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So when I read that Larry Flynt has a new site called HustlerLive doing live webcam shows of porn models I thought — hey they are copying flirt4free.

A version of Flirt4Free

Well, closer inspection shows that the site is using the same back-end, and though it does not mention flirt4free anywhere on the front page it has the same hosts/models online and there is a little “Brought to you by VS Media” at the bottom, that is VS for “Video Secrets” the company who runs Flir4Free.

What is supposed to be different is that where as flirt4free are doing exclusive live shows with famous porn stars from vivid studios, on HustlerLive you get to see a different set of girls — the Hustler girls.  That’s the theory but in practice I have yet to see any — so now it just says “The only cam site endorsed by Larry Flynt” — which is hardly the same thing is it.

Special shows

I think you have to join both sites if you want to get everything.  e.g. I don’t think you can join one and use the same user name on the other site.  At least for the special shows.

HustlerLive Forum

If you have any more information about HustlerLive, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.