With apologies to Philip K. Dick.

Perhaps not in their sleep but at least the AI can now look at a picture and tell if a girl is being fucked by a machine. How do I know this? Because Stripchat recently implemented some tools that automatically detect certain categories. They are using vision AI software that analyzes the video feed and can identify some particular things.

So far they have highlighted four things that their AI can spot, and used those to ensure that models, currently only the female models, are in the right categories.

The things the Stripchat AI can recognise so far are:

If you choose any of these categories then you are seeing not girls who have tagged themselves with those activities, but cams which right now in real time the vision AI has identified as being machines, cock sucking, feet or outdoor views.

Like all the AI stuff that is coming out now, it isn’t 100% accurate, but it is quite good.

It certainly is better than just relying upon what tags/categories the models have selected themselves. That’s particularly true for blowjobs, where people may have it listed as an activity they do, but might not actually be sucking cock (or dildo) right at that moment.

With these new AI categories, you get, for the most part, exactly what you want.

If I go barefoot in my room and my whole video stream is just a closeup of my feet, then I can expect to appear in the foot fetish category automatically.

Outdoor views also include scenic landscapes, and natural environments, but should not include any other people who are not registered as broadcasters on Stripchat. The idea is that you can broadcast in your secluded back garden, or maybe on top of a mountain. The Stripchat vision AI can detect these elements and categorize the stream accordingly.

Is this the future of camgirl AI tools? No more hunting around for the ultimate cam girl just for you, but have an AI that uses vision tools to find one that you like, and really it might even use the language models and chat AI to talk to the girl and find out if you are compatible.

Of course, if that starts to happen are the camgirls going to also use AI chatbots and AI image or video generators in order to create that image of a perfect girl?

Personally I don’t think so because it is the reality of a camgirl being a real person, both good and bad parts, that makes us more interesting to talk to than any AI.

What do you think, has AI got a future in camgirl work – whether it is for categorizing streams as Stripchat is starting to do, or in some other part of the interaction between viewers and broadcasters?

Meanwhile, if you want to see how well it works, do visit Stripchat to try it.