has just changed the way that their private shows are organized, adding in a new level called Stripchat Exclusive Private. At the same time they have taken away the “Cam2cam” private level, so there are still two levels but they are not organized the same way.

That isn’t the main point though. As they emphasize in their announcement to models the idea is that each model can offer different activities in either Public, Private or Exclusive Private shows. And price accordingly.

We did a little revamp on our Private show section, which now consists of Privates and Exclusive Privates. The aim of this change is to allow you to diversify your shows by offering different activities in each type of show.

Private shows remain the same: a 1-on-1 show open to spies, where you offer your private activities.

Exclusive Privates are also a 1-on-1 show, but spies are not allowed. The two key aspects of Exclusive Privates are that the activities offered are the same as in Privates plus some extra activities of your choice, and that it has a Cam2Cam option available. By default, Exclusive Privates have no video or audio, unless the user decides to enable the Cam2Cam. In this case, you will be able to see and hear each other.

Head over to your broadcasting page to edit the activities and set the prices of your Private and Exclusive Private shows! Model News announcement about Exclusive Private shows

This means that models can now offer a different range of activities at different prices. So something that is a bit harder to do might be charged more than the simpler things.

When added to their new list of 24 activities this makes for a more granular way of charging for different activities.

There is more to unpack here though. Look at the example above where I’ve set my Exclusive Private activities to include Anal, but the other things are either in public or in regular private.

That isn’t the only difference though.

In the Exclusive show, which I’ve set to 24 tokens a minute vs the 16 tokens for regular private, only you can see the recording of the show. In regular private shows I could share the recording with other people or add it to my fan club, but in exclusive any recording is for you only.

Then the other part of the exclusivity is that Spying is disabled in an Exclusive show. How many people realize that a “private” show isn’t really that private, anybody can spy on it. Although the text chat is restricted during a private show, and the voyeurs spying on the show can’t see the chat, what happens in the video is actually open to anybody who wants to pay the small spying fee.

You can't spy on Stripchat Exclusive Private the way you can on a regular private.
Private shows are not particularly private at all. Stripchat Exclusive Private doesn’t have this option.

Exclusive Privates are really private.

As well as differing prices for private and exclusive private the model can also set the minimum show length by specifying the number of minutes.

Lastly, Cam2cam is available in exclusive privates but not so in regular privates. It isn’t required, so if you don’t want to have a cam girl watch you jerk off or do a 2 way Facetime / Zoom style chat then you don’t have to. But you can, it is an option in exclusive private that doesn’t exist in regular private.

What’s the downside? At the moment I am the only model I can find who has configured these options in their chat room. Every other cam girl at Stripchat hasn’t set any different activities, which is the main point according to the model news. At least no yet.

I wasn’t able to set the options myself until I did a Ctrl-F5 refresh on my model screen, before that it was still showing the old options even though I had closed and opened my browser. Only after hard-reloading the page did the new options for setting up Exclusive Private chat at Stripchat appear.

Have you tried the new feature, either as a viewer or a model? What do you think about the idea anyway? Leave me a comment or post in the forum, but meanwhile go and visit Stripchat to try it out.