and are both medium-sized cam sites with lots of cam girls available to chat with. But while there is much in common they are also quite different in their style and you may not like one just because you like the other. What things make them different or the same?

As one is a freemium cam girl site while the other is a premium one there are quite some differences. But there are also a whole bunch of areas where they are comparable, but not exactly the same. If you are looking for cam girls, couples or groups or even gay webcams then there are options at both sites you might want to explore.

In this article I’ve checked out 8 major attributes and ranking them to see which one wins and which one isn’t so good.

This comparison is for anybody who was wondering whether XCams is a good alternative to Camsoda or visa versa.

If you are considering a new cam site, or want to know how Camsoda ranks vs XCams read on!

Camsoda vs XCams

A summary of the results comparing XCams and Camsoda

Payment Methods; getting tokens and credits. Camsoda vs XCams

Both and Camsoda need you to have some money in their system if you want to take models private or to tip them. At either site, you can pay with the regular choice of credit cards. They also both accept Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin as many cam sites do today.

Where they differ is the alternative payment methods on offer. Camsoda has the option to pay via Paypal, making it one of the few adult sites that accept this not-very adult-friendly payment method. Although Paypal is great for eBay purchases or sending money to friends it isn’t that accommodating when you want to do something grown-up like pay for porn. Camsoda has a way around this using a payment gateway so that you can buy credits their using your PP account. The only other payment choices at Camsoda are sending the money via either a bank wire transfer or a check. Neither of these is particularly convenient but might be good if you want to do large amounts with minimum fees or risks.

Camsoda: Claim Free Tokens: Camsoda vs Xcams

Over at XCams, they have support for the PaySafeCard and for Skrill. While Skrill isn’t that popular as an online wallet the options for PaySafeCard are better as you can buy the card online or in retail stores and then use them to get credits at XCams.

Given that they both have the basics down, credit cards and crypto, the choice is between the extra payment methods they offer. As PayPal is much more readily available I’m giving this one to Camsoda, though if you are already using PaysafeCard or Skrill you’ll appreciate that you can use the at XCams.

Camsoda wins if you like PayPal

Free signups: What do you get without a card

Signing up at either site doesn’t require a credit card or any payment. Just give a username and an email address and you have got your account. There isn’t any kind of age verification going on apart from clicking “I am over 18” or “Enter”.

When you create your account you will be asked for an email address but at both sites, the email isn’t used right away. Although a welcome email is sent you don’t need to click on the link before you can use the account. That means you could give a fake email address, but then you won’t be able to reset your password so it is best to give an email that you can really get to.

The big difference between the sites is what you get with your free account.

At Camsoda you have pretty much unlimited access to cam rooms, including watching the live webcam feeds from the girls rooms, chatting in the text chat, and being involved in the site.

Conversly at XCams there is very little you can do. Although the basic account lets you browse the rooms it doesn’t let you chat or watch the shows apart from a 15 second preview.

This makes it very hard to tell if a model is worth taking private and puts XCams in the same Premium category as Camcontacts or Flirt4free, but without even the extended chance to flirt in a free room that you have at the latter.

Camsoda is more a freemium style of site like Stripchat, Bongacams or Chaturbate where it is expected that you will spend some time in free rooms getting to know the models before you decide if you want to spend money on them.

Camsoda clearly ahead

Chat with models when they are offline

At XCams you can message the models you know at any time, even when they are offline, and you don’t even need to visit the website. By offering WhatsApp messaging directly between viewers and models it means you can stay connected at any time.

The downside is that you do have to install WhatsApp for messaging, and not everybody is keen on this Facebook-owned app. At the same time, it is at least a generic messaging program. So XCams is more discrete than Stripchat that makes you install their “Plasma messenger” which is used only for talking to Stripchat girls and nothing else.

There isn’t any way you can contact Camsoda girls when they are offline, let alone via messenger. Many of the girls do advertise their social media profiles so you might be able to get hold of them via Twitter and either publicly or privately message them on that platform, but this is only a select few and not all models.

XCams way of doing it seems better though it doesn’t let you talk really that directly to the models, the Whatsapp messages are going via their XCams service in some way so you are not seeing the models’ private information, but equally, they don’t get to see yours either which is probably better anyway. Neither of these sites is a place to look for a cam girl as a real-life girlfriend so it is best to keep it a bit separate.

XCams wins with WhatsApp messaging


Both sites allow you to broadcast your own cam so that you can be seen by the cam girl. However the setup is much easier at Camsoda and you can even broadcast your image to the model without starting a private, it will cost you some tokens to do so though.

There is a bold “Share my Cam” button in the bottom right of the screen even when you are in public chat that easily connects to your webcam. In this regard, it is similar to the new cam2cam experience at Chaturbate.

Camsoda is ahead here.

Camsoda makes it simpler

Choice of models

Although neither site is the size of as Chaturbate or Stripchat they both have hundreds of models online at a time to choose from.

On most days Camsoda is way ahead in the numbers with something in the range of 800 to 900 models even at off-peak times, this goes over 1000 at peak times. By comparison XCams models, lovely as they are, rarely get past the mid-hundreds. Seeing 300 cam girls online at XCams would be a normal sight.

If you want to look beyond just cam girls to check out couples or trans as well then you’ll find the numbers at Camsoda are still ahead with double digits of rooms line while Xcams it is in the one-digit range. One thing that isn’t a fair comparison though is that “couples” at Camsoda is not just heterosexual MF boy/girl type of couples but also girl-girl, lesbian, FF couples as well which isn’t quite the same thing. Even excluding the FF rooms in the Couples section at Camsoda they still have just as many models as XCams.

Cam rooms with only men inside, gay guy cams, are equally rare at both sites with no more than 10 online at a time.

Numbers are not the only thing, because if you find the perfect girls of your dreams at a site that is what you need to know, regardless of how many others there are who are not what you want. Even so, having a range of models to choose from does increase the chance that you’ll find the model you like.

That makes this a clear win for Camsoda.

Camsoda has the variety

Remote control sex toys

Both sites offer control of the sex toys that the models wear, typically the pink-tailed Lovense Lush, but exactly how they do it is a little different.

At Camsoda you spend your tokens on a tip and the model, if she has connected her vibrator, will get a buzz depending on the size of your tip. Each model can configure how long and how powerfully the vibrator should stimulator her dpending on how large the tip is.

Over at XCams there is a distinct type of token, a “sex toy credit” that you need to activate her toy. They cost a bit less than the regular credits that are used for taking models private.

It is a bit like having two different currencies to buy things with, and that’s just confusing.

Camsoda is less confusing


Camming is an international business and you can expect to find models from all over the world, speaking a variety of different languages.

The sites themselves are both multlingual and let you haveigate in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German and Dutch. An odd cooincidence that they both have idential lists of languages.

Where they differ is in the languages spoken by the models.

At XCams the european langauges come out on top. Everbydoy speaks English and some other European languages such as Spanish, French, Italian or Dutch.

More than half the models also speak spanish, about a third speak French. Italian and Dutch are the less common languages with less than a quarter speaking the first and a little more than a 10th speaking Italiano. The exact percentages seen online, which admittedly was only a snapshot at a particular time of day,

Languages spoken by models online at

Over at Camsoda the languages spoken by the models are more varied, or at least they allow the models to specify themselves what they speak. So you’ll see things such as “Spanish, English by translator”, or “English German Russian Hebrew” or even “Bitching & Sarcasm”.

Counting these up is harder but it seems that about two-thirds mention English, but it probably is all of them but a third of models don’t bother to mention it. Spanish comes in second again, and whether that is because of the number of models from Colombia or Spanish-speaking Americans I’m not sure. A third of the models at Camsoda mention they speak Spanish.

French and Italian are pretty rare, spoken just by a couple of percent of models, as are German and Russian. In this case, I did check Camsoda at different times of the day so it represents an overview of all the models, not just one snapshot. If you want to see the percentages it comes out like this.

Percentages of models at Camsoda speaking different languages

The wider range of languages mentioned, and the freedom for the models to mention any language they might be able tos speak makes Camsoda the winner here. If you don’t want to go to SakuraLive for Japanese cam models then at Camsoda you have some chance of finding a Japanese speaker, the same can’t be said of Xcams.

Another point for Camsoda is that they feature Voyeur House rooms where you get to just be a fly-on-the-wall and watch what is going on without interacting.

Camsoda has more range

Free credits signup offer

Most cam sites offer some kind of free signup offer to encourage you to spend on their models. These two sites are no exceptions.

At XCams you get a 25 credit free bonus as soon as you sign up with a payment method. It doesn’t cost anything at all except trusting them with your card number.

Camsoda takes a different approach, although you still need a credit ard it gets you 200 free tokens. When you do this you are signing up for a $19.95 per month premium account. Remember to cancle the subscription if you don’t want it later. Xcams doesn’t have any membership so there is nothing to subscribe to or to cancel later.

Most models at Camsoda are charging 120 credits a minute so the 200 won’t last very long. A few models are much cheaper though so if you want to try out your free credits do search around for the discount models, they are not necessarily any worse, just models who have decided to do low-cost privates but stay busier and be in private more of the time.

The Credits or tokens at XCams normally cost about $0.20 each, depending on how many you buy, while the credits for Camsoda are ten cents each.

That makes Xcams a safer option even though the number of credits is quite small.

Xcams deal is smaller but better

Although Camsoda is ahead on most of the things I looked here they are both decent cam sites and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that they were not both worthy because they are.

If you are looking for a more premium up-market experience, particularly with European girls, then XCams is worth a serious look. For the more casual viewer who wants to take their time browsing cams for free then Camsoda is more convenient.

As signing up is free on both sites it is worth creating an account on each in order to see which ones fits your needs better. But if you are in a hurry and want to do only one, then Camsoda is the choice.

Let me know in the comments or the cam girl forum what you think of Camsoda vs Xcams!