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Rated as 4 out of 5 Nice small site with clear instructions

Based on a famous brand you might recognize, the Scores strip Gentleman's clubs, here comes a move to the online world.  That's pretty reasonable really when you consider that many people think of adult webcam chat as being an online interpretation of stripping, though lap dancing and taxi dancing probably are also offline equivalents.

Anyway I can almost envision the meeting between suited businessmen going "lets take our brand to the internet" and hence was born.  I believe that when they first started they used a white label of Flirt4Free, but today it is a separate webcam site with it's own software, chathosts and webmasters.

When you visit it you will find it a pretty conventional site with an array of thumbnails showing hosts who are online, and if you scroll through enough also those offline.  Each one is labeled clearly as to their status being in free chat or in member chat, that is to say in private, on break or offline.

Most of the images are good clear shots, some pro camera and some good clean webcam views.  Obviously not what the model is wearing this second, but gives you a general feel that these are nice looking ladies.  And it is only ladies, females, the site does not offer any guys or couples or even shemale chat rooms.  It's pure girl only chat here.

Generally around 20 to 25 chathosts have rooms going most of the time, with plenty in free chat so you can easily drop in and see what they look like and how their room is going.  As there are so few it doesn't really matter that there is no sorting, filtering or searching facilities.  In fact even the main list seems to rearrange at random regularly so as to show you, I suppose, different options.  Clicking around a bit at random I seemed to keep end up with the same 3 or 4 though, perhaps they are being promoted or maybe it was just chance.

Chatrooms themselves have ok clarity of Flash video and text chat, but you don't get to see who else is in the room so apart from the text you won't know how "busy" a room is.  Unlike MFC etc you can't see how many other people there are in a free chat, so it could be one or it could be 100 which is the same way it works on F4F.  no surprise I think given that ScoresLive used to be a F4F whitelabel Most of the rooms seem pretty quiet anyway.  Not just quiet in terms of few viewers, but also in terms of very few of the hosts running audio.  So no music, and no verbal chatting.  I think the system can do it, it's just that nobody is using it.

The majority of the rooms, if not all, are good quality studio rooms.  Not the cheapo ones with a hanging cloth backdrop waving in the wind of a fan that you see from Asia, but the rather better quality facilities with nice furniture that a European or Latin American studio might provide.

I do believe several of the chathosts are Latina American, I saw at least one Bio made out entirely in Spanish!  Obviously the Bios get made by someone at the studio, in this case that bio-creating person didn't understand the term "American Indian" because many of the hosts have been marked as this ethnicity even though they are clearly not Native American.  Someone thought it meant "USAian" I suppose.

You will have to sign up for a free account after a while even if you only want to watch free chat, it's a simple username, password and real email type basic free account with an activation email sent to you from  [email protected].  Make sure to check your JunkMail folder, that's where the email landed on my PC even though there was nothing junky about the email itself.  Sadly this probably means the term "" is suspect, which is also suggested by the problem I have trying to tweet about it.  Whenever I mention them it gives me a warning "Oops! A URL in your Tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content."

When you click the activation link your account is ready to go, and the first thing you see is an offer for a $10 credit if you give them your payment details, your credit card info.

Now the first time I did this there was an on-site form which offered me that choice or the rather nice "I'll redeem them later", which I thought was a nice way of putting it rather than making it look like you are forced to do it as it appears on some sites even though actually you can just go to the home page and skip it.

On they make it clear that the giving the credit card info, and getting the credits, is a bonus which you can do now or later.  So I give them points for a nice honest user interface on that point.

What is strange though is that the second time I create a free account (I forgot something about the first one and wanted to do it again) I ended up at a very very different looking page.  I'm going to show it to you almost full screen:

If I hadn't clicked on the link in the email myself, and carefully checked the url, I wouldn't have believed it.  But actually this is real screen from

So why I got that polite offer one time, and this rather bland or even primitive looking screen another I can't tell.

But either way in the end it makes no difference, you can create a free account, and optionally you can give your credit card info in order to get free credits.

After you have an account you can see in all the that windows that there is a Tips button letting you give $1 to $20 as a tip.  Yes that's right, tips are as $, no tokens or credits here, but actual cash is how it is mentioned.  The $10 free credits you get from the

Privates are the only choice apart from free chat and tipping.  Which is probably good considering the recent explosion of choices which are just confusing everybody.

How much privates are you can't find out until you try to enter one, in which case you are prompted to see if you want to pay that much.  Most hosts seem to be charging 2.99 a minute, with perhaps a third at the lower rate of 1.99.  I only saw one charging a premium 3.99 even though I believe even 4.99 is allowed by the system.

There was no great difference in the appearance or abilities of the variously priced hosts, so it really comes down to who you like and if you are happy to pay what they ask.

Nobody was doing flashes or shows for tips as far as I can see, as with some other smaller sites there just isn't the quantity of guests in the chat room to make playing for tips a worthwhile option for the host.  At least one girl was playing hide-kitty-with-my-hand but just as a tease, not part of a tipping flash.

Free chat is supposed to be non-nude but in practice you do see everything from at least some girls but just at random.

Although there are audio controls I didn't find many free room where there was sound, so no listening the the girls talk or what music they are playing.  A few had sound, but wasn't that clear at least on the ones that I tried.

Didn't see a single independent chathost, every one was in some kind of studio.  Not saying there are none, but they surely are in the minority if they work here at all.

When it's time to buy credits you can buy starting at 25 credits at a time, billing is via WNU and bills as SWANMEDIAG ( *SWANMEDIAG will appear on your credit card statement.

So there are discounts if you buy more.  I presume that the amounts you are tipping or paying even though they are marked in dollars ($) are actually the credit price, and you are getting a discount on the sticker price when you bought your credits at a discounted bulk rate.

It isn't a huge discount, that works out to be about 10% for the largest discount which isn't impressive for dropping $150.  Consider that at 2.99 a minute the maximum amount is less than an hour of privates.

Don't forget to get your free $10 of credits, when you choose that you get a billing for a "One time: Purchase of Zero Days".  I guess that's because the billing company is really set up to do subscriptions like for a pay site so they think of things in terms of "days" subscribed.

These credits you purchase do not expire so you could keep them as long as you want, but like fresh fish in a fridge I think you should spend them promptly.  You never know with on-line companies.

You can buy more credits while inside a chat to avoid it ending because you have run out of credits.  Not as smooth at the camcontacts continuous billing but at lest you don't end up with the situation like on F4F or MFC where your timer runs out and you have to stop and start again.

Down side for the model though is that she can't tell if you really have the bucks for the hour long privateyou are promising her.  It's a bit off putting for her to have to say "go and buy the credits first", but if the viewer is asking for something with a complex set up like a bathing show for example the host wants to know the whole thing is going to happen and he won't run of funds and leave just as she gets wet.

As you would expect also promote their bricks-and-mortor clubs, but quite subtly with just a link to their locations.  It isn't really much of a connection between the clubs and the online chat.   I would have hoped that they would be following up on this angle more -- like "you've chatted online, now visit her at a club" sort of thing but have yet to see anything like that.  Are they recruiting online chathosts from the staff working in their clubs?  Not that I can see.  And on their club websites I don't see any mention of this online venture.

Surprising to find within the membership area large ads to apparently unrelated products like how-to-attract-girls type things and adult dating.  Normally it is only the very cheap sites like who have not much income which have to use ads to support themselves.

Really the only big connection between the online site and the live clubs comes int he fact that both are promoting Danielle Staub, the semi-celebrity who at one time worked at one of the clubs before appearing on a reality TV show.  Seems she has backed out of the deal to do online shows for them though so the prominence of her name on the site, she has a tab all to herself, is perhaps a mistake.  But who knows, maybe she is making a comeback.

If you'd like to work there as a model there is a very detailed and good looking site for models and studios to signup.  Either will get 40% of the customer spending paid twice a month, payment but check or bankwire.  Everything looks good until you see the mention of payment via epassporte which means the site has not been updated in a long time.

When I know more about the chathost side of this I'll be updating it.  So far I know only that at least one model seemed to have payment problems, but this was due to an intermediary it seems promising an hourly rate which didn't pan out.

If you'd like to comment more on please click here, no registration is required for review comments.  Thanks.


Summary of review for ScoresLive.Com
Overall rating    
Number of girls online 25  
Number of guys online 0 This site doesn't accept guys, shemales or couples
Typical price for a show per minute 2.99 Also quite a few at 1.99 and occasionally 3.99



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