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Rated as 3 out of 5 > Plenty of models for a new site, but still many quirks to be fixed
General Review For Models


A newish cam site which seems to be in transition from being a dating site is (no relation to the dead  Seems they started up as a dating site a few months ago but are now looking to be a 3-part site with dating, cams and user-uploaded porn.  It's quite a standard type of system with tokens for tipping and privates and plenty of free chat.

For a while they were running labeled as "beta", but now that's gone and it looks like they consider themselves ready for the big time.  Certainly they have plenty of chatrooms running.  I saw about 60 running at the same time that a site like freecamstars, which is just as new, has only 30. 

Several of those rooms were in private chat or group show, so there are some paying customers, though most were in free chat.

In free chat there is a typical video and text chat flash system, which I don't recognize, failed to load properly a few times, but when it worked it worked fine.  It includes a few "modern" extras such as a "Like" button and a tips/goal meter.


You only get to be in a free room for 30 seconds or so though before it times out and prompts you get make a free account.  You can click "no thanks" but that prompt is going to keep on coming back until you are fed up with it, so you might as well go ahead with the free account registration.

Give a username, password and a working email address and then wait for the registration email.  It took me a couple of tries to find an email address that worked, but when it was accepted the activation email arrived promptly from "" and with the subject of "Please activate your SeeMe account".

Clicking the enclosed activation link took me directly to the site, activated my account and logged me in all quite smoothly. Once logged in the site and checking the Live Cams section I saw there is a list of "Free VIP cams", which appear to be scheduled upcoming shows. 

I can't tell the difference between the regular rooms and "VIP" rooms, it seems though that models can become VIP and hence their rooms are shown differently, in another section at the top of the list.  Much of the time though there are no VIP rooms and just regular ones, but that's fine.

Entering one of the VIP rooms it looked like a typical chatroom, but now with a countdown timer.  The model was doing a bit of teasing and there were plenty of unregistered guests in as well waiting for the show.

Another room in which the free show had started already had a countdown timer showing "VIP IN -1:-1:-2".  Oops.  So despite not being in beta any more there are a still little things to work out, but then that's not unexpected. 

One very pretty model , who also cams at MFC, and who has asked me not to mention her name, did a nice dildo show and got a few tips, but only 8 registered members were watching and around 30 unregistered guests.

Given that the site does promote the idea that you can work there as a camgirl without needing to get nude, it was perhaps a little surprising to find a free hardcore insertion show going on.  I don't know how long the free VIP show lasted as to be honest I found it a little boring, no offense to the model who is very cute, but I like a little more interaction with my insertions and she basically didn't say or type one word during the time I watched, nor did she get any tips perhaps more significantly.  It could have been a recording.

Clicking around at random on the list of online "free chat" rooms which is at the bottom of each screen I found several wouldn't load but finally ended up with some live ones.  I rather wished for a "next cam" button that many sites now have.  Many girls are online but that doesn't mean any one viewer is going to like them and having a "next cam" button would improve I think in allowing you to quickly browse through and see what is right for you.

I couldn't find any equivalent either of the MFC Popular rooms page, or the chaturbate contest tab, both of which are also good ways of finding rooms that are interesting to watch.

Many of the rooms with Eastern European studio cams but some Western European and some Asian, but as so many of the cams I clicked on didn't load it was frustrating looking for something to join.

I looked around for a Favorite/Follow button but the closest was an "Add Friend" which asks you to enter a message for a "Friend request".  I suppose the host will be asked to approve it, that's like at bongacams and I don't think it is a good idea.  Viewers really are wanting to bookmark the models they like, so they should be able to do so on any cam they like without needing permission.  

Also when clicking the friend request the page refreshes afterwards, which means you "leave" then "enter" the chat room again.  Which is a bit distracting I think.

One nice area in is the search options which are laid out pretty well, and the fact that there are wide range of hosts to see so the search/filtering actually makes sense.

Right up front there is an age slider and I think it's great that it goes up to 89.  Go webcamming granny!

Ok admittedly the oldest I could find in their list was 56, and a very attractive lady as well.  I can certainly believe that a show from her would appeal to many.

It has to be said though that the majority of the hosts are in the 18-21 group, but there are 10% of the online cams with ladies over 40.  So if you are looking for a mature MILF or cougar then without doubt is a good place to have a look.

Oh and switching that "Female" to "Male" isn't going to help much as there are few men registered.  A few couples and transgender though if you have an interest.

Other good filters are Ethnicity, Hair, Height, Weight and Region.  Offering filtering both by Ethnicity and  by region is a good touch and allows for example to find North American Asians who of course are a totally different style to Asians in for example the Philippines.

One problem though is that the filters are not sticky.  So for example if you click "Asian" then "apply filter" you get all Asians, now if you click "Under 5'" because you like short girls, then click "apply filter" then you get a list of all short girls, not just short asians.  To get that you have to click both and filter.  This is not the way most filtering systems work so is confusing at first, but does work fine once you realize.

A big thing missing from the filtering though is things like Shaved/Hairy and skills or abilities or willingness like "Anal", "foot fetish" etc.  If I want to find a shaved Asian who does anal with pretty feet I'm going to have to search one by one to find her.

Once you have found the model for you then of course tips or privates are the next thought and so getting some credits.  Unlike the Friend button this buy credits does not interrupt your chat session at all, another window pops up and choose the amount to spend from $25 to $100.  That will get you from 250 to 1000 credits, so one credit is a dime ($0.10), and no discounts on bulk buying at all.  In fact as the purchase amounts are actually $24.99 and $99.99 it is actually microscopically more expensive buying large amounts, which is surely not what they intended.

Hopefully we'll see some bonus credits appear for higher purchase when they work this out. Encouraging bulk buying is a standard business process that camsites need to know about.

Payment is handled by "YazBill" and it says " is a site of Ltd, UK".  I have never heard of this company and suspect it is part of SeeMe and not a 3rd party biller.  Cards accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Bleue, Switch, Maestro and Switch which shows this is a European, or more specifically British, company.  No AE, or Diners Club for example.

The billing screen looks typically but read carefully, at the top is the reasureing "You are buying 250 Site Credits for $24.99 One time charge only -- no automatic rebilling" (my emphasis) but then later down the page is "Yes, I would also like an extra 300 site credits every month for a discounted price of $24.99 -- 20% discount.".  And the check box is on by default.

Realistically a lot of people are going to not notice that box, click through anyway and end up with a charge on their card next month they were not expected.  That will result in complaints and chargebacks.  Can't be a good idea.  On the other hand Ifriends has been doing very similar things for years and are still here.

The website is registered in Latvia, the company in UK, and is hosted in America.  So I'm not exactly what you'd call this except perhaps an international company!  From the way the billing is handled I'd say really a UK company though if that matters.

So presuming you have paid for credits, and carefully decided if you want a monthly charge or not, then how do you spend your money?  Tipping is happening in the top few rooms, but it is 10 tokens or even 1 token at a time.  Very slow.

Of course you can take a host into private and that will be 40 credits a minute, same for every host.  So $4/minute is a medium to slightly high price.

Alternatively if enough people tip her and get to 200 credits in tipping then the host can start a group show.  It seems a little inflexible.  And no host that I saw was setting goals for tips or anything like that.  I'm afraid the studio models are not as creative as independents when it comes to making up crazy games and goals to create a fun atmosphere.

At some times of the day they have online support via text chat, like the sort of thing you get on HP.COM or DELL.COM, weird thing is it isn't handled by their own chat software but is outsourced to one of those customer support companies.  They could answer basic questions like pricing and so on.

There is also a SeeMe.Com Wiki, again an idea pioneered by MFC for chat sites, which gives a lot of background information.  I found the wiki by searching for it, there doesn't seem to be any easy link to it from them pages.

There is cam2cam but not for free members, you have to have at least a "premium" account which means have purchased credits at least once in your life.  Same as MFC basically.  As a premium or "upgraded" member you get to turn on your cam any time.  Of course that isn't to say anybody is going to look at it, as you know the hosts mostly don't want to watch you.

In conclusion it's a nicely made site, doing better than most for so young a site, but still experiencing start-up struggles.  Worth checking if you want a wide range of hosts on a new site, with not many other chatters to compete against.  But do be wary of the automatic monthly charging when buying credits.

If you'd like to comment more on please post a message in the forum.  Thanks.

For Models:

Actively recruiting the best chathosts, look at their twitter feed.  Models signup  There is good detailed information on their site, so much better than the majority of new sites.

The percentage is 40% pay, with higher promised for those who do well and work more on the site.  They say no chargebacks. 

If you introduce new members to the site then you get 100% of spending of the people you introduce, I'm not sure if that is just spending on you or spending on anybody.  Geoblocking by country, state, city.  Nudity not required. Payout by payoneer or wire.

They have emphasized "no chargebacks" which sounds great, perhaps slightly too good to be true, but for now if they can do it that will make a lot of hosts happy.

See their wiki for lots of tips on how to use the system to earn more.  One tip I didn't like though was that the system lets you pretend you have already received tips towards your goal. e.g. when you set a goal you don't have to start at '0'.  This is to falsely give the impression that you are already doing well in getting tips, I presume to encourage others to tip towards the goal as well.

If you have any information about this site, please let me know, thanks.


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