Cherry.TV is a new entrant into the camming world and they have taken their time to get properly prepared and launch with a working system. The technology is all there, the payment system works, now all it needs is the people.

You’ll find around 30 models online at peak times, and at least 10 most of the time, though they seem to be mostly studio models and probably split-camming with other sites. Cherry is actively recruiting new cam girls and you’ll expect to find new ones trying out the site soon. If you are a cam girl yourself then try signing up as a Cherry.TV model and seeing if it will work for you.

I’m not sure why Cherry is the symbol of this site because you won’t find any cam girls here with cherry intact, nor will you find much cherry colored. What you will find is a small group of modern, hot and young women broadcasting.

There is plenty to see at this new live porn site entirely for free, you don’t have to even create an account to go into video chat rooms. Browse through the thumbnail, which are slowly animating to show what is going on in each room, and select one that you like.

It works similarly on a mobile as on a desktop, and follows your preference for light or dark mode so it is easy on the eyes in a dimly lit room.

There is a cutesy “loading” page that appears briefly and then you are into the room.

The green, blue and grey bar along the top indicates the progress towards a goal, while a prominent Chromecast button invites you to get your model up on a big screen.

That Chrome cast button is a bit of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it is great to be able to use your big TV to watch the show, on the other hand, what happens if you click the button by accident and start streaming a hardcore sex show to the family room screen by accident?

Better to be careful and not to find that out.

“Register NOW for FREE!”

On a PC you don’t get that problem and the video can go to high quality or full screen all without even logging in, and there doesn’t seem to be any time limit either.

If you want to get the best out of the site you need to sign up for an account of course. The signup form is pretty basic and standard, it asks for almost the minimum amount of information and you don’t really have to specify anything other than a working email address.

A verification email will arrive with:

Subject: Verify your email.
From: [email protected]

Not the most discrete but a reasonable email.

Click on the red button or use the supplied URL to get your account verified and then you can go in and set up your profile at the site.

The only way to log in is using the username and password you supplied, unlike some other sites, there is no option for a social login or login using an existing account you might have elsewhere. While less convenient this is more secure and if you do the right thing and keep your passwords distinct and separate then you won’t have to worry about your identity leaking.

There is a lot going on inside the account icon here and I won’t go into all the details but you’ll find that Cherry.TV has put in place pretty much everything you’ll need to navigate the site and get the best out of the models here.

Language support

One thing to emphasize is that there is a good range of language choices here.

  • English
  • Danish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
  • Dutch
  • Protugese
  • Chinese

Unfortunately, you won’t find all of those languages being spoken by the models here, most of them are English-speaking with some Spanish-speaking Latina models from Colombia. But at least you can navigate the menus in the language of your choice.

Also, no Polish language support or models, which is probably good otherwise there would be even more confusion over the fact that there is a Polish Kodi build called “cherrytv” which is totally unrelated.

Gamer Girls

Cherry.TV also promotes the idea of gamer girls with a specific tag talking about not just masturbation, but game playing as well. There are some gamer girls on the site but the quantity isn’t large and I’ve yet to see anybody actively gaming. It isn’t Plexstorm, but on the other hand, it has a lot more cam girls here.

The mix of models online seems to be half or less of studio models, plus a random group of models who are split-camming with other sites. As a new site that is to be expected but it does mean that you may not necessarily get much attention from the models until you tip.

Tipping only – no private shows

I’m not seeing any option to take models private at this site which is unusual, and perhaps because it is a Beta and still being developed, but for the moment it is all about the tips and “virtual gifts”. You’ll need to buy some tokens to get involved by tipping.

Who is spending – Top Voyeurs

One feature I can see at Cherry.TV that I have only seen at is that in each room there is a monthly rating section. Not for the model, but for the viewers. They are strangely referred to a “voyeurs”, which means something different, but here refers to people who tip this girl. At CherryTV “voyeur” means “viewer”.

In this example, you can see that allyhayes is very popular with a member named bitizen, which is great for her, but I’m not sure if she or the other members really want this information out there. I know that the top-ranking systems in the bots at Chaturbate have similar top lists, but those are ephemeral and disappear after every show. It seems the rankings at Cherry.TV are kept for the current month at least.

I can’t decide whether this is a great feature or a bad one, but it sure is interesting and at least it is working whereas the equivalent at Stripchat doesn’t display right for me.

Monthly memberships

There is also a monthly membership at Cherry TV that is cheaper than some sites but doesn’t add a lot of things apart from the initial 200 free tokens and “XP” or “experience points”. That is only for the first time you buy the monthly membership, you don’t get that again even if you retain the curing membership.

Membership costs $17.99 and repeats monthly. You get for your membership:

  • The free 200 tokens for the first month
  • Badges and animated entrances when you enter the chat to get more attention
  • Right to private message with the models
  • The possibility, but not the guarantee, to become a room moderator

Membership makes you a “ClubCherry VIP” and as a VIP you may get some extras they hand out but these are not announced in advance so you could consider them an extra, not a reason to sign up.

Get stuck on billing or using the system? There is an online chat with support that looks like the one you’ll find on many banking or e-commerce sites, it works technically but you’ll want to give them an email address to get back to you as the answers are not real-time and for some reason it doesn’t take the email address from your account.

Busy rooms but quiet

While there are not that many rooms at CherryTV the top ones do get a few hundred, or at least one hundred, viewers so it isn’t that quiet. Though most of the viewers are just watching and there isn’t a great deal of chatting going on, and hardly any tips either.

On the one hand that won’t encourage models to go there, but if they are split camming they may not mind that much, and it does mean that if you tip you’ll stand out easily. People will chat with you if you try.

Get tokens

As well as the 200 free tokens you get for signing up as a VIP member there has to be other ways to get tokens for regular tipping, and for going private when that feature is implemented. Hit the Get Tokens button and see that there four different methods to get the tokens:

  • SegPay – that will be charged as “SEGPAY *CSMETECHNO” to a credit card. Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, Discover and Maestro are all accepted.
  • Epoch – with the same deal minus the Discover card.
  • Wire transfer – which needs you to contact support and gives no clue as to what the rate will be
  • Crypto – which means cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. They actually have a very long list of coin options, including Bitcoin on the Lightning Network, as this is processed via the CoinPayments gateway.

At the moment I checked the basic 100 Tokens package cost 0.000266 BTC, which worked out to be about $8.50, whereas buying via credit card using SegPay was $9.99. Exchange rates change and that isn’t including any fees so I wouldn’t read too much into that yet.

Deals for extra free tokens

The regular credit card deals go from 100 tokens for $9.99 through 1,000 tokens for $99.99 so that’s 10 tokens a dollar and no discount. Except there are extra “free tokens” with the larger packs.

  • $9.99 gets you 100 tokens, that’s 10 cents each and no discount
  • $19.99 gets you 210 tokens, so 10 extra free

right up to

  • $99.99 gets you 1,150 tokens, or 150 extra.

Buying those 1,150 tokens on CoinPayments cost me 0.00306000 BTC which converted to $97.79. A tiny discount and probably one that would be more than eaten by fees.

That boils down to the fact that tokens are going to cost you 10 cents or slightly under each regardless of how you buy them.

Prices at Cherry.TV

And how far will a token get you at Cherry.TV, in a tipping site that depends on what people are asking for but as a guide here are some common prices.

  • 1 token for 3 seconds of Lovense low power
  • 101 tokens for 20 seconds of Lovense high power
  • Anal for 250
  • Squirt for 500

Girls only (including tranny girls)

What’s missing from Cherry.TV? Any guys at all.

All the models I saw were CIS female, girl girls. And though there is a trans section for tranny girl models it was empty most of the time, at most I saw two transexual girls online at a peak hour.

I don’t see any section for couples or for guys so if you want gay cams this site is as bad as MyFreeCams and you’ll want to head over to Streamen instead.

But if girls are all you need then the small but varied range at Cherry.TV is reasonably priced and mostly quite responsive to chat so head on over, check it out, and let me know what you think.