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I think it was two years ago when Jay asked me to review this new webcam site, WebcamClub, well that shows you how alert I am and how well I'm doing at keeping up!  Truthfully it just means it got lost between the cracks of my inbox with all the spam.  My inbox currently has about 14 thousand items in it of which about half are unread.  I know, that's crazy and just means I'm not doing good management.  But there you go that's me, at least my physical computer desk is a bit neater than my email inbox!

So let's take a look; first impression is very nice clean site which is easy to navigate and plenty of chathosts online.  I'm not exactly sure of the total as the count is split up into sections like "Brunnet (150)" and "White (111)" and I'm not sure which ones overlap and which don't.  But clearly more than a hundred and possibly several hundred ladies are available.  Just ladies though, no guys except for the male part of a few couples (just 13 of those).

A single click takes you through into free chat, yes there is plenty of free chat (which is good or bad depending on where you stand).  Though at least it is free view/read-only chat for non-members, you can't even type a "hello" without signing up.  More on that later.  But the initial view of the chat window is pretty nice; large and clear though by default with the text window obscuring the performers face.

A free credits offer appears and seems like something we should try first of all.

You'll have to give an email address of course and if you want to take a no-risk look at their no-risk offer with a throw-away email then beware that they know about and reject this; or at least some of them.  ;-)  It doesn't take long to get past this free email registration stage - they email you a password rather than having you select one.  I got a reasonable one like "thisword123" so not to hard to remeber and type.  Using this username I chose and the password they emailed me I get into a member control panel and from there another offer for the free credits, but this time the strings attached are spelled out -- credit card verification!

Oh well, not unreasonable I suppose, they don't want to be giving free trial to people who are not prospective buyers in the long run.  Cards accepted are the usual Visa/Mastercard plus Electron and Discover.  They seem to be taking the card details directly rather than via a 3rd party processor.  On the one hand that might make you concerned about your privacy, on the other hand it means the card companies have given WebcamClub their seal of aproval in giving them a merchant account.  It means they are no fly-by-night operation.  Charges will be billed to "" and the listed official adress is in the Great Britain; "Cam Post Media Ltd. - 35 George Street, Blackhill, County Durham, Consett DH8 0AE, United Kingdom".  Some weird impulse makes me look up this address and I find that it is a residential house and I can even see when it was last purchased, and for how much.  I'm starting to feel like a stalker, but it is amazing the information that is available online if you just put something like an address into a search engine.  But hey I'm drifting off from the topic of WebcamClub again; so it is owned by someone who registered their company to their home, they are not some big corporate running out of a big office block in a city center.  I guess that's good, I always believe in supporting small business.  I mean webcam chathosts are the ultimate in self-employed small businesswomen aren't we!

Back on track the point is that you do NOT need to actually purchase credits yet -- there is always that "No Thanks, not right now... " option. You can go straight back to the who is online now page and I did and selected MERABELA who was blond and buxom, nice tits in a skimpy bra, and reminded me sort of that porn star Gauge (you remember the one, who could do anal while doing a handstand!).

Anyway Merabela's room had great clear video and live audio too but she wasn't saying anyting so all you hear is the hum of the aircon in the background and her fiddling with the keyboard.  There were a couple of guests in her a room but not too much chatting, you could hear her PC beeping as new people came into the webcamclub chat room.  She was bright and friendly but not getting much in the way of takers.  I started to check out the controls which are pretty good actually:

Change between several levels of zoom, including an almost-full-screen (particularly if you set your browser to full screen first)

A "dim the house lights" button like Hulu

A painful attempt to cash in on the newest gimick - press the button and you start to get automatically forwarded to a new host every 15 seconds, of when you click "next",  untill you disable it (presumably when you have found someone you like).  I am betting this is murdor for hosts who have a chain of people popping in and out ever 15 seconds!

Nice touch this one which asks for your mobile /cell phone number and will SMS/ text you the next time this host is online!  Could be an expensive propersition, but if you really want to talk to a host who is not on a regular schedule this could well be the solution.

These are pretty self explanatory I suppose, all worked correctly and well.

While I'm doing all this checking out the technical part I find that  Merabela is typing up a storm with some of her guests.  I wonder she doesn't just talk if they have audio, but actually she types really fast - as fast as me almost and I'm a pretty fast typist.  Makes for a much better conversation, it isn't fun text chatting with people who can't type.

Anyway it's worked, she chatting with one guy about doing an ala toy show, showed us the toy (a big pink vibrator) and I could hear her chat window say "private show" and she blew the rest of us a kiss and white private with marc!

Gotta say she was a very polite and professional, yet friendly, host who I'd be pleased to visit again.

How much is her cut though is the question from the other side?  "Get up to 40% of ALL SALES!" is what they say -- I do hate that "up to" thing.  I can't see any more details so I'll have to wait to update this part of the review until I get a response from them on what the detail for hosts actually is.

One last thing, as I was leaving I saw the internal email system icon was flashing and there was a promo email there with "10 free private show credits". 

Oh and they also do 'featured shows', the one tonight is $9 for a ticket and the show is 3 hours long.  Obviously a big group thing but still interesting if you like the model, tonight it was a very exotic girl called DaniellaDea.

If you have any more information about WebCamClub.Com , please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks. 


Pro for Exhibitionists

Lots of viewers, people in chat seemed polite

Con for Exhibitionists

Have to do free chat, or maybe it is an option but with so many doing free chat I guess you would feel required to in order to get business.

Pro for Voyeurs

Lots of girls, excellent video system with plenty of good controls.  Friendly and polite hosts.  Wide range of US and European as well as only a few Asian hosts.

Con for Voyeurs

Not a lot really, seems a good overall site


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