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This is a French site called xlovecam with an almost complete translation to English.  ;-) They also have a gay site XloveGay.car

X Love Cam is an impressive site a lot of girls, quite a few guys, and plenty of high technology to show it all to you clearly.  A lot of the nice little touches are hard to describe and can’t be seen on screenshots so take it from me you need to visit and browse around.

European Cam Girl Site

Since starting up in 2006 they have been busy building first their European side and now are making more of a move into the English language world.  There are still lots of translation hiccups like “connection” buttons written “connexion” — and profile written “profil“; I do wish they’d clear those up because they are a bit distracting.

Someone here is an Apple iPhone fan you can see that — the way the thumbnails smoothly glide about with little motion effects.  Or the way you get to scroll through the images of other online hosts while chatting to one via a type of 3d spinner like the iTunes CD cover thing.

When you are in chat at xlovecam — and you can chat for free only for 30 seconds or so before being prompted to register — you get sound and zoomable video as well as text chat which neatly gets out of the way in large zoom mode if you are not typing.  A pretty standard interface now that I think imlive first made popular.

Free signups just need an email address — not checked — and a name and you are in.

Obviously that kind of free account doesn’t get you much of anything, except it stops you being kicked out of chat every 30 seconds.  So a fair deal.

Purchase credits

When it is time to purchase some credits — which are counted in Euros — and you can use your credit card to buy 25 credits for $34.  Or 100 for $131.  I suppose this is the USD to Euro conversion — but I wonder what xlovecam do when the exchange rate changes; as it does so often recently.  The figures I see today pretty closely match today’s official exchange rates so I guess X keep it updated regularly.

Actual billing for xlovecam is handled by “Paysite Cash” another French company which may put some people off when the form asks for “Type de carte“, “Date de validité de la carte” etc.  There *is* an English language button (a small USA flag near the top) but it’s easy to miss.  I think they should try to make that signup form default to English if the visitor was on the English version of Xlovecam.  Even the English Credit card form says “Validate” instead of “Submit” though so again a less than 100% Anglicization.  I’m told they are working on getting and English language credit card processor, but that is not yet.

Buy Credits with Bitcoin to spend on Cam Girls

Credit cards are not the only way to buy credits at Xlovecam. They also support PayPal, Paysafecard and importantly cryptocurrency payments of Bitcoins.

They have joined the growing list of cam girl sites that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocoins. Read here for the full details of how to pay there. You can choose several different coins including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Monero (XMR) or Ether Classic (ETC).

Language issues

Given these language issues at xlovecam is good that there exists a filter to let you choose hosts who are happy in English — coz if you just drop into a random chat room you are most likely to end up in a French one.

Selecting GirlsEnglishFree and sorting by Rating reduced my choices from 99 to 65 but that’s still a lot better than other new sites like NeonCams or NeedLive.  On the other hand it isn’t as good as Webcams.com or Naked.com both of which are similarly aged or newer.

“Salu bb ca va?”

And then there is a practical difference between host who can speak English, and chatrooms which really are in English.  And no automatic translators here like the one at  Naked.com so if you drop into the middle of a busy conversation in French it may seem odd for host, other guests, and yourself to try to start up an English conversation.

Some of the xlovecams chatrooms are tagged “HQ” and that’s a fair description because you can zoom those chat windows up to full size and it is pretty clear — not the real WMV streaming from a site like privatefeeds — but quite close — and you get bigger video too at xlivecam, though privatefeeds audio is better.

What’s bad about this site?  Well apart from the language issues you’ll find almost no Asians and very few of the Eastern Europeans or Americans.  So less choice, but then many people prefer the Europeans so that may be not a concern at all.

Price of private show

The price of a private show varies between €1 and €2.50 per minute, or $1.30 – $3.20/minute, depending on the model.  This is reasonably priced for the quality being offered.  You are informed of this price before entering a private show — but it is hard to tell how much a model charges without trying to go into private chat with her. 

Credits in your account

Which you can’t do until you have some credits at least in your account.  So with a zero balance you can’t even find out how much it is going to cost, except by asking in free chat.  Once you have credit you can click the button for private and it will tell you how much it is going to cost.  But as this info is not in the who is online page you can’t browse looking for cheaper hosts.

Xlovecam Cam2Cam

All shows are charged by the minute.  Private shows include 2 way voice audio as well as cam2cam.  Funny thing is Spread4u think they were the first to have 2 way voice but that’s not true.

When you do audio for the first time you have to approve it access to your microphone.

Model signup

There is a model signup page with a form to fill in for details, but I couldn’t find out the percentage paid listed anywhere.  So I asked a rep and was told:

On Xlovecam there are 2 main areas for models (ways to go online) 1. Free chat area to private show and 2. Nude Chat area to private show 
Models can not switch between areas from their control panel. If models want to change from Free to Nude or reverse – they have to contact us by email. 

Commissions for models and studios

Here are the commissions table for models&studios: 

1. Private person or company outside European Union 
50% – free chat option 
35% – nude chat option 
2. Company established in the European Union that can provide company info and VAT number: 
50% – free chat option 
35% – nude chat option 
3. Private person or Company established in a European without a VAT number 
45% – free chat option 
30% – nude chat option 

Additionally we keep a reserve of 10% for fraud prevention, this amount will be sent to models / studios exactly 6 months later, when we have made sure that the customers have paid. 

They do have a long list of rules, which are strict but reasonable (no underage, no animals — but also no SM, no nudity in free and a few like no pregnant models which is quite the reverse of some sites that boast about those unusual models!)

No Split cam

Also no split cam is permitted at xlovecams.  Which while understandable does tend to discourage hosts from trying out a new site.  Payments, whatever they are, seem to be bank transfer only though I suspect you can get epassporte if you ask.  I’ll try to check on that.

XLoveCams Forum

If you have any more information about xlovecam, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.

XLoveCams Summary

Pro for Exhibitionists

Buys site lots of chatters.  Up to 50% (if you will do free chat).

Con for Exhibitionists

If you only speak English may be limited.  Uncelear payment and lots of rules — no eating on cam for example! 10% hold for 6 months.

Pro for Voyeurs

Nice user interface, lots of hosts — lots of Western European.

Con for Voyeurs

Not much in the way of global choice — prices will seem to vary from US$ perspective.  Too much French (if you don’t speak it yourself).