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Which are the best sites to see or to show off?

It depends on what you want! Lots of different categories and sites: see below:

Peer chat sites and programs

That means that it’s a community chat thing where Exhibitionists and Voyeurs can both go to have their fun. 

Pro for ExhibitionistsSimple and free
Con for ExhibitionistsTechnically usually limited.  Too many creeps being nasty instead of just enjoying the show
Pro for VoyeursFree
Con for VoyeursVery very rare to find a girl who is actually showing something.  Spend 99% of your time watching other horny guys instead.  If you’re lucky might see some tit, that’s about it.

Technical a pain, have to set everything up yourself and search for sites.


Commercial chat sites

Who can be a voyeur:

Anybody willing to pay entrance or per minute fee. Of course there are a lot of free teasers which can be worthwhile in their own right. Some sites provide you with a free username and password (such as while others ask for a a credit card number but don’t charge you until you start viewing.

Who can be an exhibitionist:

Anybody willing to sign up, for free.  May even earn commission etc.

Pro for Exhibitionists Simple and free, may even earn some money! Guys tend to be more polite.  Feels kinky to be “paid for it”, but can do as much or as little as you like.
Con for Exhibitionists Coz the guys have to pay there are less of them around.  May have to do some paperwork to prove you are 18 etc. 
Pro for Voyeurs 

Technically good, video feeds tend to work smoothly.  Lots of girls to choose from.  Girls tend to be serious about showing off so they don’t tease.  If they are getting commission then of course they will be very obedient and do whatever you tell them.  Easy to get a girl to do a DP or something like that at a drop of a hat.

Con for Voyeurs 

Very very rare to find a girl who is actually showing something.  Spend 99% of your time watching other horny guys instead.


Commercial adult sites

Voyeurs pay, girls are professional models on the payroll.  Only “amateur” in name.  Pro is best quality girls, but con is that it is like paying by the minute to watch an adult video.

Pro for ExhibitionistsGetting a salary

Con for Exhibitionists

You have to be really good, model quality face/body, to get employed.  Feels a bit too “commercial”.  Have to work specified hours – this is a job.

Pro for Voyeurs

Top quality girls, generally obedient.
Con for VoyeursVery commercial, girls are a bit bored, always careful to stay within the law so no really hardcore stuff


Delisted Webcam Sites

Since I started this site several years ago a lot of sites have come and gone — for “historical reasons” I have kept the details of those, but they are no longer in the main part of the directory.  You can find them on the page for:

Dead Webcam Sites.