Viewers on Chaturbate sometimes wonder “Can the broadcaster see into your home while live streaming?” Given that video on computers and phones is often two-way, think about the Facetime calls or using Skype with your family, and increasingly Zoom meetings, it is a reasonable question. Another thing that makes people think “Can Chaturbate see you” is the fact that cam girls will interact with and chat with people in their room.

The answer is “NO” – with a “but”.

The answer is “NO” – with a “but”.

On Chaturbate and some similar sites, you can choose to broadcast your webcam to everybody as well.

If you want to publish your room in public then you will need to confirm you are of legal age by uploading some government ID. To show your cam just to the model then follow the instructions on how to do the new Cam2Cam at Chaturbate.

Chaturbate girls click Broadcast Yourself to show themselves

This won’t happen automatically but it is possible, allowed, and doable.

You have to choose explicitly to do it, first by choosing the link in the main menu, and then going through several more steps.

It will not happen accidentally.

Even if you do click that link you have to do more things to allow the webcam on your computer to work.

That includes a very explicit “Start Broadcasting” button and a browser security warning before your video would go live.

Start Broadcasting - the button at to show the website your webcam video live

Only if you click the Allow button in Chrome, and then also click the button for also Start Broadcasting would your webcam turn on.

Can Chaturbate see you? - wants to use your microphone use your camera allow block

Some members of Chaturbate want to do this, it makes the interaction more personal, and of course, many guys want to be able to show themselves, mostly one particular part of themselves it has to be said!

That is fine with me and with most cam girls as we are not shy about bodies or body parts, male or female.

You WANT Chaturbate models to see you

If a member wants to show their face or anything else to the cam girls then he can choose to broadcast using that Broadcasting Yourself option in Chaturbate. This type of 2-way camming is called “cam2cam” and you can read a whole article on how to do that.

But you don’t have to do so, it isn’t automatic and there is no way for a broadcasting model to see you without your knowledge or without you deliberately doing so.

PREVENT Chaturbate models from seeing you

Two-way viewing is not automatic at Chaturbate.

Two-way viewing is not automatic at Chaturbate. If you simply avoid clicking that “Broadcast yourself” link, then going through all the security warnings, and starting the broadcast, then the system will never transmit your webcam image.

That doesn’t mean it is impossible of course for your webcam to be turned on by some other software. It has happened that hackers have managed to control webcams on laptops remotely without permission. Seriously though this is not a big risk and even that slight chance is easily defeated by the simple old-school technique of putting a cover over your webcam when it is not in use!

You can even get stick-on sliding covers for the webcam built into your laptop if you want.

So if “Can Chaturbate see me” is something that worries you then just get a cover for your camera, a sticker is good, and only take it off when you do choose to broadcast, either to the whole world or just to that cam girl who you want to get a little bit closer to.

Visit Chaturbate now and create an account to safely watch broadcasting cam girl models. Choose to turn on your cam or leave it off, the choice is yours.