Chaturbate may have made their start by encouraging exhibitionists to masturbate while chatting on webcam, that’s where the whole name “chaturbate” comes from, but a recent change has thrown that all out the window. In a post on the 18th of December 2020, CB announced a new way to do Cam2Cam which makes the old Chaturbate c2c method obsolete. And as a side-effect, allows them to remove the easy way for exhibitionists to broadcast themselves to the world.

You can still live broadcast at the exhibitionist. All you got to do buy some tokens with a credit card.

Joseph F Urquhart 

We have added the ability for users to privately share their cam with Chaturbate broadcasters for a more intimate viewing experience. Head to a broadcaster’s room, click on the “Show My Cam” button underneath their live stream, and start broadcasting:

My emphasis on “privately”

What they didn’t explain was that this includes a big change to the way the whole site works.

“Show my cam” actually says “Cam To Cam” on my screen:

Since the beginning of Chaturbate, there has always been a “Broadcast Yourself” link prominently on the top menu bar. Previously this took you straight to a broadcast page where you could set up your camera and start broadcasting.

Members not only used this route to broadcast for tips, but also just for kinks as well as a way of doing cam2cam.

This is one of the main things that made Chaturbate different from its predecessors such as MFC, ImLive, and Camcontacts where there was a clear distinction between people who broadcast their webcams, mostly girls, and those who paid to watch, generally the guys.

The great ease with which anybody could broadcast on CB, and quickly gain a following if they were hot enough, must arguably be one of the things that introduced a whole generation of people to being broadcasters. Today being an erotic content creator, whether via live cam video or something like OnlyFans, is so much a common thing that it even seems strange if a popular and hot girl doesn’t have an OnlyFans page.

Exactly how popular you might be in terms of viewers?

But that easy access to broadcasting yourself, and seeing exactly how popular you might be in terms of viewers and followers, is now not a thing.

Broadcast Yourself for Cam2cam

The other main reason people used that Broadcast Yourself link was when they wanted to broadcast to a model who they were viewing. The so-called cam2cam or c2c feature. Using a password on the room so only that one model could view you allowed for some optional privacy, but many men I’ve chatted with are happy to keep their room public and let anybody see them.

With the changes in this new announcement, the viewer does cam2cam by using the Show My Cam link. Therefore the old way of broadcasting from viewer to model isn’t necessary anymore.

And at the same time, the easy way for exhibitionists to broadcast has been taken away.

It is no longer possible to just sign up, without any credit card or real personal information, and hit “Broadcast Yourself” to show off as an exhibitionist. If you try to do so now you get told you need to complete age verification first.

Broadcast Requirements
To broadcast; please submit age verification documentation.

Submit Age Verification

That button, which only works on desktop and not on mobile, goes to the regular page for uploading scanned copies of ID documents that all models have already used.

This means no easy path for casual members to show themselves to everybody, they can’t avoid having to do proper age verification. When you think about it like that it seems pretty reasonable and you start to wonder how the site ever managed to allow random people off the internet to broadcast themselves to the whole world via the CB servers.

In the past, there was no checking being done about legal age or any information that would allow people to be tracked down if they did something against the law.

As reasonable as it now seems to take away the simple path to broadcasting to the world they didn’t do it until they had a replacement for that most common reason a person who normally is a viewer would want to broadcast, to show themselves to the member who is broadcasting.

For viewers to show their dick cams to the cam girls

Or to put it more succinctly, for viewers to show their dick cams to the cam girls.

That is where the new “Show my cam” feature comes in, of course, it fills the gap and makes it easy for people to do just that one specific thing. It isn’t a general broadcast, though behind the scenes it is presumably the same technology, instead, it appears to be viewable only by the cam girl broadcasting in that room.

Notice that this works only on a computer, I haven’t been able to make it work on a mobile device. In fact that old “Broadcast Beta” on the mobile doesn’t work for me anymore, but then I haven’t tested it in a while so maybe it was broken before.

When this was first announced there was a lot of concern that this would create too much of a distraction for models.

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This is such a bad idea its only going to distract broadcasters even more than the non-stop PM’s. Most chatters already get ignored because of that we don’t need more reasons for them to be distracted.


But that turned out to be an unfounded worry.

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To elaborate me and my buddies are currently testing this and it is up to the model to view it does NOT just pop up as a little window for the model. The model has to click on the name then click view cam then the window pops up. However, it does state when someone is sharing cam


There is going to be a bit of fallout for this until both viewers and models get used to the new way of doing things, but in the long run, this is probably the right thing to do for safety reasons.

What do you think about this change? Have you done cam2cum using the new system? How did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below or post something in the forum. Meanwhile, try it out yourself. I’m going to have to update lots of old article that mention how this used to work!

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