and are two of the leading freemium cam sites out there. That means you can go along to the site, optionally register an account, and just watch hot girls (and boys) stripping, masturbating, and having sex all for free.

It is all live, it is all real, but you only get to watch and can’t interact very much for free. If you want to talk to them, to get them to do things for you, or to take them into private shows then that costs extra. Whether you don’t have any cash to spend on the girls, and just want to be content watching for free, or whether you want to spend some dollars to get a personalized live show just for yourself, it is all possible.

Which one, Chaturbate vs Stripchat, gives you the best options and the best value for money? That may depend on your exact interests but here are the key 11 things that make them different, or the same, so you can see which one fits your needs better.

Chaturbate vs Stripchat

A summary of the results comparing Stripchat and Chaturbate

Cam2Cam: Chaturbate vs Stripchat

Both sites have a cam2cam facility that lets you transmit your own camera view to the model so that she can see what you are like and so you can either jerk off for her or simply have a two-way video call. How they do it is very different though and that may make a big difference to how you use the site.

Cam2cam at Chaturbate is what happens when you turn on your cam while watching the model, and she can decide to open your cam or not to do so at her discretion. In practice models don’t watch viewer cams unless they are asked to do so, with a nice tip or in a private show. While many models find it interesting to watch your cams, it does ocupy them and if they are managing a room for of guys then they won’t do it for you in case everybody wants it. Putting a fee on it sets some ground rules and shows that it is something of value to you. If you are willing to pay for it then girls at Chaturbate will turn on their cams. How much they charge for that is up to them, it is common for them to do so only in private chat, but in public chat they will have a peek at you for a tip, not watch you constantly though.

At Stripchat it is handled a completely different way. Watching a viewer’s camera only happens in a particular kind of private show. When yo ustart a private show there is a choice betwene a regular private and a cam2cam private, which can be priced differently by the model. Sometimes models have it priced lower, sometimes higher. You have to take your own chances, but the prices are shown very clearly in advance so there isn’t any mystry and no bargening or engotiating as you may experience at Chaturbate.

Both ways to do it are good, but they are different. Whether you like negotiation or whether you like set prices.

Result: Tie


Both sites have chatbots, automated systems that chat in the text window and take commands or run games or competitions. These can be fun and make the chat room more interestnig, but a big difference is that at Chaturbate anybody can develop and submit a chatbot which means there a huge number to choose from, and while a lot of them are lame there are many fun ones as well and they are constantly evolving into new ideas. By contacts at Stripchat the only things are the supplied “Extensions” which only do a few different things, like announcements and tip menus so it gets a bit stale pretty quickly.

In this area Chaturbate is ahead, so I call it a Win for Chaturbate.

Result: Win for Chaturbate

Fan Clubs

Both sites have very similar ideas on fan clubs. A model can start a club and members may join for a set monthly fee of her choosing. Once they are club members then they get access to all her paid videos and gallery pictures, as well.

On Chaturbate your name in chat goes a different color, green, and when you enter chat the model gets an extra notification so you will end up with more attention from the model. At Stripchat there is a “badge” that has the same intention but is probably slightly less noticeable.

Also at Stripchat the club membership turns on private messaging with the model, and if she chooses to turn this feature on, free spying on shows if the model has private show spying turned on. Models are encouraged to provide extra perks for their club members but it isn’t a sure thing that they will do this.

Models can offer free or discounted privates or things like cam2cam for no extra cost instead of for a markup (though as noted above many models charge less for cam2cam anyway).

Whereas at Chaturbate any model can have a fan club, at Stripchat only those with at least 1,000 follows are able to turn this on.

Fanclubs at CB can be priced per month at a range of prices. Anywhere from 50 tokens a month up to a very expensive 2,500 tokens monthly. In practice, most broadcasters at Chaturbate, are like Sweet_milky_x who charges 300 tokens for 3 months. That works out to around $11/month, a very good price. Price points of $16 a month and $10 are also very common.

Make sure you see what is included in the fan club you have chosen before signing up, some Chaturbate cam girls have a huge library of pictures, videos, and specials available to club members. While others offer very little or almost nothing other than the status and recognition of the green “fan club member” tag in chat.

Stripchat is totally different in the organization of clubs. It is much more structured here. For a start, there are only three price points. Fan club membership at Stripchat always costs either 100, 200, or 500 tokens per month. These prices get you one of three different packages of benefits.

What is different in model to model at Stripchat is that what is included in the club membership, at various different levels, is highly variable.

Stripchat fan clubs can have different levels, with different prices, and offer different perks. This is distinct from Chaturbate where you are either in or you are out and that’s that.

Compared to the CB style the Stripchat fan clubs are much more interesting though it does depend in on the models to set everything up. The prices also don’t go too high either.

Result: Win for Stripchat

Free account sign up

Both sites allow you to sign up for a free a/c without giving anything more than an email address. There is no need to use a credit card to do age verification at either CB or SC. And what you get with your free account is similar though not identical.

Result: Tie

Interactive full screen

A full-screen mode that still lets you interact with the models is a great way to get the most out of any cam site, but each one does it very differently.

Chaturbate has a great interactive full-screen mode. It is really full screen, taking up the entire area of your screen and not just the browser window. Inside fullscreen, you can still see all the options you might want to have including the text chat, the user list, and other controls.

Importantly at Chaturbate each of those windows is draggable so you can rearrange them to avoid covering any important parts of the picture you might want to focus on.

It is completely different at Stripchat. Although there is an interactive full-screen mode, the full screen isn’t really fullscreen. All it does is to fill the browser window. To get true fullscreen you need to also fullscreen the browser as well. What it does have is text chat and controls overlaid on the video, but which disappears when not in use. Mouse movement brings controls back, overall very good quality. The downside is that the chat window is not movable which seems very weak compared to other sites including CB and Showup.TV.

Due to the ability to have more windows and to move them around Chaturbate wins here.

Result: Win for Chaturbate

Fisting, piss or pee and outdoor cam shows

Have a little more difficult-to-fulfill interest and want to see if it can be satisfied at either of these cam girl sites? Taking a few examples we can compare them.

Fisting on cam is specifically prohibited at Chaturbate. Broadcasters may not insert their hands in any hole beyond the knuckles, nor even use hand-shaped dildos or buttplugs. That doesn’t mean you will never see it on CB, but it certainly isn’t allowed and any model doing it is liable to get banned, so don’t get too attached to any that offers this.

By comparison at Stripchat there is a specific tag for fisting and it is a plentiful supply of models in this category. Including many who seem as though they are far too small, but perhaps they have small hands as well. Even experienced fisting models won’t do it immediately though, expect to tip big or to take a longer private to see this.

Fisting is pretty rare everywhere, and just as much in cam girls, but you’ll at least have a chance to find some at Stripchat, as you will also at MyDirtyHobby and maybe at Asiancammodels, but not many other places.

By comparison pissing or pee cam shows, which are also not allowed at Chaturbate, are not mentioned in the rules at SC at all. A few models mention it in their shows so there is some hope to find a golden shower show at Stripchat.

Finally, while outdoor cam shows are allowed on both sites, on CB there are very strict rules about making sure that the show isn’t where anybody can see or even hear it. You have to be in a place where you have permission from the owner to do a show, so your garden is ok but the library is not permitted. Stripchat is a lot more liberal in that they just make it up to you to ensure that you are not breaking any rules, what you do is basically your business.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean there are that many outdoor shows on Stripchat. Though there is a Stripchat category for Outdoor cam shows, some of the time they are not really outside. It depends a lot on the time of day and the weather. But still there are more outdoor cams at Stripchat than other sites. Stripchat gives you a chance to see models doing naughty things in public, but Bongacams and occasionally Cam4 or are the only other real option for outdoor cams.

Overall Stripchat is much more liberal with its rules. That means you can get to see a lot more different things, including the things that are taboo on other sites.

Result: Stripchat clear winner

Mobile Cam Girls

Both Stripchat and Chaturbate allow models to broadcast using their mobile phones. What is different is that on Stripchat you do actually see some models do this, whereas it is rare-to-never on Chaturbate. Stripchat has a specific sub-category for mobile phone broadcasting.

Result: Stripchat ahead by a little

Thumbnails are live and animated

A big problem on some sites is that the thumbnails are nothing at all like what you actually get when you go into the chat room. That means you waste time going into rooms where the thumb makes it look like something you want, but when you get in there you find the model doesn’t look like that at all.

Both Stripchat and Chaturbate are better in that the thumbnail is really what is going on in the room. it is just a delayed image from a few moments ago so you get some idea of what is happening in the room before you go in. Less disappointment, more satisfaction.

While they both do it correctly the thumbnails at Chaturbate are better. When you mouse-over them there is a slide-show style animation that lets you see some motion so you know what they are like, not just a static image. It isn’t a live video, just a few frames to show motion, but better than Stripchat where the thumbnails are just static images and never move.

Stripchat thumbnails also take a while to update so sometimes the image you see is a minute or two out of date. That may not matter too much and Chaturbate isn’t real-time either.

Result: Chaturbate is better

Typical cost of private shows

You can’t get what you want just by watching free shows, or by asking for flashes for tips. Sometimes private shows are the way to go, and while Stripchat allows both regular private shows and also “Exclusive” private shows with Cam2Cam, Chaturbate only has the basic private.

Taking a cam girl private can be very expensive if it runs on. The shows are charged per minute so you want to be able to choose a model who can give you good value for your tokens.

At Stripchat the most common per-minute price is 32 tokens a minute, at the regular purchase price of 10 cents per token that is $3.20 a minute. The spread of different prices is quite large though and you’ll find plenty of models at half that price, and no big shortage at the lowest end of only 8 tokens a minute, that is under a dollar, just about 80 cents.

Overall about 5% of Stripchat models are charging that lowest price. With three to four thousand models online at any one time that means at least 150 models at Stripchat who are less than a buck a minute to take them into private shows. That is overall, but at certain times of the day it is as much as 30% of the rooms online at 8 tokens, or over 900 cam girls at that lowest price. There is a filter on the menu that allows you to go straight to those 8 tk rooms, and from there select the girl you want.

Typical cost of private show at Stripchat in tokens per minute. Very different price distributions happen at different times of the day.

There is nothing wrong with these “discount” private rooms, many of them have top models in them such as Nora_Kai and MartinaTurner, who at the time I was watching had three friends with her wearing a total of four Lovense Lush, all available for a private show at just 8 tokens a minute, a great deal if ever I saw one. One problem with that filter though is it includes models in other kinds of privates who are offering Spy at 8 tokens a minute. Which isn’t quite the same thing. That’s not the majority though. Most of the 8 tk rooms at Stripchat are just reasonably priced studio models, presumably from countries with low costs of living so that the minimum price is still worth their while.

Over at Chaturbate the price distribution looks a lot different. First of all the lowest price point is only 6 tokens per minute. And with the tokens costing around 10 cents each at both sites that is a 20-cents-a-minute discount. To look it another way the cheapest privates at Chaturbate are a quarter or 25% cheaper. That’s a big deal that can add up over time.

Even if you go with the lowest priced tokens, which are around 8 cents each on both sites, Chaturbate is still coming out ahead here on a pure price perspective.

Typical cost of private show at Chaturbate in tokens per minute

And with Chaturbate being such a huge site, often with over 10 thousand rooms online at a time, that 20% who are in the lowest price bracket includes some of everything. If the hundreds of models at 8 tokens on Stripchat are not enough, then try thousands from Chaturbate. From the seriously cute to the admittedly a bit scruffy, there is a wider range of styles and qualities of models at Chaturbate. That goes along with their emphasis on “anybody can broadcast” there. Stripchat is a little more selective so the best models there are rather more refined, but both sites have plenty of girls to enjoy getting to know.

Result: Chaturbate wins

Pay with Bitcoin:

Both these sites let you pay with cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and all the major options. They are on the list of 11 cam sites that accept Bitcoin.

Result: Tie

VR Cam Girl Rooms

Only Stripchat supports VR Cams, so if you want to be able to view models using a VR headset to get that really closer-feeling then Stripchat wins here, though it doesn’t compare with a dedicated VR Cam Girl Site.

Result: Stripchat wins

As you can see both Stripchat and Chaturbate are both great choices of cam girl sites, and you’ll find a lot of what you want at either one. Nevertheless, each one has its advantages and to get the best experience choose the one that fits your interest most. For the absolute choice of everything have an account on both, and use the one that meets your needs at any one moment.

Let me know in the comments or the cam girl forum what you think of Chaturbate vs Stripchat!