%, and a 6% bonus for “prepayments” and calls you make with people you referred.

That is under “Promote” and “Win Extra 6%”

Set your own price, the system recommends a price for you but you can choose any price starting at $1/minute going up to $12 a minute. The recommendations are around $1.34 to $3.49 based on your location and what your profile is like.

As well as the Skype and Discord shows there is also a way to connect your phone number to the system, not sure what that is for. Sexting maybe?

Earn on the site and you can withdraw using a wide range of different methods.

Once you go into your dashboard you can set your payment system. Each one has a different minimum. They make Bitcoin the first choice but there is also Paxum, SEPA, SWIFT, ACH and Bitsafe. That should cover just about everybody.

  • Crypto – $100 minimum
  • Paxum – $40
  • SEPA – €100
  • SWIFT – $2000
  • ACH – $200

If you are US-based I think you’ll want ACH, that has a $200 minimum.

SkyPrivate Alternatives


  • Good for Exhibitionists: As a model at SkyPrivate you get a good payout, at least 75% and up to 85% for customer yous bring with you. No need to stay online all the time. No Free chatting, only paid shows.
  • Con for Exhibitionists: Limited traffic
  • Pro for Voyeurs: Detailed rating system with reviews means you know you will get something good.
  • Con for Voyeurs: Nothing for free, you have to pay to see anything at all live.