I had a chaturbate account for about 2 weeks, and I had 200+ followers, then all of a sudden my followers can’t access my cam it says “access denied”. I thought that i’d perhaps accidentally blocked them somehow, so i went and did the clear blocked ips, and i checked my security settings and nothing blocked. Still no luck and nobody could see that i’d broadcasted either. So I deleted this account and created a new one. Same problem except now I can’t type on other peoples cams either, they can’t see what i type and it comes up with all sorts of strange letters etc on my side of the chat wall. So i emailed support, and also the webmaster, but haven’t heard anything back. Has any one got any suggestions???


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Clarification: What type of Access Denied?

There are several different types of “access denied” that can happen at, if you have come across an Access Denied message then you need to check which type it is.

Overall the solution is generally to go and try another major webcam site, whether you are a model or a viewer, but read on to understand what has happened.

This Room has Been Banned

As it says on the tin, this problem is about the room, or more precisely the broadcaster has been banned by Chaturbate usually for something like doing pee, fisting, sleeping or vomiting all of which are permitted some places but not at CB.

The site has a lot of quite strict rules in order to keep themselves on the right side of the law, and broadcasters tend to push the limits pretty frequently. There is a lot of “I saw another room doing xyz, so even though it is prohibited in the rules I’ll do it anyway.” That’s just a short-term thing and eventually, it catches up with you, then performers get their accounts banned and you won’t find them again on Chaturbate.


Look for them at another site.

If they are serious about camming then they will probably sign up again pretty quickly at another site with a similar style to Chaturbate, but perhaps one with more lax rules. would be the leader of the pack here, for example, if the Chaturbate broadcaster was banned for doing pee shows or fisting on cam then they’ll find themselves ok on Stripchat where those things are allowed. Even things like sleeping on cam or vomiting for the camera can get you banned on CB while they are allowed at other sites.

Your IP has Been Blocked

That means something is wrong with your connection, probably you, or your PC, or someone else using the same connection, has done something that the automated security system at Chaturbate decides is wrong and they have denied access. It could be that you did something unusual, such as logging out and in again repeatedly, or creating new accounts, or running some automated scripts that use their system in a non-human way.

It could also be some kind of virus or malware on your PC though so do check that your computer is clean before trying again.

Solution? You’ll want to get a new IP address somehow. This depends on your ISP, phone company, or however you connect to the internet. Rebooting the router in your house may fix it, but you may need to call the phone company. Another solution is to make use of a proxy or VPN, or maybe even a privacy system such as TOR in order to mask your real IP address. Then visit Chaturbate gain and try to see if it works.

This Room is not Available to your Region or Gender

This last major reason for getting access denied means that the person running that chat room doesn’t want you in there.

Region refers to geographic region; your state or country.

Either because of where you live, maybe you live close to where they do and they don’t want you to know that, or perhaps some women don’t like the idea of other women watching them or vice versa.

Whatever the reason, it is about their preference of that broadcaster so really this is time to say enough is enough and move on to another one who is happy with you being in their room.

Alternatively, try a different website that has a big range of models who are not so selective on who watches them. Bongacams is a good choice of a smaller, but not too small, site as an alternative.

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it was a ban , c h a t u r b a t e is the worst cam site on web

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Other discussion:

I presume from your name that you are in Oz? Maybe they blocked that by country. Any way for you to get a new IP for your PC at least in case it is just one IP that is blocked?

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Yes you are correct I am in OZ. I have done as you suggested with the IP, and so far that seems to have worked. Will test some more and give you more feedback. Thanks :)

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Right, glad that worked.

Sometimes manually and sometimes automatically “security” systems will block a particular IP because it has done something strange. Often support really doesn’t know what is going on and a higher level support person needs to reset a firewall or something on their side.

It’s easier just to change your IP address.

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