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The webcam chat site is another one that has the same girls online as Streamate, so quite a lot of girls now — it’s become one of the biggest sites though not a competitor with chaturbate.

Answers about Camcrush

What is the Truth about Camcrush?

You can go into free video with one click, but to actually text chat you need to have a “free” account.  But you have to give over your CC details “Your credit card will not be charged for membership. We will only verify that the credit card is valid. 

This is probably entirely true, but of course, what they are really doing here is ensuring that you do have a working mechanism to pay for private chat as when you decide to do so.  It’s all about impulse buying and they want to make sure there are no barriers to that!

Of course for the hosts this does mean they know anybody they spend time chatting with is an actual potential customer, and not simply a no-money student, etc.

Many of the rooms say “HD” in them meaning they are running at a higher quality of video.  And it is pretty good.

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Of course, that text chat window slides away when you are not using it and you get an almost full-screen view of your host.  In premium chat, e.g. private, you do have a truly full screen as well as cam-2-cam, phone and audio options (depending on the host of course).

It’s flash-based so CamCrush should work on any PC with flash installed.

I’m told is the same site, even the same login works.

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How can you tell if you have a Cam Crush on a Cam Girl?

Is there one particular camgirl that you think you may have a big crush on?  Do you know she just flirts around with you because you give her money so you can watch her masturbate?

Does no other woman give you this much attention in such a long time, that it makes you feel less lonely?

Do you miss her attention?

Are you lonely when you are not online with her?

Do you promise yourself you won’t watch her today, but then, in the end, spend hours online tipping her and taking her into private chat?

Then yes, you have a Crush on a Cam Girl and you either need to admit it and enjoy it, within your budget, or close your account and go meet someone else.

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Can a web cam girl really love someone?

Yes, they are human too and have their needs. Being a cam girl provides them with a lot of different things.  These may include:

  • Attention
  • An expression for exhibitionist desires
  • Money
  • Attention
  • Ego-boosting
  • Better image, particularly body-image
  • Entertainment
  • Money
  • and did we mention Attention?

Love really isn’t on the menu of things that a camgirl is looking for. But that doesn’t mean camgirls don’t fall in love. They do.  And just as we all can fall in love with someone at our workplace, be it a co-worker or a customer, so camgirls can fall for their customers too.

Don’t forget that as a webcam site watcher you are a customer. They are there to provide entertainment, sexual relief, and companionship, and in exchange you pay them. It’s no different from going to a Starbucks for a coffee or hiring an Uber.

If you think you are falling in love with a camgirl then remember that she may not be feeling the same thing. To increase your chances of a relationship you need to make sure you provide for her those things that she certainly is looking for.  Money is the “easy” one at the top of the list, but attention and entertainment are great too.  That’s presuming she is having reasonable success with income from other viewers.

You don’t want to be that viewer who is fun but never pays.  That just becomes being the “cheap one”.

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How to Watch Live Cams on Camcrush?

All you have to do is to find the thumbnail of the girl that you like and click it once to go straight into live video chat. The video is large and smooth though not always very high resolution even for free users.

Create an account if you want to be able to interact in the text chat.  It will cost you a credit card or PayPal account so they know you have some money, but apart from a verification charge of $2 they won’t charge until you decide to have a private show or buy some “gold”.

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What about Exclusive Shows?

The price for Exclusive or Private shows is determined by each performer so it varies quite a bit. Expect to pay a few dollars a minute to take your camcrush into a private show.  Those shows are open to only one member at a time and no other viewer can join.  When you are done with the show then it closes and everybody is back into Guest chat.

This is different from “premium chat” which is a half-way middle-ground between guest and exclusive.  In Premium it is a type of group show. Although one member is the one who starts it both that member and other members can come in and out of the show

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How does Camcrush work?

At Camcrush the idea is to spend time in Guest chat to find the just the perfect performer for you, and then spend some time with her in a premium or exclusive (private) chat.

You can also save some money for looking for Gold Shows.  These are a special kind of group show where the performer has set a goal price and a time-limit to reach that goal.  it is a bit like a group buy on Groupon in that only if the combined goal is reached does anybody have to pay and then the show goes ahead.

If the time runs out and the performer’s goal has not been met she can still choose to go ahead, which allows her to please her fans for that almost-reached-the-goal situation, but she is also entitled to cancel and not to do the live show.  In that case, the money or “gold” that everybody has put down is refunded with no loss.

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What is Gold on Camcrush?

Gold is the way that the best things on camcrush are rated.  There are Gold Shows, and Gold Tips as well as Gold Clubs.

  • Gold Shows – these are the group shows that only go ahead when the performer reaches or goal within the time limit
  • Gold tips – are when you send some money to the performer either during chat or later when she is offline, like the tips on chaturbate they allow you to express your feelings for her a little at a time.
  • Gold clubs – Some performers also have Gold Clubs, this is entirely optional and up to them. The idea is that you join a fan club and will get to see diary entries, photo sets, and videos.  Each model is required to make regular entries in diary, photo, and videos to keep the club going.

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Camcrush: How to do Cam2Cam?

Taking chat to the next level and allowing two-way video is the best way to bring yourself closer to the performer you are watching. If she can watch you as well then that means you are able to build up that deeper level of communication.

To make this work at camcrush you will need a webcam and a microphone.  Modern laptops always have these built-in, but desktops or older PCs might not. Use Chrome or Safari as your web browser and make sure your Privacy settings for the camcrush website allow it to access the camera and microphone.

When you click the button for cam2cam the performer will see that you have asked for this and has up to 15 seconds to confirm. It is best to discuss this first and make sure she is ready to click the accept button.

Some performers are more keen on watching people than others so you will want to develop your relationship to the point that she is interested in watching you before you suggest this. Be up-front and ask in advance if this is something she likes to do to avoid disappointment

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How to get a 20% discount on Camcrush private chat?

When you know you want to spend some time with a performer then it is best to block book it. That doesn’t have to be done in advance, you can do it just as the urge arises, and it gives you some great discounts.

A one hour block of either premium or exclusive private chat with a performer gets you a 20% discount as soon as you start.  And if you extend beyond that time then the discount rate still applies.  Even if you get a disconnection you can resume any time within two hours of the original block to enjoy this discounted rate.

Shorter block bookings also get a discount but at a correspondingly smaller rate.

Block Session Discounts for camcrush :

  • One hour block – 20% discount on full price
  • Three-quarter of an hour – 15% reduction in cost
  • Half-hour – A 10% lower charge
  • Even a quarter-hour has a discount- though only of 5%

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How do the Favorites Models work at Camcrush?

There are hundreds of models available to watch on camcrash at any hour of the day. As a regular visitor there will, of course, be times when you want only to see your favorite models.

Check out the My Account section where you can see the list of your favorite performers. Your favorite performers will always appear at the top of the screen regardless of what sort order you choose.  On the homepage when they are live you will always see this girl you have selected.

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What are the Daily Limits on Camcrush?

The limits are there as part of the responsible behavior of the camcrush com website. They know how satisfying it can be to spend time with your new crush on live video, and you may, therefore, end up spending more than you should.

To avoid these problems, there are some automatic spending limits. And you can’t spend more than a set amount each day. If you exceed the limit then you won’t be able to go back into chat, even with a different performer, for another day.

Once you get used to the system and have done some sensible budgeting on how much you should spend on your favorite performer, then you can email customer support and they will increase your daily limit.

When you want to go above spending $300 in each day then they will want something in writing to prove that you really mean it. This also helps to prevent credit card fraud which is a big problem for the best adult webcam sites of all types.

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Do I need a Webcam to watch Camcrush performers?

No, not at all. Although this is a webcam site you can use it just fine without a webcam of your own. Each performer has their own camera set up.  Many of them use high-quality cameras that are much better quality than the typical webcam in a laptop. Some even use high-end video cameras or DSLRs in order to give you the best viewing experience.

On the viewing end all you need is your screen, mouse and keyboard.  You can even watch on your phone just fine as well.

The only time you might want to use a webcam yourself would be if you want to show you favorite camgirl what you look like, and how you are reacting to her yourself.  In that case, it is time to hit that cam2cam button, and then and only then will you need to have your own broadcaster equipment.

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Is my personal information safe at Camcrush?

Camcrush is part of the Streamate group and as such has been around for many years. There is no reason to presume they’ll do anything inappropriate with your personal information so it is as safe as you can get.

Many people use camcrush com ever day and have no problem at all.

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How much does private chat cost at Camcrush?

That is something that is at the discretion of each individual performer.  They can set prices that they feel are reasonable for you to enjoy their time. And different prices for each different type of chat, from Exclusive to Premium to the group Gold Shows.

Most of them will be costed at a few dollars per minute, which is very reasonable to get tha ttention of a girl as hot as the performers

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Do performers get paid at Camcrush?

Yes. Although the idea of camcrush is to developing a relationship online with the girl of your dreams, it is true that they do get compensated for their time. For many of the performers this is an important source of income for them so don’t forget that when you are spending time with them.

Even if you are having a great time with them and want to focus on your online relationship, they have to pay their bills as well just like anybody else. It is just polite to express your appreciate with some Gold tips, contributing to a Gold Show or taking them into a private Exclusive chat show.

The money you spend in shows or for gold goes to the performer, minus a percentage taken by the site for pay for their servers and other expenses.  These account for about 70% of the income, so if you spend about $10 on a show with a performer she will recieve around $3 for herself.

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Do webcam models at Cam crush really make any money?

Yes, they do. The back-end of is and under that name it is one of the big five in the webcam sex industry. Because it really is an industry with substantial investments, turnover and income. As independent uncontracted workers the individual models, both male and female, are entitled to a share of those profits.

just like an uber driver or an Airbnb host the cam models on every cam site are trying to trade what they have, which is mostly hot bodies and an insatiable desire to masturbate, for what other people want. Namely to watch those bodies while they masturbate on live webcam.

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What does Camcrush mean?

Having a camcrush is when you have an irrational attraction to a camgirl and start to feel as though you love her. It is like having a crush on that hot girl in class. Or being attracted to a singer or a movie star and finding that they are a perfect match for you.

Read the definition at Urbandictionary – “being infatuated with someone on a webcam, usually done through the internets

Only a camcrush is a bit more because when you have a crush on a camgirl you can go to that adult webcam site and you can really interact with her.  It is a lot cheaper than going to a concern to see a top singer perform, and it really is interactive as she will talk directly back to you.

Camcrush is also the name of which is a cam chat site that would like you to have a crush on one of their performers.

Get your crush on at if you want to find out if you are crushable!

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Summary about Cam Crush.Com

Pro for ExhibitionistsLots of visitors
Con for ExhibitionistsPayrate is only 30% to 35%
Pro for VoyeursStraight into video chat, no signup at all.
Con for VoyeursSite is a little oldfashioned.  It is a whitelabel of Streamate.

If you have any more information about CamCrush, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.