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General Review of Camcontacts:

Other sites similar to Camcontacts

Camcontacts (not Camcontact or Cam Contact) is like a clone of iFriends (see ifriends review) by people (Exhibitionists and Voyeurs both) who didn't like iFriends. 

Although Camcontacts is now well established (started in Nov 00) - and probably building up on ifriends in terms of number of girls, it doesn't really seem to have the growth rate of other sites like Cum TV or stream mate.

However now that things have settled down in terms of growth they are adding lots of features in like cam2cam (one2one they call it) with two way sound as well.  Though there is quite a bit of debate in their forums about this feature because the hosts there are trying to offer specific things only if viewers go into one2one, which has a higher per minute cost.

Not all the hosts do this, in fact not even many, and the camcontacts management have said they will crack down on it.  The feature is advertised as, and they intend to keep it as, just a chance to be in private with one girl without other viewers distracting her from you.

Hosts are broken down into a variety of different categories, and I think they invented a few of them like "a little shy" which are now used by other sites.

  • Non Adult
    • Friends and Family
    • Make New Friends
    • Long Term or Marriage
  • Adult
    • Girls Home Alone - A little shy
    • Girls Home Alone - Not so shy
    • Girls Home Alone - Instant Action
    • Girl-Girl 
    • Girl-Boy
    • Couples
    • Groups (3 or more)
    • Gender Benders (TV, TS, CD)
    • Boys Home Alone - Straight
    • Boys Home Alone - Gay
    • Boy-Boy
    • Escorts & Massage
    • Dungeon
    • Video PLAYBACK of PAST session

I think that covers just about everything don't you!  Of course some of the more obscure categories don't have a lot of hosts online at any one time, but you'll generally find at least one.  Even "Long Term or Marriage" has 20 or so, though I wouldn't take the category name too literally.  Boy-boy is the hardest section to fill and sometimes is empty.

You can also browse through cams by country if you are looking for someone near your location.  Click "search" in the left border then "View by country" in the middle of the screen above the search box.  View by language and works in the same way; this time giving you choices from English through the obvious Latvian and Romanian to Japanese(!), Arabic (!!) to Hebrew (find a nice Jewish girl for you me boy?).  This is not entirely accurate though, I saw one person who apparently claimed to speak every language which is a large exaggeration I'm sure unless you say "ahhh ahhh, oooo ooo" counts as valid in any language!

Text chat is free in every section, just browse around until you find someone who appeals then click the text chat button.  This gets you a static picture of the person to look at together with a text chat window where you can get started in conversation.  No signup at all is needed for this.

Video chat however requires a login and per minute fees, there is no free video on Camcontacts.  It can be pretty cheap though, you'll see some hosts advertising $0.69/minute which is almost as low as extasycams.

You'll need a "register for free viewer account" first which will need your credit card details to "verify your age" etc, usual thing.  This account will allow you to see some more archive pictures than you would otherwise see; all the explicit ones are screened and not visible to unregistered guests.

Once you have an account of course you can then get into paid chat which will be billed to your card "discretely" as CC Network.  The way billing works at Camcontacts is quite different from most other sites.  With the majority of sites you "buy credits" and load a bunch of money into their system, which leaves your bank/card immediately they stays on their system until you spend it.

With CamContacts though they use "Continuous Billing" which is a way of saying that once they have your CC number they bill you immediately you do any chat.  Advantage of this is that you don't have to leave cash lying around in their site before you use it, and you don't get interrupted by being out of funds, but the bad side is that you can end up spending more than you intended as the money just drains out of your credit card as you chat.

Camcontacts also run "" which is where any chathost can put her own web pages which is similar to the free hosting deal that is provided by ifriends.  I believe Camz also provides some free hosting.  I don't know any other site that provides free hosting, let me know if you do.

You will also find Camcontacts running under a bunch of other names:

That last one is interesting isn't it?  Addresses one of the underlying drives of webcam viewers -- to actually meet and have a relationship with ladies they meet on cam sites.  Not to say this doesn't happen (I know a couple of married couples like this), but it has to be very rare.  Cam chathosts are performers providing a service for the most part.

On the whole the per minute charges are much less than sites like Flirt4 free, and probably average a little under ifriends.  Of course there is a large range though so you'll find some higher priced hosts as well.

Uniquely amoung major sites they cover chargebacks, so if the customer refuses to pay, the host still gets their payment.  Sounds nice for the host but this is a risky business model for camcontacts to be giving out money for shows for which they have not been paid!



Pro for Exhibitionists Growing steadily.  You can get free hosting for your own website to promote yourself.

Con for Exhibitionists

May end up being under cut by discount hosts

Pro for Voyeurs

Lots of girls to see, guys too if that's your thing, similar to CumTV.

Con for Voyeurs

No voyeur mode like Flirt4free.



Pics: Archived Camcontacts girls pics click here.
8 Feb 10: Check out these statistics about webcam on mobile and see how are you doing comparing with other cam viewers.
10 May 09:  If you speak German only, you should go to the German version of Camcontacts hereSpanish version is available too.
1 Sep 08: have you tried webcam chat on mobile phone?  Now you can go to, download their chat software and start chatting anywhere, even in bathroom!

27-31 Aug 08: "Guess Who?" game for viewers to guess the screen-name of a given pic.  For every $5 you spend, a letter will be given to provide hints.  First prize is $5,000 Camcontacts' credit.

20-24 Mar 08: Easter Party - 5 lucky viewers will be chosen every hour during these 5 days to receive free credits to chat with their favorite girls.
18 Jun: Camcontacts has introduced an online card game called Strip HiLo for viewers and chathosts to play.  The ultimate target is to remove the chathost's clothes when she guesses wrong.  If the viewer loses, then the whole game will restart.  Watch out!  It can be addictive.
18 Sep: There is still a lot of debate going on over at CamContacts about the not-so-new "one2one" feature.  In case you missed out before, this feature provides a private chat room -- instead of the group chat which was previously the only choice at CamContacts.  Some "shy" hosts are offering to strip only in one2one, which is against CamContact rules; but the CC management have promised to get things under control.
10 Dec: Holiday season again and they have introduced their "Holiday Hotties" which is a three minute free promotion.  But watch out, at the end of three minutes it goes straight into charged chat with only a text notification on the screen.
29 Feb: Camcontacts is finally catching up.  They now provide sound and CamToCam such that the chathosts can see the viewers' reactions if the viewer has a cam.  Another site that provides sound and cam2cam is imLive.
12 Feb: I noticed that Camcontacts has more than a dozen girls under 'Long Term and Marriage'.  There is no shortage of sexy pretty looking girls and most of them look like Eastern European.  If you want a supermodel to be your girlfriend this may be your choice.


25 Jan: Every webcam chat site needs to keep coming up with new ideas to attract viewers and camcontact, one of the major established sites, is no exception.  They have recently launched a new category -- Girls Home Alone - Instant Action -- which I think is either exactly what most people want, or completely the opposite of what others want!  But choices are great, so if you want to chat first, or to jump straight into the action you can now explicitly choose the right sort of host.


30 Dec: Oops, looks like I jumped too fast and spread rumors too!  The latest I hear is that camcontacts is experiencing a DDOS attack and they are working with their network provider to get on-line again soon.  Maybe nothing to do with those fake spams at all!  Though both these thing do seem to show that they have enemies -- I guess some people are unhappy they are so successful!  Anyway, if you can't get through to them because of their problem then the two most similar sites you can try are imlive and ifriends.


29 Dec: A very Not Merry Christmas for the people over at camcontact.  They have been down for two days and rumor has it that their offices were raided and all equipment confiscated.  If true then I would guess this is related to the fake emails about their being child porn on their site which have been circulating.  The internet is a great place for hoaxes, and it sounds to me as though one of their competitors or someone else with a grudge has decided to put them out of businesses. 


Occasionally, you can find young fresh girl like this one on Camcontacts:

Camcontacts / Camcontact webcam teen

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