has been a cam site for over 10 years, and since I first reviewed it the site has gradually morphed into a social and community site, while still offering plenty of live cams.

Although originally a German cam girl site it works perfectly well in English while offering native language menus for several European languages. There is a particularly large number of German and western European models to be found here, and they offer videos and picture posts as well as live cam options.

My Dirty Hobby Cams

It has been more than 10 years since I first reviewed this site, and it is still there and has continued to develop while still looking like something from 10 years ago. 

What is different about MyDirtyHobby Webcam is the way the pricing for chat is arranged. If you are used to the common format at Bonga, CB and similar sites with free-to-view teaser or shows, then paying just for tips or privates, then you’ll find this to be quite different.

The home page of the site is full of interesting things to look at, but all you can see is galleries and thumbnails until you create an account.

Choosing “Webcams” on the left menu takes you into a view of only girls who are using a cam to broadcast on My Dirty Hobby webcam, but selecting any one just takes you through to a signup form.

It takes only a name, password, and email for you to create an account. And throw in is a starting number of credits which here are called “Dirty Cents”.

mydirtyhobby is the largest adult social network! 7.800 members are currently online with a total of 517.172 videos & new content updated daily.

Any free offer is welcome, but you have to be realistic that 100 Dirty Cents doesn’t actually buy very much at all. It’s about one dollar worth of value. But at least it means you are not an empty-wallet grey at least.

Buying credits at MyDirtyHobby

How you buy credits at MyDirtyHobby depends on where in the world you are using the site. For the USA and much of the world your choices come down to Visa and Mastercard, that’s basically it.

European viewers get a wider range of choices though. For example, if you are in Germany when you create your user account then there are a lot more choices. The preferred choice is Paysafecard or Pay by Call, but you can also use SEPA/, giving you access to EuroCard, or Bank Transfers via for banks in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Online bank transfer as well as transfer using the EC system are also supported, but not for everybody. It depends on which country you come from which could be a bit annoying, so take care to sign up only from your real country. This is a case where using VPNs can actually be a disadvantage despite the added privacy..

Buying Credits in Euros

If you are buying in Euros then the pricing works out to be best if you are buying more credits at a time.

The credits at My DirtyHobby are called “Dirty Cents” or DC.

For 25 Euro you get 2,000 Dirty Cents, or 0.0125 per DC.

Buying 50 Euros worth means you get 4,000 DC, plus an additional 50% bonus. That gives you 6,000 DC which have therefore cost you 0.0083 each.

The bulk buying discount continues, but at the same rate when you spend 75 Euros for 6,000DC with another 50% bonus taking you to a total of 9,000 Dirty Cents. But that is still only 0.0083 each, the discount doesn’t get better if you are buying more.

These are the prices for buying with a creditcard, there are some different chioces if youi select a different payment method but you own’t get any better discount than this.

If you just want to try out MyDirtyHobby with a minimum purchase then choose Paysafecard and you can buy as little as 400 DC for 5 euros. But you should know that such a small amount will only last about 4 minutes, even for the lowest cost models.

Buying Credits in US dollars

There are a lot less choices when you are in the States anbd are buying in US dollars. You still get a discount if you buy more, but the choices are more limited.

Firstly you only get to choose Visa or Mastercard, both of them available secured via “Verified by VISA” or “MasterCard SecureCode”. Then the packages sizes are different with only the largest having a substantial discount.

Spend $10 for a package of 800 DC which includes an automatic “free” 100 Dirty Cents. That means you are getting 900 DC at a price each of $0.0111… Or just over 1 cent each.

The next level up is $15 (1,200 DC + FREE 100 DC). Do the math and that means those 1,300 tokens cost you $0.0115 which is the tiniest bit more expensive.

Same calculation for the $25 purchase (2,000 DC + FREE 100 DC) and again it is even more expensive, though only a tiny bit which the 2,100 credits being $0.0119 each.

Finally if you splash out on the largest package available for US dollar credit card purchase, that is $50 which gets you 4,000 DC plus 50% plus that “FREE 100 DC” for a total of 6,100 credits. That makes each Dirty Cent cost $0.00833.. and finally an actual discount.

In fact that makes the credits even slightly cheaper than they would have been with the best possible discount in a Euro purchase, so that’s a win for the US of A !

The 50% extra bonus offer for the larger purchases is “Only Today!”, but it seems that every day is “today” so you may have plenty of chances to get this offer. You’ll want to get the largest package you can anyway as they don’t really last very long.

Language choices at MyDirtyHobby

While you can navigate around the website in a range of different languages, which reflect the sort of nationalities who visit the site, the more important part is that there are models online from these different countries as well.

Deutsch, français, español, Italiano

Choose between:

  • English
  • German – Deutsch
  • French – Français
  • Spanish – Español
  • Italian – Italiano

MyDirtyHobby notifications

Once you are logged in to MyDirtyHobby it will offer to provide notifications in real time, that means you’ll be able to know when models message you or there are other things you should know right away. At the same time if you are sharing a computer for work or non-adult things then you might not want notifications from MDH to pop up on your screen unexpectedly!

Verify email for a 30% bonus

While you can use the site without verifying your email, if you do verify you get a bonus 30% on the next purchase you make. This is a one-time extra so might as well make a bigger purchase to get the benefit!

Once you have a working account loaded with some credits then you are ready to go back to that webcams view.

Unlike many other webcam sites, there are no free previews or teaser chat, in that way the site is more like the original iFriends and today’s Camcontacts. If you see a model you want to go into Webcam chat with, then click the thumbnail to go straight into a type of paid video.

This won’t be a private though, it just paid video chat, but other people can and will enter the chat while you are there. What it does get you is the chance to see live video of the girls and to interact with her in text chat. Many of the girls I looked in on where only typing

The charging is in “DC” or “DirtyCents” and when you mouse over the thumbnail image you get to clearly see the pricing for this model. Unfortunately, the thumbnails are all glamour or stock profile images and don’t represent what the model is doing at this moment, that is a downside of no teaser chat, but on the other hand, you get to see the best view of each one and not just a random moment.

There are plenty of models to choose from, mostly female but there are also couples, Men, Shemales, and Transexuals.

  • Women
  • Men
  • Couples
  • Shemales – Which are men converted to females
  • Transexuals

Transsexual vs Shemale camgirls

I was not clear about the difference between Shemales and Transsexuals, I’ve not seen the two split out as different categories at a cam site before, but after asking I found out that Shemales is really “chicks with dicks” whereas Trans is more crossdressers. But in either case, there is not a wide range of choices so you may have to take what you can get if this is your preference.

100 Women

For women there is a wide range, with around 100 female cam girls online and plenty of couples as well. so many so that you may need to use the filters to narrow down your choices to the type that interest you.

Couple cams

Couples only account for less than 10 rooms when I checked and they were all hetro MF couples, so not so much variety there. Unlike some sites there were no large groups shows going on here.

Filter to select

You can use up to four filters together to narrow down your choices to one that appeals to you . There are plenty of choices and they get quite specific, but you are limited to the choices listed.

For example, if you want to look particularly for a model with her belly button pierced then you can do exactly that, it is one of the options, yet if you care about ear-lobe piercing then that isn’t included. Perhaps that is unrealistic, in practice the majority of things I can think of, and many that wouldn’t occur to me either, are included.

Select filter
Choose up to 4 filters. To deselect a filter, please click the icon.

Click here to deselect all filters.

  • Hair Color
    • Blonde Brown Light brown Red Black Strawberry Blonde Gray Auburn White Other
  • Sexual Preferences
    • Anal Vanilla Sex Big Tits Bukkake Interracial Sex-Parties Rimming Nylons Latex / Leather Bizarr Submissive Diapers Lingerie Titty Fuck Creampie Big Dicks Swinger Uniforms High-Heels SM Wax Games Playing Doctor Fat Outdoor Sex Oral Sex Group sex (MFF) Group Sex Role Playing Feet Bondage Dominatrix & Slave Golden Shower Grannies Deepthroat Double Penetration Group sex (MMF) Face-Sitting Voyeur Trampling Spanking Dominant Fisting Gothic Sex Toys
  • Body Type
    • Normal Athletic Chubby Thick Muscular Petite Slim A Few Extra Pounds
  • Eye Color
    • Blue Green Brown Gray Black Hazel Other
  • Height
    • Small Normal Tall
  • Tattoo
    • Yes No
  • Piercing
    • Eyebrow Nose Tongue Lip Breast Belly Button Intimate
  • Appearance
    • European Asian Latin-American African Middle Eastern Indian Japanese
  • Intimate
    • Shaved Hairy Partly shaved
  • Characteristics (hair length, …)
    • Long Shoulder Length Short Bald Glasses
  • Sexual Orientation
    • Bisexual Gay Heterosexual

It’s interesting to see “Fisting listed, and there are several girls who are in that category, as this is something which is not allowed on the majority of sites. Outdoor sex and Golden Showers, pissing, are also included which are not allowed on most sites either.

I didn’t see any indications of performs broadcasting outdoors, and outdoors of course does not necessarily mean public, it could be in a private garden perhaps, but it isn’t sommething you see much elsewhere even though it is popular.

Legal constraints are behind most of this I would imagine as in many legal jurisdictions those things, fisting, piss play and so on, are officially “obscene” and not allowed, while in some it is ok.

Although My Dirty Hobby is officially registered as a company in Cyprus, which is where many webcam site companies register, it seems to be european and particularly German focused. Perhaps fisting is more socially acceptable in that part of the world? For whatever the reason, if firsting or golden showers is what you want then MydirtyHobby can give you some choices that you will find hard to find elsewhere.

German language chat

Mydirtyhobby chat is not always in English. Some rooms I entered had text chat in German going on, and there was no translation option like you have with cam4. That might make it awkward to build a relationship, but I’m sure many German camgirls speak perfectly good English just like all other Germans.

Price per minute

Each model sets her own price for the basic video chat sessions, but they have to select from a range of choices it seems. I’ve seen prices for 99 to 299 per minute, and that is a price in “DirtyCents”. Dirty Cents are the tokens that are used on MyDirtyHobby, not coins that have fallen on the floor and got dirty!

Money Laundering?

“Money Laundering” is something you don’t have to worry about here as Dirty money is the way it works.

Most of the rooms I checked, over half of them, were priced at the lowerest price of 99 DC or Dirty Cents. It doesn’t actually say clearly that this is per minute but that is what it means is a per minute charge.

Plenty of models are in the medium price range of 149 or 199 DC, and only a few at the highest prices of 249 or 299.

If you buy the credits at the lowest rate that means the per-minute charge of those cheapest models is only $0.82 which is very reasonable. Even the typical higher priced 199-per-minute models are only working out to $1.66/minute which is very good pricing.

You have to remember though that this is not for a private show, it is just regular nude (or lingerie) video chat with other members present as well. When you compare this with Chaturbate where the same things if free, then it doesn’t look so good.

Voyeur shows

When you choose to go into a video chat with a model you may find that she is already in a private show. As with many sites you get a choice to be a voyeur or spy, where you’ll be able to watch but won’t get a chance to interact. An alternative is to wait until the model becomes available. There is no charge to wait.

On MyDirtyHobby you get prompted to watch or wait, and go into the regular non-private chat.

Remember at MyDirtyHobby the non-private chatting still costs tokens.

The top of the screen clearly shows you how much you are paying at the moment and how many tokens or credits you have left.

While at the bottom of the screen are the controls that you can use. Notice that the chat is defaulting to “whisper” to the model rather than a public chat.

The options include full screen, zoom in and out, cam2cam, a sound slider, tip butotn and a request private chatt option.

By default the sound will be off and you have to click to enable the sound, that helps to avoid suprizing loud noises if you are being naughty and watching a NSFW video chat at work!

The text chat also has the usual emoticons and convenient font size buttons if you would like to be able to read more clearly.

Going private

When you want to go into a private show then the green request button beckons, and allow syou to go into a session for just you and the model. Well that is if you don’t think about the spys or voyeurs.

When you do decide to click the green button the price per minute for private chat is displayed for your approval. What the price is depends on the settings the model has chosen, but the range is from 199 to 599. Generally, the models will charge at least 100 more per minute than they do for the basic non-private chat.

Cam2cam for free

There is no additional cost to choosing to do Cam2cam, just click the button in either basic video chat or in private and go through the usual approval security prompts. Your own webcam appears as a small window in the corner so you can see if you are showing the model what you want to.

Not charging extra for c2c is good, and given how generally everything at MyDirtyHobby cost it is a relief to find something good that doesn’t’ involve any more expenditure.

Buy and watch your privates

When you have finished your private show you get an option to also “buy” your recording.

MyDirtyHobby in the Forum

If you have any more information or thoughts about please leave a comment below or post in the forum.

Old MyDirtyHobby Review from 2010

Just for historical interest — this is what I said over 20 years ago

 At first glance is an European webcam site.  It boasts about “Real amateurs only, no fakes tolerated”.  The cam site itself is a bit confusing.  When you click the “online” tab on the top, a page full of girls’ thumbnail pic and short profile is shown.  Some of them have the green online button on and some don’t.  But if you look closely, under “last online” they all said “on”.  So looks like they have hundreds of girls online. There are both free chat and private chat in mydirtyhobby.  To look for free chat, however, you have to go to the “webcam” tab where it shows which girls do free chat.  I haven’t seen anyone do free chat under the “online” page.   Registration is free and all you need is a real email address to receive the confirmation email. To get to private chat, you need to buy some “dirty cents” (DC).  15 Euros for 1500 “dirty cents” or 25 Euros for 2500 “dirty cents”.  I saw some girls charge 199DC/min and some charge 299.  So that’s about 1.99euro or 2.99 euro/minute. As I said mydirtyhobby emphasize they show only real amateurs, I can’t see how the girls register as a live chat performer.  One can only register and then upload their private photos and videos to mydirtyhobby for sale and get a maximum of 25% of the sale.  But we know this business model is history now.  With free pics everywhere and free videoes on webcam tube sites, how many people will pay for anything that’s not live and interactive?  My question got answered when I  joined the free chat room.  I got a welcome message from!  So all these amateur cam chat are feeds from  Not exactly unique content.Turns out that both mydirtyhobby and are now owned by the same company, the “Manwin” which is now one of the largest adult entertainment companies. If you have any more information about MyDirtyHobby, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks. Pro for Exhibitionists Easy registration, pay to your bank account directly when you have earned at least 50 euros Con for Exhibitionistsno live chat it seems. Pro for Voyeurs Con for Voyeursjust feeds from, no unique cam chat content.