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Rated as 2 out of 5 Weak today, but potential to grow
General Review For Models


I thought that was going to be an interesting new camsite to review, but after looking more closely I think it doesn't appeal to me much.  Hopefully they get it going but at the moment it seems there are too many things which are not quite right.  They do have some good ideas though so I hope it takes off.

When you first visit the site it is a pleasantly designed typical camsite showing a range of thumbnails, but often no Live Performers.  They do have performers online sometimes but it will be easiest to find them by following them on twitter at @CassCamsModels.  They are tweeting, it looks like manually, when they have chatrooms go live.

Now the site is actually UK based, more on that later, but I presume that most of the hosts I'm seeing online there are from all over the world.  They have been actively approaching performers via twitter, myspace, bebo and so on to invite them to use the new system.  Searching around a bit I find invitations from as long as two years ago, which means this site is not as new as I at first thought.

Initially though it was called "" emphasizing the British part, but I guess they decided to be more generic and now it's, though as you go through the site you'll still see plenty of things about England like money listed in "", that's British Pounds, instead of $.

Over on the right hand side of the screen is a comprehensive set of category filters with pretty sliders to let you select things like age range, price and ethnicity.  Good ideas but of course a little pointless until they build up a larger range of online models.  Though as the sliders work even for the offline hosts it would help you to find the suitable ones to favorite.

When you do find someone online then clicking through into free chat works fine and gives you a simple video/text chat window.  You can go in as an anonymous guest, or signup for a free account using email only.  It does need a verification email but no credit card is required to get the free account.  The account gives you a text chat nickname.

Once you are in the video and text chat screen there is no indication of other guests online though so you can't get any group chat feel going really like MFC etc, which maybe ok as there doesn't seem to be a focus on Tipping.  Yes there is a Tip button, but I don't get the feeling this is the main focus at the site.  Prices for different types of chat are posted; like "2.00CassCoins/Minute for Private Chat", or 3/minute for true private. e.g. with no peeking.

CassCoins are 1 each, so basically you are paying 2 British Pounds a minute for a normal private which works out to $3.10/minute.  Medium pricing and probably reasonable for first world chathosts, if you happen to find one you like.  You can buy credits using Visa/Mastercard/JCB/Diners via CCBill which is representing "Cassettari Enterprises Limited", the owners of I suppose.

I did notice though that the CCBill form said "Payment Options: 10.00(GBP) for 365 days" which I hope is just a reflection that CCBill is more set up for membership sites, but on the other hand it may mean your credits expire after a year. 

As there were so few chathosts online I didn't really get a chance to chat properly with any, but did see a few nice things about the view.  Firstly there is a very nice idea is that you can control the volumne of music separate from the audio from the chathost.

For that to work I presume the host must have an interface on her screen to choose the song to play, a great idea that I presume would make much clearer playback.  I'm looking forward to seeing that working.  Lots of viewers will be pleased to be able to adjust the performers' voice volume vs. the music volume depending on the situation I'm sure.

The credits purchased can be used towards either tipping or a variety of different show types, from "Nude" which is a group chat, through Private to True Private.  There is also a voyuer mode called Peeking which is not allowed in True Private.  Hosts can set their own prices for each level but they are around 2 or 3 credits a minute.

So far a typical small cam site then which is struggling to get started with the chicken-and-egg situation of not enough hosts, not enough viewers.  Some things do concern me more than with other such sites though.

Firstly two of the pages linked from the footer, the ever present Privacy Policy and 2257 are just full of filler text.  "Lorem ipsum..."  That's not a good sign in my book and possibly represents a too-busy webmaster.  For a site launched more than a year ago I think this should have been completed.

Secondly on the Model payout details, and more on that later, one of the payout options is PayPal.  As we all know PayPal forbids any transactions for goods of an erotic nature so therefore camgirls are naturally wary, they know that accepting money for shows via PayPal can get their account frozen.  Is accepting a payment from a company for camshows any different?  I would think not so this is a big risk for a chathost and the fact that CassCams offers only PayPal, and not the more adult friendly Payoneer or other alternatives implies they are not well up with the rest of the adult industry trends.

In conclusion then a small site with some good idea, but in need of more camgirls and some time to fixup the site and be more hooked in with where the adult webcam industry is now.

If you'd like to comment more on please post a message in the forum, or read other people's comments.  Thanks.

For Models:

They are advertising 60% payouts sounds great, of course how much that equals in $ or is doing to depend on traffic which at the moment is weak.  As a new site they are quite reasonably ok with you doing split cam, and I saw an admin even advising one host on how to get her show she is doing elsewhere recorded at casscams so she can get paid for it.

Yes, you can record videos and sell them.  But not images.  You can post gallery pictures but although you can set a price for entrance into the gallery it is a one-off price, not a monthly or per-picture price.

Different prices can be set for the various categories of chat from True Private, Private (with peeking), Group and Peeking.  Most people are charging 2 or 3 CassCoins/minute for the private and true-private respectively.

Payouts are by either Paypal, which concerns me as we all know Paypal thinks poorly of Adult related transactions, Bank transfer or Cheque - in the UK only.  It's not clear to me if you could actually get paid outside the UK except by Paypal.  Maybe they should look into Payoneer?

Not sure what software they are using but like the one at streamate you can either broadcast directly from a webpage, or you can use a Flash Encoder which makes a more efficient upload but takes more techie fiddling on your PC.  They do provide a quite clear manual on how to use it though.

The minimum payout is 100 pounds, which is about $150 and quite a high minimum for a small site.  Most hosts want to get in an initial payment quickly with a new site so that can see that they are actually paying and there are no delays with sending payment.

Categories: Woman Babes MILF Big Boobs BBW Tattoos/Piercings Man Couples Woman/Man Woman/Woman Fetish Dominant Submissive Leather/Latex BDSM Bondage Foot Fetish

You can define prices for different types of show:

bulletTrue Private Chat
bulletPrivate Chat
bulletPeek Chat CassCoins
bulletNude Chat
bulletPaid Photo Gallery Price

Each can be from 1 to 100.

Photo gallery entry price is a one-time life-time payment, so not a charge per picture set or a monthly fan club type of payment.

Easy to signup as a chathost though there is 5 pages to fill in they are quite simple and straight forward.  Personal account info, things for your bio, price setting, though there is no guidance here as to what are reasonable prices at this site, and after an activation email is clicked you can log into the performer area; but unlike chaturbate you can't start broadcasting until your account and ID are approved.  Which is quite reasonable of course.


Summary of review for casscams.Com
Number of girls online 1 Sometimes none, sometimes 2
Number of guys online 0 None
Typical price for a show per minute 3.00 Mostly 2 coins/minute which works out to around $3



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