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SecretFriends has got a lot more models online now, at this moment I can see 40 which is a goodly number for a site like this.  Though if you are the type of guys who like to chat, flirt and be teased, you should try out CamWithHer.  Girls are all of super-model quality and they don’t do nude – but would push to the limit, they said.


16 May: The models who used to work at SecretFriends but no longer are there have reappeared — but in a new cam site.  Take a look at CamFever.

16 Apr: Several people have noted in the forum that SecretFriends has lost a lot of their old regular models.  Given the previous news item where they were looking for new studios, I presume that means they have terminated the contract with the old studio — and they knew it was coming so look for another one.  All conjecture of course, if anybody knows more then let me know!

28 Feb 2005: Although they still do not take individual models there is now an invitation for studios to contact them though, and they are looking for male rooms too.

16 Nov 04: SecretFriends, previously run by a company called Pleasure Labs, is now apparently either changed their name or been bought out and are now “Almighty Content “.  They also now seem to be associated with mycamfriends.

Older review:

I first found SecretFriends under some of the other names it goes by like Innocent TeensYoung Sweethearts and Adorable Schoolgirls — as you can tell from the names they are focused on the young-cute-and-sweet girls.

This even goes over into the SecretFriend color scheme — if you don’t like pink you better not go to this site! 

Secret Friends Webcam

When I went there only a few girls were on line but there was nice free teaser video — not chat until you “signup”.  That’s different from something like cumtv where you can chat as well as watch for free. SecretFriends have a free signup but you have to give your credit card in the same way as ifriends or imlive.  Still, you can just sit and watch the video without ever signing up if you want.

I liked the bios of the girls — together with the regular Miss America questions they had favorite sexual fantasy and strange place to have sex.  Some of the answers were fun though others were just one liners.

Nowhere for chathosts to signup though — this is purely pro models; which shows in the bio pictures of the girls which are professional studio shots; not webcam snaps. 

The same company who runs SecretFriends also seems to be running MycamFriends — so SecretFriends has a SecretFriend. Forum

If you have any more information about Secret Friends, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.

SecretFriends Summary

  • Pro for Exhibitionists: Not so much
  • Con for Exhibitionists: No way to sign up — not for a regular girl to signup, if you are a studio boss you should talk to them now though!
  • Pro for Voyeurs: Really free video, don’t even have to give a credit card
  • Con for Voyeurs: Not that many girls — and you have to like pink

22 Feb 04: Had a reader write to me about the Secret Friends site.  First the good stuff; it is cheap – particularly if you buy in bulk.  The best deal is $29.95 for 25 minutes works out at about $1.20 a minute.  Bad side is no sound, and the paid video is no bigger or faster than the free video.  Still worth a try, particularly if you like the “cute girl” look which seems to be their focus.