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AsianCamModels is part of Cams2Chat which also previously included SoInLuv and many more.  As the name implied, the girls are all Asians.  If you like Asian, then it’s the right place.  Those of you unhappy when most of the Asians left MFC and who don’t like other sites like Livejasmin with lots of Asian hosts seriously need to come and check out AsianCamModels.

You’ll also find it promoted as AsianCamSex.Com which now seems to be their main brand, but actually the sites and the models are all the same.

Free Chat with Asian Cam Models / Sex

You can get into free chat with at least some of the hosts without even an account — you’ll be a guest chatter which of course means you get almost no attention — but it is easy to signup for a free account. 

The free account asks for username/password/email but the email is not checked so you can get in straight away – no waiting for validation emails though they do send you an email as well.

You’ll need that free account to be able to view the galleries of the girls.  Each girl has a small gallery mostly of webcam captures but a few also have proper digital pics — many of the top models have are very pretty and it is a pity that the gallery pictures are not bigger to do them justice.

703 Asian Cam Girls Online

What is perhaps exceptional about this site is it’s very rapid growth.  Today as I look there are 703 girl cams online — and that’s not counting the Gay or Transexual cams either.  That is a lot of cams online for a site that only got going seriously in 2005.  Most very big camsites (LiveJasmin, ImLive, etc) have been around a lot longer than that.  Only StripChat comes to mind as a site that has grown big so fast.

So what do you get with such a large site?  A very wide range of hosts of course — ok only Asian, but when you have a sample as large as this you’ll start to see that “Asian” covers a very wide range of women.

Cute Teens and Mature ladies

There are plenty of cute teen girls, but just as many mature ladies — there are petite as well as heavy hosts.  And cup sizes galore — you know since nutrition improved in Asia you’ll find big titties everywhere!

I should say though that this Asian site is only part of Asia at that — if you want Japanese or Korean hosts you’ll have to look at DXLive etc because this mainly ladies from the Philippines.

Therefore you won’t see any blonds — the Blond Asian look is mostly a Japanese creation. 

Pregnant chathosts on AsianCamModels

An unusually large number of Pregnant hosts grace AsianCamModels — perhaps the devout Catholics of the Philippines end up getting pregnant more because of lack of birth control!?  I’m kidding — but I really don’t know.  Anyway if you like bulging bellies and milky lactating tits on webcam this is probably the finest site for you; it’s still a small percentage but at least it is some.

Although camcontacts does boast some preggies at times they are hard to find, only Chaturbate competes on the pregnant cam girl front.  But back to AsianCamModels.

Cheap Asian cam girls

It is also extremely cheap — you’ll find one dollar a minute cams even with two or three girls in the room.

Chat window features

The actual chat window at AsianCamModels has plenty of good features that you don’t see that often.

zoom in/out of the text in your chat message window
Good for those who have bad eye sight! ha!
Color of message
You can change the color of your message so it stands out from the others.
Ring the bell
You can choose a studio and buy drinks for the girls.  It’s typically $7/alcoholic drink per girl and $5 for a soft drink per girl.
shopping for the girl
I’ve talked to the support about this feature.  They said you can buy bikini and lingerie, but no sex toys yet.  You need to suggest to the management if you would like that option.  The cool thing is: if they have stock, they can deliver the goods to the girls the same day and the viewer can see the girl wear it.  There is a sensible disclaimer for this part “Please be advised that models appearing on Asian Cam Models are not employed by Asian Cam Models and are either self-employed or work for studios. As such, we cannot guarantee that all studios will have all items that are on the shop menu in stock. Please check with the model before purchase and be advised that the studio and model may agree that the studio pays the girl commission rather than the actual item purchased. Please confirm prior to any purchase being made. ”  I’m sure most models would prefer the cash.

Asian Cam Model categories

There are several categories of girls in Asian-Cam-Models:

  1. Wild girl – who basically will do anything if you ask nicely.  I have asked a girl to tease me and she flashes her tits to me.
  2. Party girl – a bit shyier, but only a little
  3. Romance – looking for boyfriends?  I couldn’t go into the girl’s room.  It seems that no matter I click on her pic or the Let’s chat button it still takes me to the private chat (unlike other categories when you click on the pic or the chat button you will be taken to the free chat)  So please let me know if I get it wrong.
  4. Pregnant — speaks for itself huh? 

AsianCamModels : Gay Guys / Transexuals / Couples

New since they first started are:

  1. Gay Guys
  2. Transexuals – a very high percentage at 20%
  3. Couples

At the moment, AsianCamModels have more than 800 hosts online some of which are studio girls, though sometimes it is hard to tell because “studio” in the Philippines could be three girls sharing a back bedroom!

The 800 or so hosts they have online is a lot more than when I last checked when they had 300, and that itself was much more than my first look when they had about 30 girls online, so the site has grown rapidly. They are still recruiting both studio and private girls. 

Camgirls from the Philippines

They all seem to be from the Philippines, which explains a name they used to use – though that name seems to be disused now and is a livejasmin WL.  Makati is the main business district in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.  It’s where you’d go to see some of the top beauties of the Philippines doing their shopping!

This site uses the software from NearlyThere, version 3 when I last visited,– and I had never realized that it supports Chinese, so you can talk to your girl in Chinese.  Presuming you and she both can read and write in that language!  Not likely, but still technically that’s the first time I’ve noticed that feature.

Every room seems to have sound, but often a lot of hiss and crackle so I ended up muting it most of the time.

AsianCamModels Billing by SafShop or CCBill

Billing used to be only by SafShop or by CCBill but now they do have a lot of options from Zombaio, Epoch and even wire transfer and WesternUnion for US customers only.  Private chat is variable priced but there are a lot of low priced camgirls here.  Its typical to see $1/minute — and many of them state this in their thumbnail image.

The chat rooms are not very busy, most of them have a couple of unregistered guests and maybe one person with a real signed up name in free text chat with the girl.

As with any site there are a wide range of chathosts online, and a lot of them are very normal “girl in the street” you’d see in the Philippines.  So while you’ll see sweet faces  you’ll also see plain Janes, as well as lots of bare Asian tits in profile pics trying to entice you into the rooms.

They run some 10% bonus schemes for certain days under the banner “Mid Week madness” : Get 10% Bonus for purchases made between 12:01 AM Tuesday to 11:59 PM Thursday ( USA Pacific Standard Time ) .

Camgirls sign up

Hosts should sign up here:  It’s a 50% payout, with an additional 20% for customers you have recruited.   You can set your own rates but there are ranges depending upon what category you are listed under.  The bottom is $0.50 for the non-nude “friends” section, with $1 minimum for nude going up to $4.  Special acts like threesomes can charge $5 a minute.

The chathost software is in Java so will run on any PC with a modern java client. 

As well as the regular fees for per-minute shows you can also be given tips by viewers in the form of money for specific things like food, gifts, drinks.

Payments paid twice a month with a cut-off in the middle and the end of the month.  Wire transfers, checks and pre-loaded cash cards for those in the Philippines.

Different domains for AsianCamModels

Like every site out there these days they have a bunch of different domains, some of which emphasize a particular kind of host but many of which are just different designs around the same chatrooms. 

Some of them are “retired” or no longer promoted and below they are listed but not linked.

AsianCamModels Forums

If you have any information about AsianCamModels, please drop me a message in the webcam forum, or leave a comment below thanks.

Other Asian Cam sites

Other Asian cam sites are: AsianBabeCamDxlive and Goa.  Of course, you can always find some from the webcam giant Bongcams.