Question: How can I buy CB tokens using Apple Pay?

Answer: Indirectly, via something else such as Gift Cards or Crypto.

Do you have money locked in with Apple and want to spend it somewhere that’ll be more fun?

That is possible but not straightforward.

None of the many live porn or cam girl sites accept Apple Pay directly. Just as with PayPal the company is very anti-porn so they don’t let you spend your own money where you want to!

Don’t worry, there are ways around it, but each one needs more steps.

Basically, they all involve using your Apple Pay money to buy something else of value, then using that thing to buy what you want. Chaturbate tokens, or the tokens or credits of other cam sites if you prefer.

You can’t directly but there are plenty of ways to do it indirectly.

The two easiest things to buy that you can then turn into cam site tokens are:

  1. Gift Cards
  2. Cryptocurrency

When I say gift cards I mean things like Apple store card, or Walmart cards. Those are exchangeable via paygarden and similar providers for cam site tokens.

What’s the catch? Although there are several cam sites that accept gift cards Chaturbate isn’t one of them. You can consider using Stripchat though which is very similar to CB and of course has a lot of the same girls as many cam girls split-cam and do CB and SC at the same time.

If you really need the credits at Chaturbate then the other option will work for you. That is cryptocurrency.

Now before you start to worry about the volatility and the scams you can put that aside as you are not intending to hold (or HODL in the crypto jargon) those crypto coins. You are just buying them and right away selling them to get what you want.

Yes, there will be some loss, there are always cuts taken by middlemen, but that’s what you get when you are doing something close to “money laundering”. At least this isn’t illegal, just convoluted.

Step one would be to buy some crypto using your Apple Pay. Here Reddit is your friend to find out the latest and best way to do that, it changes all the time.

For example, you can Coingate to buy crypto and then use the crypto to pay Chaturbate.

Does this work?


Is it convenient?


This is why the answer to the original question, can you buy Chaturbate tokens with Apple Pay, is a “yes, but…”

Do you have a better or more up-to-date path from Apple Pay to CB tokens? Let me know in the comments if you do.