Cherry.TV Introduces New Grid Layout and Features, Including “Spin the Wheel” and Upcoming Star Shows

Cherry.TV continues to refine their website layout. After the revamp last year that went from a simple grid-on-white layout to the carousel, they have now gone back to a grid styling.

Bringing in some nice layout features that you’ll be used to from other sites they now prompt you to try out a lucky draw with a “Spin the Wheel” and place up front upcoming scheduled shows featuring named “ambassadors”.

With over 400 girls online when I looked today and a range of models I start to wish for more categorizing or filters to let me find models I might like.

If you look closely then half way down the first page is a useful side scroller that goes across the screen and gives you a choice of different categories. There are only a few listed but they include things like Teen, Tits, Latinas, Foot Fetish and MILF. It isn’t much but if you go into one you can favorite the category as distinct from favoriting an individual model, that’s a new idea.

Both desktop and mobile are looking great in the new layout and with the large choice of models online it is time to check the site out again, particularly if you visited it last year and either found it too small or didn’t like the carousel because things are now different.

If you want to navigate the site in another language than English then they have also increased their language support. Previously only English was available for menus but now you can choose from English, Czech, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Chinese, Ukrainian, and Arabic!

Try out Cherry.TV and let me know what you think, either as a viewer or a model

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