Want free credits at Flirt4free? There are deals available that are the next best thing.

Cupon codes and special offers are in every bricks-and-mortar store, and in most online retail as well. Why not in cam girl sites? Well, Flirt4free has offered what they call “deals” since 2014, but most people don’t take full advantage of it.

What’s special about the Flirt4free deals is that they are created not by the f4f website but by the individual models themselves. Each model can create her own deals which then appear on the deals page.

What Are Performer Deals?

Use a deal code to get more bonus show time with a model. On the deals screen you will see a list of deals for all models so you can see everyone who is offering free discounts. To use a code, copy it and paste it into the deals box when logging into a show.

By default it shows the deals for models who are online at the moment first, but you can change that to see different types of deals.

Choose to sort the deals by:

  • Online first – so you’ll find deals you can use immediately
  • Name A-Z
  • Newest – this means newest deals, not newest models and is great for if want to see what is new
  • Expiration Date – to give you a chance to find the ones about to expire before it is too late

And most importantly:

  • Best Value – Where you get the highest ratio of free minutes to the minutes

Some of the best deals say zero minutes are needed before you can get you free minutes. You will need some funds in your account first though so top up your flirt4free credits, and remember you can use cryptocurrencies like BTC or ETH to pay at Flir4Free using the SpankPay gateway.

How Flirt4Free Deals work

Each deal is valid only for the model who has created it and explains clearly what the deal offers.

Lets break down this example:

The model offering this deal is Selena Conner, it won’t work for any other model so only try this if you want a private show with Selena.

In order to get the bonus you will need to have a show with her for at least 3 minutes. Once you have spent three minutes with her then you get a bonus of an additional 5 minutes of private show for free, with no extra charge.

Selena has specified a code of “2222” that you will have to enter when you start the show in order to get this deal. Don’t forget to enter it, and make sure you type it accurately.

Some models use numbers, others use words. Some typical deal codes are BEWITHME, CHERRY1, 1234 and ICE CREAM. That last one belongs to Antonella Lee who names all her deals after food!

You can use these codes while doing a private show on Flirt4Free on your mobile if that is more convenient. This is something that Livejasmin doesn’t offer so when comparing LiveJasmin with Flirt4Free you can consider this a plus point for F4F.

The deals apply to any show, including if you want to do Cam2Cam at Flirt4free.

Go directly to the Flirt4Free deals page to see what is on offer or visit the home page of the site to find a model you like.