Streamate (or StreamMate as some people write) really got going in the last quarter of 2003 and since then has been one for the largest webcam sites on the internet.  It has taken a while to build up the girls online.  Now, I can see more than 1,300 cam girls online; with a mix of girls and couples and over 110 single guys.

Free chat at Streamate

Streamate didn’t use to have free chat, free pics or free videos. But now they have to keep up with the new industry standard, all big cam sites like Flirt4free or Cumtv have nice free video chat, Flirt4free, in particular, has a big archive for members to view.

Cam-to-cam at

Streamate now has cam-to-cam which means both you and the chat host can see each other (if you have a webcam), as well as a rating system for the girls so you can see which ones are “better” — like ImLive or MFC, have — trouble with these systems, of course, it that it means new girls don’t get much attention because they don’t yet have good reviews.  So hunt around for newer models who sometimes can be more interesting — let’s say a little less jaded and hence more fun to be with.

The Streamate cam2cam system only works while you are in a private paid chat show. To use Streamate cam2cam first you have to start a private show by clicking the “Go Private” button under the model’s video window. Once the model has started the private show you will see the icon of a webcam in the “private chat features” part in the lower corner on the right.

At this point the site tries to turn on your camera and you’ll get a security warning the first time you turn on c2c at Streamate, you have to click “Allow” but you can turn it off again any time you want by using the padlock icon.

Once you have allowed your browser to send your camera signal to Streamate you’ll see a preview of what your video looks like. Remember that good lighting and a good camera make a more attractive image. Once everything is set hit the Request button to ask the model to watch your cam, she can’t see it until she agrees.

This is where it makes sense to have discussed that you want to do cam2cam with your Streamate model before starting the private, as if it comes as a surprise you may find that she is one of the models who doesn’t like this type of chat. Find out before you start to make sure you get what you want.

There are only 15 seconds for the model to click on accept, so if she is distracted she may not hit the button in time. Just try again. Technical problems at either your end or her end are quite common with cam2cam so don’t worry if it doesn’t work the first time, you may have to have a few tries before it works right.

When the 2-way video system starts it also asks permission to use your microphone. The very first time you use this feature you’ll have to reload your web page to make it work, there is a prompt at the top of the screen reminding you of that. The next time you do cam2cam it won’t need to reload.

By default your sound is probably turned off by default, this is different to some sites where cam2cam audio is always on such as LiveJasmin, but at Streamate it starts with the sound off. You have to use the “Enable Audio” button near the top of the video window so that the model can hear you.

How to sign up

If you try the link called “free chat” it takes you to a form that gets your name and address — then on the next page asks for the credit card number.  This is the usual “age verification” thing — previously they did not clearly say what they were charging; at least now there is a clear statement “Today’s charge for Streamate is : $0.00”; though I think it would be better to be a bit clearer still — what about “tomorrow’s” charge!

Credit card processing is by PAYCOM.NET which is moderately well known — no issues there as far as I know.  If you don’t want to give your credit card details out then you can view and chat, in free chat, with the same girls at camcrush.

Once you do sign up and log in the first thing you will see is a warning that you have to turn off your pop-up blocker before anything will work. 

Video chat windows appear in a new window so that you can see the online model list still in the window behind.

High video quality free chat. Click the “Setting” wheel at the bottom left of the video if the default setting makes it blurry.

Streamate Webcam Video

The video window is pretty big, perhaps slightly smaller than Cumtv but not much.  Quality varies according to the cam girls’ camera and internet connection as always but at best is a little jerky, this is not streaming as such.

The video technology being used is Flash so it should work on almost any PC; not sure about the Mac crowd though.

Private shows

You can have free chat with any of the girls and then if you want to go private click on the “premium chat” button directly below the chat window.  Free chat has no nudity, it’s most bra-and-panties with some fishnet thrown in.

Once you are in paid chat then you get audio.  There is a button also for “full screen” which is not really completely full screen but is surely much larger than anything else I’ve seen.  A little fuzzy of course when you make it this size but still pretty good.

Girls are doing shows for a range of prices from as little as 1.99 to I saw some about 3 dollars a minute.

Each performer sets his/her own per-minute price (from $0.99 cents to $14.99) for Premium Chat. Exclusive chats may be higher, but the price will be clearly listed before you enter the chat. To find out a performer’s price, you should click “Watch Live Show” from the performer’s profile page and then click “Enter Premium Video Chat.” There, you will see the prices offered, and you can either select and confirm a price and enter the show, or, click “no thanks” and return to the free area.

Most of the girls I looked at seemed to be studio girls and a few looked bored while some teens were pretty and enthusiastic; there are enough girls to be able to find something you like.

Streamate girls of your choice

On the left, there is a drop-down menu that allows you to select various categories you might want to view.

If you want to find something specific then click on the “my Streamate” tab to go to the advanced search where you can select by many attributes such as appearance and skills.  I’m not sure it is working though because I tried something as simple as looking for shaved girls and it said none found.  Like I believe that!  The age search works fine though.

Streamate archives

Once you have joined you can see all the videos and gallery of each performer as well as their bio.  Usual stuff here.  Pictures are mostly standard webcam pics while the bios, of course, vary according to the model.  I guess it is fair to say most of them are not there due to their writing skills.  The bio pictures are updated in real-time from the hosts chat session, so you can see what she is wearing and what she looks like today.  This does not include the private time of course.

The list of cam girls is long enough that they have an “add to favorites” so you can record which ones you like best and come back to them easily.

Join Streamate as a model

To join as a performer you have to complete the online application form, but I couldn’t see the details of the terms without completing the form which I don’t link.  I mean I think sites should explain what the deal is before asking for all those details.

How to contact girls on Streamate

As a registered member, you can also send emails to performers, so you can have an offline communication as well.  This is great if you want to get to know one of the girls, though watch out that you are really writing to her and not a studio typist.

Stremate supports “Block” shows where the viewer and the model agree in advance a longer show. e.g. 1 hour.  This is for custom shows where the girl has a lot of things to get ready and to make sure that it will be worthwhile for her making that preparation.

Best Fetishes at Streamate

Streamate supports a good range of fetishes and as the #1 cam site if you are looking for sexy foot fetish cams.

Streamate White Labels

Streamate is one of the most popular back-end providers for other sites, mostly porn sites, which wish to add a “live cam sex” section to their site. Whether it is a a sub-section or an entirely new website using a new or existing brand, you’ll find what is actually “Streamate” popping up in a huge number of places.

The ones you are most likely to come across are:

  • PornHub Live – the “Live cam” subsection of the ever-popular
  • XHamsterLive – A closely integrated version of Streamate that connects with the XHamster tube site

Streamate is also known as StreamMateStream Matecammodels, EpicCam and vipstream and Camcrush.  And also matchwebcam, camkings and MyNudeWebCam.

StreaMate Gay

gay cam version is called StreaMen, or Stream Men or StreamMen.


  • Good for Exhibitionists: Good traffic
  • Con for Exhibitionists: Pay rate is only 25 % but traffic is good
  • Pro for Voyeurs: Large range of girls online, able to send emails to them via the site
  • Con for Voyeurs: You have to pay for shows