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A slight case of schizophrenic naming over here at 2lips.tv aka 2lipscams aka 2lipslive.com, this company has been around since 2002 so is very well established (as camsites go) but I suppose have been struggling to find a more "brand-able" name.   The original dot TV domain name seemed cute, but I think people have tired of these and basically dot com is it if you want to be seen as a respectable website these days.

Despite being around for many years they still are pretty small -- reminds me of Spread4u who remained small for years though recently they have had a big push to expand -- and really haven't changed a lot.  The look of the site has not changed either for better or worse.

The chat is simple to use and the rooms I checked out where mostly polite with a few regulars, the host handled the few beggars with good grace.



There was not a lot of chat rooms open when I was there -- six including two "new models" with no thumbnails in the who is online page.  That's pretty low - worse than TheDailyPeep and similar to 18Live.  They all looked like European studio models to me -- I didn't see any independents or any Asians.

If you try to signup as a model or a studio there is no simple way to do this - - basically you end up sending them an email and are asked to email them pics.  It doesn't give me an impression they really are hiring, but probably just using their own studio(s) -- which I understand previously also worked for Flirt4Free.

Free chat was available in every room - not sure if that was an accident or not though given so few hosts online.

As well as the regular chat areas they have a "Gold Area" which seems to be a members-only Video On Demand section for $30 a month.  Not really very interesting compared to say videobox.com which is cheaper and has more vids.

On the who's online page, they are showing lots of girls pics but only those with a green dot beside them are actually online.  For the others all you get is profile info - not even any galleries.  The "Bio" is the usual boring stuff with the occasional thing like "Hobbies: Tennis and sex to keep me fit " to suggest that someone is actually thinking what they are writing.

I went into both Marin and Yasmine's chatrooms and they are very chatty.  It seems that the guys know the girls very well, possibly pop in  every day and so the girl is friendly and chatty to him too.  Not so much of the 'take your bra off' requests as other webcam chat sites though one guy kept asking to see "bear tit" (sic) which sounds like some kind of wildlife!

Given that 2lips seems to have been around for a while, at least since June 2002, it seems that they really should have grown a bit more.  But on the other hand they haven't died either like so many sites (I was just looking at 247live which used to be good, but is now dead).  That implies they at least pay their bills!  But two years ago they had maybe 4 or 6 cam rooms online and today their are 6 chathosts?  Could be better.

Free chat is really free with no messing around -- you don't even have to give a nickname to get into chat -- you are called some random numbered name.  A free signup requires you to fill in a slightly annoying form and give a valid email address - but that doesn't seem to be checked.  the form is annoying as it insists on things like phone number -- and there is a capatcha -- one of those little screwed up graphic words you have to type in so as to prevent bots from using the form.

The video size at 2lips is medium though the video is a bit slow, this is not streaming, just a fast slide show using Java.  Prices for private chat are published beside the hosts name, but every one I saw was the same at $3.49/minute.  Now that's an awful lot compared to the variable pricing at say camcontacts and imlive, let alone the discount sites.  It is cheaper than Flirt4Free and some of the hosts here are certainly of a high standard of appearance and friendliness.  So though I'd like to see some flexibility I can't completely find the pricing unreasonable.

There is a clear schedule page with portraits of the girls and when they are expected to be on-line, much clearer than most sites schedules so if you fancy a particular girl it is easy to work out when you will find her online.  It includes a timezone calculator as well which is important for these things.

Most of them have that Eastern European look about them, and it's all girls, no guys online although there is a guy section.  They offer to let you ship presents to the girls and give a P.O. box in Prague, so that explains why so many blonds cam girls are online!  Seems it is a Czech outfit.

If you have any more information about 2lips , please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.


Pro for Exhibitionists Work in Prague?
Con for Exhibitionists I think you have to move to Prague!
Pro for Voyeurs Really free
Con for Voyeurs Only a few girls on line
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