is of a small but steady trend of sites that connect up independent cam girls with their customers. While the majority of live cam shows are done via the few big sites, and a few new growing ones, there is a steady undercurrent of cam models who work independently, dealing directly with their customers and doing their shows mostly via Skype.

With a small but select group of models online, and with payment processing handled via the site itself it offers benefits to both camgirls and viewers. More than a simple directory and not as involved as a typical camsite LCMS as it is often known is well worth taking a look at.

Independent camgirls, or Skype cam girls as they are often known even though Skype is only one video app used, are never going to take over the bulk of camming. But they are not going to go away either, for their dedicated fans the benefits of having a one-to-one online relationship are many.

For viewers of other cam sites, the experience at LiveCamModelShows is at first disappointing, although you can see a gallery of thumbnails of models who are Online Now, clicking a thumbnail does not take you directly into a chatroom with them as you might have learned to expect. Instead you are taken to a profile page, some of which are very detailed while others are sparse, and from that page you can see what their offer is.

If regular camsites are a buffet when you just walk up and taste the food immediately, independent camgirl sites are more like ordering a sit-down restaurant where you have to peruse the menu, ask what you want for and wait for it to be delivered.

Because the site is like a menu, and is there as a means of introducing you to the cam models, you can’t be a member of the site. There is no signup, no creating a username for chat, because there is no chat on the site, no passwords, no email. None of the things we normally think about.

Browse the Skype Girls online

Instead it is up to you the viewer to take the initiative and browse through the profiles looking for the camgirl who appeals to you and who you then need to reach out to and contact.

Some of the profile pages do have recorded introduction videos to give you a taste for the character and style of the model, they are generally brief and are like watching the trailer for a movie. From 30 seconds to a couple of minutes they are enough to give a feeling but are not a sample show, just a taster.

The style and quality of the videos is very variable, but that is as you would expect. The videos mostly played with considerable stuttering and rebuffering, and while I know that may be partly due to my own internet connection it also reflects that this is not a big professional site with high-end servers around the globe. LiveCamModelShows is really a small website made by independent camgirls for independent camgirls, not some big corporation backed by venture capital.

Click the Purple Button

All the models I checked out had on their profile page a “Contact me on Skype” button which, when clicked, tries to open Skype.

Skype to chat

This button is a link to Skype and what happens when you click it depends on how your computer is configured. Technically this link is a html hyperlink to a custom skype protocol type, something like skype:live:sissiviter?chat. In my case that causes my Chrome to say:

Open Skype prompt

Which is fine if you have Skype installed and you are going to use your regular skype account for your sex chats. However many people keep a separate set of accounts to separate their professional, family, and recreational sex lives in different buckets. If that is the case, you’ll want to manually go to the correct Skype account before starting the chat with that model.

Skype, Twitter, Discord and WhatsApp

As well as Skype accounts it is also common, though not ubiquitous, to see models inviting contacts via Twitter, Discord, and WhatsApp. I think that should cover the majority of viewers, though Skype is clearly the leader.

I didn’t see any models offering Yahoo! Messenger, which used to be a thing in days gone past, nor Zoom which is all the rage since Corvid19. Facebook Messenger was also absent which surprised me as many people use that for video calls and while Facebook is not at all sex-worker-friendly many cam models, including myself, openly have Facebook accounts.

Kik, snapchat, and email are also mentioned in the help on the site as ways to contact models but none of the ones I looked at had those as options.

Payments via Credit card

Whichever way you choose to make contact, the idea is that you can then talk in a text message to that person and make sure they are available and ready to provide the show you want. Once everything is agreed it is then time to do payment in advance. The idea is that you can then do payments via the payment buttons on the LiveCamModelShows profile page.

A typical payment option looks like this:

Payments are made via credit card using a payment processor I had not previously heard of called, although not one of the big ones it seems perfectly legitimate and accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery cards.

Skype shows offer privacy

Billing will appear on statements with a suitably discrete and meaningless name which I won’t mention here, but which you can see if you try clicking a payment button on the site.

With payment done the show can go on, and exactly what happens in a private Skype between two individuals is just that, private. Much more so than the “privates” which happen on a typical camsite.

There are no paid “spys” here, nor administrators who might look in, or third party recordings or anything like that. That means not just privacy but the freedom to do anything that the viewer and the model have agreed to do without constraints.

Using a video chat program like Skype also means cam2cam is automatically part of the show of course. The Skype software does allow video calls to be recorded, and in theory either side could do so, or both. In practice this would be something that customers and performers would want to agree on upfront.

Smaller range of models

Because the relationship here is entirely between the model and the viewer, with the website only being lightly involved as an intermediary, this means both advantages and disadvantages.

For the viewer there is a much smaller range of models available, and there are no free chat rooms to just drop in and see how things are going. No free shows either, but on the other hand dealing with a model directly means you are getting their personal attention and can build up that connection in a way that the busy hubbub of a big free-tipping site doesn’t encourage.

Performers may find that “traffic” is slow on a small site like this, and they won’t have as many inquiries. But as any inquiries they get are more likely to be serious about a private show this may even out in the end.

Cost of shows

Models will appreciate that as doesn’t get too involved in the process they also take an appropriately small cut of the fees paid. With performers receiving 85% of the fees at Livecammodelshows they can afford to ensure their viewers are getting value for money.

Pricing is variable and determined by each performer herself. You will find that Skype sex shows typically costs $25 to $30 for a 10-minute period, sometimes with different pricing depending on add-ons such as anal, fetish, or costumes that will need more preparation from the mode. Shorter durations are typically not available, although longer ones of course are welcomed by most models.

Search for what you like

Working out at $2.50 to $3.00 per minute this is very reasonable given the standard of the models offering their services here.

Custom videos, Snapchat texts, sexting via SMS/text messages, phone sex, and more are available from different models again at variable rates. You will have to hunt through the profiles to find them though, or do a google site: search!

The lack of any filtering or built-in searching is a substantial limitation for the viewer at this site. Some persistence is required. That goes back to the feeling that this is more a sit-down-and-consider-it meal rather than a quick grab-a-bite-at-the-buffet type of experience.

Once a show is over there is no obvious way to provide feedback, ratings or other information to indicate how well things went. Although there is a review section on the website it is testimonials manually pasted into the site presumably by the webmaster rather than direct buyer feedback. You won’t find lots of model-specific reviews as a few sites have.

Model Signup

Independent camgirls who want to signup can do so using the forms here, which also gives a lot of very clear details about the rules and agreement between the model and the site. The explanations are unusually clear and detailed, which probably reflects that they were written by JesseQuinn69 who is herself an independent model and brought her site to my attention by posting in the FAQ Forum.

LiveCamModelShows in the Forum

If you know more about this site and what to comment on this review then please feel free to post in the forum here or add a comment to this post below.