Camfrog is a community webcam chat site / software along the lines of Anywebcam, Yahoo Messenger or EyeBall chat.

Camfrog Video Chat allows you to join real streaming video chat rooms where you can hear, see, and chat with many people at a time.

This software was released in January of 2004 so it is been around a while now and is one of the oldest, but actually the oldest cam cam site and is now one of the most popular sites on the net.  In August 2008 they released a Mac version.

It is Instant Message plus video — so in that way it is like Yahoo messenger — it has the typical IM features like message a user to get to know them before you Webcam chat, and add them to your contact list.

This videoconferencing software also claims to work behind most firewalls and routers, if you are chatting, but if you want to run the server to set up your own room then it may not.

Camfrog Video Chat allows multi-user videoconferencing where you can join a room with up to 1000 users and just click a user name to begin seeing someone. Press the ‘talk’ button to talk to the entire room with audio, now that’s powerful.

The video chat rooms need to be hosted by broadband users who are running the Camfrog Video Chat Room Server software so any user can set up their own multi-user videoconference for other users to join as long as they have broadband and no firewall in the way.

It does multi-user videoconferences and not many webcam software packages do that.

Each room moderator makes their own rules and sometimes they can be quite strict — for example only people with cams themselves may be allowed into some rooms.

Camfrog Video Chat is optimized for broadband users so it has fast video.

Version 5.1 features Video chat 1-on-1 and join video chat rooms. No webcam is required to see people. Camfrog works behind all firewalls, routers, and wireless networks. It’s easy to find new people to video chat with a user directory. It’s a small download, only 8.05 MB.

The fee is a onetime $50 for a license fee to use the software if you want the full version.  You can use the basic free version but you don’t get to view multiple rooms at the same time.

Used as the software for WatchersWeb as well as MeetCam.

If you have any more information about Camfrog, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.