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RealTouchInteractive is dead and superseeded by things like Lovense Lush which works so well on Chaturbate

Rated as 2 out of 5   Great idea but long way to go
General Review For Models


Another attempt to bring remote control sex toys to the world of adult webcam chat is working with XPeeps, the adult-social-morphed-webcam site, and RealTouch, the robotic Fleshlight clone company.

Unlike VSex and the various fucking machine and remote control dildo attempts at Imlive etc this attempt focuses on pleasure for the male viewer.  Given that they are the paying customer it seems like this should be a more fruitful approach.

So basically it comes down to a remote control masturbator, a hole for guys, that they can put their cocks into.  Inside are things that make it feel like a real woman including simulated skin, lubricant, heat and sliding motion.  Not vibration it should be noted, this is not a vibrator but more a "slider".  Rubber (ok "cyberskin") belts inside move back and forth to rub against the cock, and automatically dispensed lube makes it wet inside (and outside if it leaks).

This part, the RealTouch masturbator, has been around at least since 2009 and the idea was that you would use it while watching porn videos which had been specially encoded with signals so that what you felt matches what you saw.

Of course you had to plug the masturbator via USB into your PC and run special software to make this work.

Fast forward 3 years and of course video porn is not only old style, but more to the point nobody pays for it any more in the days of tubes everywhere so the RealTouch business model where they expect to make money not just from the machine but from selling access to videos, doesn't look so attractive any more.

Some bright person realized that webcams are the way forward, and in conjunction with  Xpeeps, which seems to be a related company, you can now do live RealTouch sessions with webcam chathosts. 

What was missing was how the chathost should control the device, a problem quickly solved by the creation of a "JoyStick".  Vastly better than the Vsex solution of a web/click interface this phallic shaped device detects when it is being "stroked" or gripped and sends appropriate signals to the male masturbator to do the same thing.  Of course you can stroke the joystick with your hand but it seems pretty obvious that the idea is that it gets inserted somewhere.  As such it is waterproof, smooth and appropriately shaped.  Seems like it could be a different color though but perhaps that's just me.

The white stick itself is soft silicone over a hard plastic core which has the sensors in it, and the blue bottom part is a suction cup so you can fasten it down to a table etc.

Over at they are keen to get more models to work, so for the moment you can get their joystick for free.  I presume you'll need to pay for it once they are past their beta period.

Once everybody has both ends of the system they need then the next thing is to schedule a "date", as there are so few users it really isn't the sort of site where you can just go on and browse and get right into action.  There are less than 30 models in total registered and only a few online at a time.  This may not matter though as the idea is that the viewer books scheduled 'dates', a block of time with an agreed price and list of things that will be included.

The prices for dates are not just about the duration, but what is offered.  e.g. handjob or something more.

Here are some examples:

Kitty Wilde will do an 8 minute handjob for $75 while Lisbella charges only $70 for 15 minutes of virginal sex.  GinaRpgGeek on the other hand for $100 will do a half hour show including everything.  So it is really varied at the moment and no "market rate" has yet emerged, but I'm sure will in time.

When it comes to the actual chat session it is done using a desktop client downloaded onto models PC, not a web browser plugin as most people are used to.  This does cause some tech problems and I have heard of chathosts or viewers being on the phone with tech support for long times trying to get things working.

While it sounds like a great idea it still has some ways to go before everything is sorted, so it's quite reasonable that it is now labled "Beta".

The killer of course is that you have to buy the RealTouch hardware yourslef, and it isn't cheap. The list price on their site is $330 and as it just eats up lube you'll want to buy extra lube too so expect $370 to be the first bill. Shipping

For an unknown concept that you don't know if you are going to like or not, that's a big amount to drop these days.

If you'd like to comment more on please post a message in the forum, or read other peoples comments.  Thanks.

For Models:

The equipment you need, the joystick, seems to be free for the moment.

You can set your own prices for different types of dates and you get to keep 50% of the price.  Payments are done twice a month and you can receive your monies via Paxum, ACH, wire or by a paper check.

As a new site they really have to beg for new models to work there, particularly when you consider the extra overhead of the joystick, so they are not being picky about people doing alternative site promotions.  I've seen model bios listing flirt4free and twitter contact details as well as the expected xpeep.



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