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Small site with some free vid but not much interaction

New site from the makers of which is trying to be like MFC. it is a free live chat site, girls are allowed to be naked everyone to see. Paid tips are optional and in practice, there is little or no tipping going on. Only girls are on this site, there are no males, shemales alone or in couples.   You will see girl-girl couples though.

Signup at Tubecamgirl

Signup is free but needs a real email as you will need the activation code they send before you can do anything.  Without registering you can see the free video but can’t go into text chat.

People who haven’t tipped even if they are registered are limited to one text comment every 20 seconds, to prevent “flooding”.  I can see that getting pretty annoying, but perhaps that’s the point, to encourage tipping.  All you have to do is give one small tip and this delay is reduced so you can chat normally.

Tips for Tubecamgirls

Each tip you send, regardless of size, gives you the right to send the girl one private message in text chat.

Most of the rooms are not busy, I went into one of the “busier” ones and it had about 10 viewers and there was not much chat going on. The European host was not surprisingly a little bored looking, but sitting on her bed in panties only and smoking.

In another room that had just 4 people in it two Asian girls, both quite sweet, were lounging around. One wearing just a short t-shirt so bottomless and showing a trimmed hairy pussy and the other in overflowing bra and panties.

Both rooms obviously studios and not that exciting places to be. In the Asian room the girl in bra is busily typing, but not to me or to this site so another split camming, or possibly working at the same time? Unavoidable with a small site like this I think that the hosts won’t be focusing on the text chat of the small site. No audio either which would have made it more interesting.

Tube CamGirl standards

I think with the modern standard of hot girls in many of the free tipping sites it is sort of expected that the chathost will be interactive and expressive over audio and talk to her guests. Just sitting quietly typing is not so impressive, of course, I guess the girls may want to not have sound so they can chat among themselves without being overheard.  The whole social aspect of a “happy room” works best when the host is actively responding to comments of the chatters so everybody feels to be together.  That isn’t happening at

It isn’t very obvious how many girls are actually online at, because this is also owned by the site many of the links that say things like “More Girls” are actually links to chat site, and not to more girls at

Girls interactive vs Voyeur spy

After a while of looking around though it seemed I could only find the few listed under “Girls interactive” and Voyeur spy, which at the time of my visit was a total of 10, of which two were voyeur mode so no text chatting, and a note said that those two were not from chatgf.

None of the girls I saw were doing shows or asking for tips for anything, but of course, the system does support tipping – for which you will need to purchase credits.  Use credit cards and debit cards via VXSbill, ClickAndBuy, Zombaio or Epoch to get credits.

No tokens, all cash

There are no tokens, it is all in cash numbers – and only for tipping.  There is no such thing as a “private” at tubecamgirl.  Al the girls you see are also online at though so you can go over there to do privates if you wish.

So in a sense is the teaser site for, but it is separate – the username you create at one does not work at the other, and therefore the credits are not transferable.

The video chat is a typical flash system and resizes to very large easily using a little slider bar in-between the text and the video in the same way as MFC, but I found I could move it so far to the right that it went off the edge of my screen and I couldn’t get it back!  Only reloading the page made it back to normal.

No information available on how to work for the site, once again I’d suppose you should go over to for that. Forum comments

If you’d like to comment more on please post a message in the forum.  Thanks.