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The name of first made me think of “soul music” and of James Brown, the Godfather of Soul. That set the expectations and I presumed that when I visited the site I’d be seeing women of color, but that turned out not to be the case.  I’m sure he would have approved though of the range of attractive webcam models as he was well known as a ladies man.

Anybody who likes ladies is doing to find Soulcams to be a delight.  It is a small but very well organized camsite hosting a range of attractive solo girls, with a few hetro or lez couples and some trannies.  The site offers some regular and seasonal promotions to get you started, from new member bonus tokens to Halloween contents.

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Great quality cameras

Clicking “our models” gets you a typical thumbnail grid of the models who are online, and if you scroll down, to offline ones as well.  I didn’t see more than 15 models online at any one time, so the site is small compared to the big sites. The thumbnails are typical glamour shots and generally attractive, but don’t always match what you will see once you click into the live room.

Most of the live rooms I went into were nice typical studio sets with a clean bed and simple decoration. In fact, they were so similar in decore that I presume they are all in the same studio. These models were all playing music as well, I know that helps to keep you moving and avoid getting bored.  Nobody wants to be a bored camgirl, and nobody wants to watch a bored camgirl. Well, maybe a few White Knights might come and help out a bored camgirl but honestly, that isn’t something you can rely upon.

That studio had not only nice room decoration but great quality cameras and a fast internet connection as the video quality in their rooms was better than TV.  Not every room was as good as that though, some were a little fuzzy but still perfectly ok to see who you are talking to and enjoy the view.

Sign up for basic accounts

In a few rooms you can see more independent-style models, with more real bedrooms including messy clothes and books on the table and with girls listening to the news on the radio rather than just music.  Those rooms remind me of my own room when I broadcast. Some people have wondered whether I broadcast from a studio, but I always say that no studio would be as messy as the office where I work and broadcast!

When I first visited Soulcams It took me a while before I found a chatroom where there was anybody talking, and all those were unregistered guests with usernames like “Guest35798” in grey.  I’m surprised there are not more registered users in the free chat as signing up is easy.

After a while, a Grey guest account will time-out and you’ll be prompted to create an account.  Or at any time you can click “Create your account now”. A username, password and email address are all that are required.  If you signup while in a model’s room then she will be listed as your Referrer on your account, that means she will get credit for your token purchases which is a great way to pay her back for letting you watch her!

Pay for tokens with Bitcoin and other Crypto

After you complete the form, and even before the welcome email arrives, you have a free “Basic” account. This type of account can talk in text chat.  It is still “grey” but at least you get a real name and so models will want to talk to you directly and will be able to remember you if you establish a connection with them.

Once you have this basic account you can start to do things like “follow” your favorite model, but you can’t do much more until you make a token purchase, not even vote in the contests.

Buying tokens just one time gets you more rights because you become an “Active” member. This is worthwhile doing even if you are not going to spend that much time in Private.  Active members can set up their own personal profile, including uploading their own gallery images, write comments and reviews and see wishlists. Being able to use the built-in messaging system to send messages to models is a great feature as well for building up your relationships.

As an additional incentive to make that first purchase, Soulcams will also give new viewers a 1,000 bonus tokens, which is pretty substantial.  A roughly US$100 value depending on how you calculate it.

Many people are justifiably concerned about giving payment or credit card details to smaller or less well-known businesses, and Soulcams go out of their way to give the consumer a wide range of safe options.  The wide range of different payment options are some of the widest I’ve ever seen.

For simplicity Credit cards still win though and in the case of SoulCams is handled by a third-party payment gateway called SHIFT4.  The charges will appear on your credit card statement as payment to FLS Media, Germany, Leiwen.  Mjor cards are supported including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and DinersClub.

Payment options as of 2024 are only cards. They have stopped accepting Crypto, Wire and PayPal which previously had been accepted. The European specific options like Sofo are also gone.

Once you have created your account, with or without tokens, you can use the site immediately.  After a while your confirmation email will arrive:

From: Soulcams <[email protected]>

Subject: Please Confirm Your Account To Get Started

Received: Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 8:42 AM UTC (20 minutes ago)

Expires: Fri, Oct 25, 2019 at 8:42 AM UTC

Watch out for the fact that the email has an “Expires” header of 24 hours, that’s unusual but does mean you mustn’t putt off verification until later.  You don’t really seem to need to verify but I suppose your account might be removed if you don’t so go ahead and click that link and you’ll be taken back into the chat with another model.

Text chat in fullscreen video

Almost all the models were dressed in sexy but decent outfits, something you might wear to the rave party or club rather than almost-naked.  They were clearly waiting for someone to come and chat with them. I did find one room where a girl was using a dildo trying to cum, I didn’t disturb her. It wasn’t obvious if she was doing it for a customer or just for her own entertainment.  After a while, she made herself cum and then resumed her clothed waiting pose.

The video in the best chatrooms is clear and high quality. It is typical of HTML streaming video and seemingly doesn’t lag or get fuzzy.  There is no way to control the quality if you have weak internet, unlike Chaturbate for example, but maybe that’s not required given the clear sound and vision.

Even full-screen looks fine without being pixilated, and in the full-screen video there is still a text chat window overlaying the video while you watch.  It isn’t draggable though like the CB or ImLive full-screen chat overlays. At Soulcams the text chat panel stays in the bottom right of your screen all the time, but as it is slightly transparent it doesn’t really get in the way.

More mature and more weight

Chatrooms that I went into were “quiet”, despite the loud music some of the models played, in that there are few other people chatting in the room.  I’m not sure if the models I watched were split camming but some didn’t seem to be interacting with anybody in text chat.

It only took me a few minutes to go through each room and see what was happening, which wasn’t a lot at first.

Maybe it was just random chance but one thing I did notice that more of the hosts were a little more mature in age and behavior.  And as we all know age often comes with a few more pounds, and I did notice the average model at Soulcams was a little heavier in weight than I’m used to.

If you are tired of the skinny young girls on CB, where you have to double-check to see if they are legal, then Soulcams could be quite a relief to know you are talking to real “grown-ups”.

Reviews, comments and Love Poems

After a while I came to LovelyRealLady’s page and she was the first model here I’d seen who seem happy and smiling rather than being bored or simply horny.  It was nice to see her chat with some of her viewers.

That may be why she was one of the ones with “Reviews” and “Comments” on her bio.  Yes, at you can publicly review the models you have had a great experience with. While there are many reviews, not every model has been reviewed recently.  Even though this lovely lady did have two reviews they were from more than a year ago and I’m sure she has pleased a lot of people since then.

In the “comments” section of her profile there are general text comments from her fans and viewers and responses from her.  This social aspect of the site gives a little more depth to the models than at most sites where you only get to read their own bios.

Check out the “reviews” section and read more about the models, many of the reviews are very long and entirely positive, but that is what you would get from the dedicated fans who are entirely in love with the model they are reviewing.  One “review” I saw is even an actual love poem!

After chatting with your chosen model for a while if you want to get down to some private or more erotic chat then you’ll have to decide between going the tipping route or taking her private. is more oriented towards privates than tips, but the tipping function does exist if you want to show appreciation or ask for a flash. Tips are also how you control the remote control vibrators such as Lovense.

For privates, the rates are a variable for two different types of private.  In the Standard private you are alone with the model in a text chat room while watching her video, but without your knowledge, others might be spying on the video.  The standard private contrasts with the 1-on-1 where only you, and nobody else, can see and hear what your chosen model is doing and saying.

If you choose to “Spy” on an existing ongoing private show then that is a flat fee of 10 tokens a minute, the model can only turn spying on or off, not change the price.

Subscribe to VIP membership

Neither tipping nor privates work if you have no tokens of course.  The system doesn’t tell you what is wrong though, either the tips button simply doesn’t click or when you try to start a private it says “Error: Something went wrong while starting the private.”.

It is up to you to buy tokens and ensure you have enough for your private, which is unlike Camcontacts which also is oriented towards private shows but where the charges to your credit card happen automatically while you chat.  On the one hand, the way camcontacts does it is less interruption, while on the other hand the solution at Soulcams does give you better control of your spending and helps to avoid overspending.

Once you have found the Soulcam model that appeals to you and decide to spend more time and tokens with her, then you should consider going for VIP membership.  This is really for the dedicated fan and not so much the casual chatter.  You will be able to buy tokens without any daily limit, and the models will know this because of the highlighted yellow text in chat. VIP membership gets you more tokens for your money on a sliding scale.

Subscribing to VIP Membership costs money, or more accurately it costs tokens, which are deducted automatically from your token balance.  If you don’t have enough tokens then the VIP membership does not go through, so you won’t end up with unexpected renewing credit card billing.  This is a subtle difference but actually quite a plus for the customers of Soulcams in that it means you won’t get hit by unexpected recurring costs.

Whether you are a VIP or a regular member you do want to watch out carefully for the bulk buying discounts on tokens. Unlike some other nameless websites at Soulcams they do understand the idea of discounts for bulk purchases, and in the discounts can be quite substantial.

While a basic purchase of a token costs about 10 cents per token you can get them for as little as 7 cents if are a VIP and buy in blocks of $220 at a time, which would give you about an hour of private time with the very business-like looking Erotic_Executive at 50 tokens a minute for standard private.

Each model can set how their own price for Standard or 1-to-1 shows private shows and so you’ll find some much more reasonable options as well.  The very hot ElisseSunshine charges only 15 tokens a minute so that $220 block of tokens would last three and a half hours, plenty of time to have some erotic play and also spend some time chatting and getting to know her.

Virtual Scratch Cards

Soulcams allows for cam2cam (c2c) which allows the model to see and hear you, this brings it close to the real world experience or at least to “skyping” with your friends.  Try hitting the cam2cam button above any chat and you’ll first go into test mode.

“You can test your camera and microphone here for free. Your stream will not be visible to the model. Your settings will be saved automatically and will be used in the actual cam2cam in private. If you see and hear yourself, your settings are fine. Happy camming!”

You can check your video and get your hair combed before you start because it is only in a private show that your own webcam will actually be shown to the model.  So no free cam2cam, but at least it isn’t an extra charge but is simply included in the cost of a private.

SoulCams has a wide range of different contests and promotions to keep things different and give everybody a chance to be a winner of some type.  From Halloween themed promotions to regular photo contests and with some unusual items like virtual “scratch card” LuckyTickets that cost 20 tokens each and could win you big prizes of bonus tokens!

Models earnings at Soulcams

Models also get a bunch of ways they can earn more, including getting a good place in photo contests and referring new customers to the site.  The new customer referral program is particularly good in that it is a sliding scale that rewards the model more for new customers as they spend more.

For the models, the process of broadcasting is similar to other sites, and perhaps a bit more up to date than most.  It already supports WebRTC broadcasting in addition to Flash and OBS, which is a modern technology that Chaturbate only just started to beta test.

Setting up the price for privates, reading your messages, configuring a Lovense Lush or remote control vibrator and other basic tasks are easily done.  Specifying Amazon Wish List and Twitter ID is also built-in, the Soulcams system will even Tweet on your behalf when you go online if you authorize it to do so.  Model earnings can be sent via Wire, PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, Monese or WebMoney.

The Soulcams webmasters obviously have a great deal of experience with camming and have written many useful articles that will help models get the best out of their sites, everything from how to spot Fake Admins do dealing with Troll users.

To sign up as a model at SoulCams click here.

Despite the small size of the site it is a great place to go and find someone to talk to on a regular or long term basis. That is particularly true if you like your online companions to be a bit more mature. The site is also particularly attractive if you want to pay for your online camming sessions with Crypto or one of the other safe techniques such as PaySafeCard in Europe.

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