My name is Hony Tsoi and I have been writing this “FAQ” guide about adult webcams since 2001. The aim of this site is to be the one-stop answer for everything you need to know watching adult webcams, but I also include what you need to get started or to keep up to date as a cam model as well.

Originally this “FAQ” was just a one-page document that literally answered frequently asked questions about being a camgirl, or a “ifriends chathost” as it was at that time, from both the perspective of the broadcasters such as myself, and of the viewers who were my audience.

But then I realized that most of what people wanted to know was which sites were good or bad, and so I ended up creating a directory of sites, and then reviewing them.

In more than 20 years I’ve seen the adult webcam scene change beyond all recognition, and today there are camgirls broadcasting who literally were not born when I started.

During that time I’ve spent years during which I’ve been camming a lot myself, and others when I barely touched this site. But it has never been abandoned and now I’m working more to keep it up-to-date, and to answer the actual questions that people have, whether they be that frequent or not.

As there are a lot more resources now for camgirls I’m spending more time answering the questions of viewers, but as a camgirl myself I do still have that perspective and talk about news for people who are streaming.

You can still catch my live cam online most days, but a lot of the time I’m researching and writing articles rather than doing shows. I’m always keen to chat with a reader though so if you find me online do stop by and let me know!

That’s my background, tell me a bit about yourself in the comments on this blog, or reach out via social!