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Warning, as of 1 Sep 2008 this site is infected by an obscure html virus script called "function nbsp()" or "HTML/iFrame.XV".  I have informed their webmaster.


Visit ShowSalon to see a well developed Independent Yahoo Cam Girl Directory with some similarity to RealGirlsOnCam or CamGirlsHide but I think trying a bit harder to function like a regular cam site ( ala ifriends, camcontacts etc) by having a simple grid of pics of girls on the front page with a button to book a session.

They have quite a large number listed but as always only a small percentage are online. As I look at it now it says:

Total Webcams: 375

Webcams Online: 20

Webcams offline: 355

Each girl has a basic star rating, but with almost all of them having the maximum of five stars it doesn't help with selection very much.  Age and nick name are the only things seen first, you have to click through to get a bio page which has some better pics -- including topless and bottomless ones.

Prices vary by host but you can expect to be paying less than two dollars a minute, but in minimum of 10 minute increments.  That's normal for independent girls given the overhead of setting up -- they are not hanging around all the time like girls on regular cam sites ready to work any second.

If you want to work as a chathost here then the very attractive thing is the large percentage of the money that you get to keep yourself -- 75%, which makes the 50% from somewhere like ifriends look a bit weak.

Of course there is a down side too and that is that small sites like ShowSalon only get a tiny amount of traffic compared to a big imlive or something like that.

If you are going to be independent anyway regardless then of course you should get yourself listed on ShowSalon, and all the other directory sites, anyway in order to increase your chances of hooking up with the right customer.

Unusually for an "independent camgirl" site this one specifically invites studios to join, not sure how they expect that to work but it seems to acknowledge the reality that there are not enough independents really working to make a cam site work effectively -- particularly when they are receiving so much less of the money spent than other sites.

As a viewer you'll be expected to make use of Yahoo Chat or ICQ similar, though those seem to be preferred, to actually have the chat session. If you have one of those working fine then that's great.  You'll probably want to look at the various special software like iSpq which give even better quality, but not all camgirls support all software.

If you have any more information about ShowSalon , please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.


Pro for Exhibitionists

A much larger cut of the income, plus you don't have to hang around in a free chat window for hours.  Wait until someone books you!

Con for Exhibitionists

A lot less traffic, you will have to build up your own customer base so be prepared to market yourself

Pro for Voyeurs

More at-home independent camgirls, good if you don't like the overly commercially feel of the Eastern European studios

Con for Voyeurs

Very small selection of girls online at any time
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