At webcamnow you’ll find a real community of webcams, that means a bit
of this and a bit of that and absolutely no hot perfect 10s waiting to do shows
for you!  That’s either good or bad depending upon your view point.

It’s all Java based and all you have to do is open a window to display the
video feeds.

Just like ifriends or
they have both "friends & family* G rated area as well as an adult
area.  Which on they call the "Open  Area",
though I don’t think it is really unmonitored, as they do have some rules so
presumably someone is checking.

You have to fill in the usual meaningless age verification page (I sad I was
95 years old and it didn’t squeak) then you are into a quite comprehensive chat
application.  Looks a bit like a real windows IRC client if you remember
those only of course there is a video window.

There were 30 different text chat rooms, just numbered 1 through 30,

Watch out that you can’t merely click on the room name and say join, you have
to fill in the nick name field too otherwise nothing happens — no error, but
nothing else.  That had me going for a while.

Anyway room 1 is buzzing — typical IRC chat stuff.  Let me give you a
small sample:

! There are 1574 users and 35 invisible
on 10 servers
! You are in Room 1

<young@BLAPpY> love u
<Taesmore@BLAPpY> yessss girl ohhhh yesss
<Bob123@destinystar7> AUTO COMPRESSS SO WE CAN SEE HER
<x69@BLAPpY> wow
<sith@BLAPpY> please show that ass
<tongue26@nj_skinsfan> naked
<i@> –Huge free cam community at
<busbby@BLAPpY> sweet face

No, not very edifying but there you go.  If the buzz gets too much you
can move into another room.  The text chat rooms are totally disconnect
from the video window above which lists maybe 40-50 cams (it’s hard to count in
the scrolling box).  Almost all guys, and a few of them are not even live
but are static pics with photoshopped words giving yahoo contact details and
things like that.

Some of them are even pushing regular cam sites — one cute looking guy — in
a still picture — has a note below saying "I’m chatting on "… then gives a
site name.  Then I found a girl with the same message.  This is
basically all cam spam.

At least this site is free — do try it out if you want to see some hairy
bored looking guys lounging around in front of a cam.  They do have a paid
version which gives you faster video.

If this does appeal to you though, then you can also try

which is another "community" cam site.

If you have any more information about webcamnow , please drop me a note in the
webcam forum, thanks. 


Pro for Exhibitionists

You can really show yourself off

Con for Exhibitionists

Well only for fun, no money here

Pro for Voyeurs

For free you can see a lot of…

Con for Voyeurs

… bored looking guys