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Rated as 1.5 out of 5 - Unless you speak Italian in which case 3 out of 5
General Review For Models


Despite the UK icon for English the pages still at RagazzaInChat.Com seem to have plenty of Italian, this is a worse translation than the other big Italian site Rivcams


With 8 models online it is also pretty small, at the same time of day rivcams has 30 working rooms.  Not a lot, but a reasonable small choice.

Over at Ragazzainchat though the 8 models online do look like at home models, and are probably really Italian when you consider that not many people in other parts of the world speak Italian. Whether the thumbnails are labeled "in private" or "online" though clicking them gets you only to a brief bio page, no free chat here.  You only get free chat if you can find a room that says "in chat" which are rare, perhaps one or maybe none.

You can watch free chat and read what the others are saying, but you can't type until you register.  There inn't a lot of chatting going on anyway, and all the rooms I looked into the host was neither speaking nor showing her face so it wasn't that entertaining.


I really can't understand some of the translated phrases though, what does it mean on the viewer registration form when it says "Sign in before the expiration of the timer, I guarantee 65%. ?"  Perhaps it doesn't matter as I can give username, password, email and click the I agree button and then register.  The system does send you a registration email   The email arrived from "[email protected]" and with a blank subject line, which I suppose is discrete but a  little strange.  One click and you are in, and now you are registered and logged in at the same time.   There is a little fuel gauge thing shows how you are doing:



As a registered users you can go into chat - look out for the thumbnails with the blue button that says "in chat"

The buttons are all in Italian but I can guess a few like "Prive" for "20" must be the price for privates.  And Microfono disabiliato means her mic is off.  As well as the private cost there are also "Spy" and "Show", which are generally around 15 and 10 but some hosts have them as 10 and 10.  All I saw were privates for 20 even though as a model you can set it much higher.

In the room with SexyAnna she spoke, well typed, to me in English when I asked but when some other chatters entered and started to discuss in Italian of course she spoke to them more easily in that language. 

Clicking the button to start privates of course warns me I need credits, and to get credits I have to buy at least 10 Euros worth which gets me 50 credits.  Strangely though 12 Euros gets me 100 credits, an enormously better deal.  If I buy at least 1250 credits by paying 120 Euros I get to be a "VIP".

So ignoring the smallest purchase which gets you very expensive credits at 20 euro cents each most of their packages are basically 10 euro cents a credit, with a slight discount for greater quantity.

If privates are 20 credits a minute then 20 credits times 10 eurocents each is two Euros a minute, that's twice what some other European sites charge, but still quite reasonable at less than $3/minute..

Payments are via one of three different processors, ClickAndBuy, Hipay, and paysite.  Each of which will take the standard credits cards; visa, mastercard. electron and maestro.  You can use postepay too via ClickAndBuy.

It is a pretty standard Flash video window, but the text part is rather strange with big blocks of colors.  Only good if you have just one person chatting I think.

All in all I really can't recommend this site unless you speak Italian.  There are a small number of hosts, but not that impressive, and with prices low but not exceptionally it isn't really worth struggling with the language for those who are normally speaking English.

If you'd like to comment more on ragazzainchat.com please post a message in the forum.  Thanks.

For Models:

There is a prominent button for "register as a camgirl" and that takes  you to a registration page that says "I guarantee 65% on everything you're selling the site", which makes more sense in this context.  Inside though it says 60% only during the afternoon happy hour.

A bio page setup screen lets you specify your language, give a description and body measurements etc.  You can tick boxes for fetishes like BDSM, Anal, Oral, Fetish, Gang Bang, Pissing / Scat, Slave / Master, Cross dressing, Squirt, Fisting and "Mostro Volto" which I totally don't get.

No geoblocking that I can see which I thought was strange.

You can set your prices from 15 to 50 credits a minute, which is for privates, and for spycam 10 to 50 also.

Videos and pictures can be uploaded and either be public as part of your bio for promotions, or private and charge a fee of credits.  You can choose how many credits you want to charge for any item.

The camgirl control panel is quite comprehensive but mostly in Italian so you would need to speak Italian or use a translator to get by.  Payments are by wire, paypal (!), postepay or payoneer.

As well as uploading passport or ID pictures you need to print, sign, scan and upload the contract.  Which is entirely in Italian.

Just not going to happen for most US/English camgirls I think.



Summary of review for ragazzainchat.com
Number of girls online 10 8-15 at different times
Number of guys online 0 None, this site has no male performers
Typical price for a show per minute 3.00 Approximately, depends on the euro exchange rate



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