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Update: Long dead, try Rampant.TV if you want to find British cam girls.

Like some other British sites, Studio66TV has a very phone-sex look and it makes me feel it was probably run by a phonesex operator who wanted to add webcams.  They also talk about their Cable TV station “Elite TV” which presumably you can watch if you are in the UK.

Being on the web is therefore just one more way for you to watch the girls in their studio, but not the way we mean normally when we talk about webcam studios in Eastern Europe or Asia.  No, the studio at Studio66TV is an actual location in the UK that models go to work shifts being on camera.  While they are there you can watch them on the web, or on TV I suppose and call them up to voice chat.

Studio 66TV : Studio and professional models

There are also studio and location professional videos of their regular models at Studio 66TV, plus edited recordings of the best studio sessions from their archives.

They also have work-at-home or “@home” as they call it.  However, I didn’t find any of these online.  Instead, they prompt you to use SMS/Texting or MSN IM to contact the hosts, for a fee of course.

In all it’s more like a “Mens Magazine” online rather than a webcam site. What you won’t see is any men anywhere though, it’s pure girl and although there is plenty of hardcore in their recorded videos it is all fingers, toys, and girl-girl.

British webcam girls

If you like British girls, British accents, then this site is a win-win for you. Those of you not from England though will have to do some translations like “bum” means “ass” and so on.

Pictures and recorded videos are accessed by buying a membership to the site. You can pay for membership in the site at 15 British pounds per month, but that’s just to get access to pictures and recorded videos, not for live chat.  Billing is handled by CCBill for credit cards, though they also have SMS/Text billing for those in the UK.

Studio 66 TV Live Chat

For live chat you first have to create an account, just email/password is all that is required and the email is not validated.  Then buy credits, at the point you signed up you can choose to do so in dollars and then when you come to buy it is 100 Credits for $16.43.  A strange number that I presume is a conversion of some round amount in pounds.   You can buy more credits, up to a thousand, but there is no discount.

CCBill charges

The billing is again via CCBill, but via an intermediary VOIPAY.NET that I don’t recognize which allows for charging for things over the phone, more on that later.

Studio 66 TV pay by phone

Alternatively, you can pay by phone, but that is 1.53 pounds a minute or about $2.40/minute.  But this only works if you are in the UK or a few listed countries including Austria, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and NZ.

How you pay depends on whether you are watching one of the 2 to 4 models who are working from the professional studio, in which case it is a phone call straight through to the phone they are holding.  A very expensive phone call of course, that’s how the charging is done.

Pricing is advertised at £1.53/min, but every time I’ve looked in the model is already on the phone so I don’t know if you join a line or not.

Home models text chatting

For the @home models you’ll be doing text chatting, but the charging is by making a phone call.  Only in that case you don’t speak on the phone, it’s just for billing.  Or of course you can pay by credit card with pre-purchased credits.

Confused?  I think it’s easier if you just follow the prompts and try it, but whatever you do it’s going to cost of course.

Overall a very interesting site, but probably a little hard to get the hang of compared to some of the other cam sites which are a bit more focused on one simple way of doing things.

Studio 66 TV forum

If you’d like to comment more on please post a message in the forum.  Thanks.

Studio 66 tv models

Basically you have to be a British model able to work in London so not sure how the @home models work.  There is an email on their contacts page for you to write to, but basically nothing else.

Summary of review for studio66tv.Com

  • Number of girls online 41 : Only 2 or 4 are on the TV while others are harder to reach
  • Number of guys online 0 : No boys at all
  • Typical price for a show per minute : 2.50