No, not filters like Instagram filters or “beautify your face” like YouCam or CamCap. The new homepage filters at Chaturbate are a way for you to quickly narrow down what sort of broadcasters you see on the home page.

New Feature Alert! Discovering broadcasters is now easier with homepage filters. Expect a mobile version and additional filters soon.

Chaturbate announcement

I noticed the filter feature yesterday, I guess they were getting it ready, and was wondering what it did. The tagline for the announcement “Streamline your discovery journey” is a bit of marketing-speak but I guess it does get to the point. Any cam site wants to make sure that you can find exactly the right girl for you, that’s what they call “discovery” in marketing, and “journey” is marketing jargon for how they get you to become a paying customer.

Better search and better filtering make that happen more smoothly, quickly, and reliably.

At the moment I find Stripchat has better discovery, for when I am looking for a model to watch, though I’m not enjoying it from the point of view of a model – not many people discovery me there. Don’t forget to check out my room if you read this!

But back to the CB announcement, which went out on Twitter / x.

It has sparked a mix of reactions among its users, highlighting both good and bad – which is about normal for the platform’s recent updates, with people suggesting areas for improvement.

Many people posted about the details of the newly introduced feature, expressing enthusiasm over its potential to enhance user experience. “Awesome!!!” exclaimed Valentino✨ (@BBBeachBoy), reflecting a sentiment of excitement echoed by several users who are optimistic about the update. This positive reception indicates a part of the community is always eager for innovations that could refine their browsing and interaction on the site.

However, it was generally agreed that despite the potential benefits of the new filters, Chaturbate should not overlook existing issues that hamper user satisfaction. The comments from @fuckynations and @BobW_SE5 underscore a prevailing desire among users for the platform to first address technical glitches and performance setbacks, particularly those affecting the chat and video stream functionalities.

“How about getting Chaturbate to fix the problems that are occurring these days before changing things, that could possibly break it more,” stated @BobW_SE5, capturing the concerns of many regarding prioritization of developments.

Critiques also surfaced over aspects of user interface design, with Joe Punchclock (@RooooomYeah) touching on a specific change that impacts accessibility, “I’m not liking the eight thumbnails per row instead of seven. I’m getting old, my vision ain’t what it used to be…” This comment underscores a need to remember everybody when designing. Given that many of the best customers at CB are actually older men it would make sense to consider their limitations, and bad eyesight (and hearing, and typing) are kind of the norm as you get older.

I’m not so young myself and I do struggle with the problem of websites being designed for people with better vision than mine. There is just so far I can get with zooming in or buying a bigger screen.

The discussion around the CB announcement included suggestions for enhancing the filter functionality. @coolbikerguy2 proposed allowing users to “choose more than one tag to filter on,” a suggestion that highlights the need for a more personalized and efficient search process. Such feedback points toward a demand for continued improvements in how users navigate the vast number of broadcasters on the platform.

Did you know there are over 11,000 broadcasters on CB, just in the girls’ section, at peak times? That is higher than Stripchat (at about 9 thousand).

Another sore point that this brings up is the other kind of “filter”. Some people asked for more transparency concerning the use of face/body filter software by CB camgirls. This was spotlighted by a tweet from mario rosdo (@mario_rosd20595), who wrote, “most of the girls on your website are basically mannequins moving AI generated figures.”

Isn’t the whole world starting to turn into this? With things like Sora AI video, it is hard to know what is real anymore. Are artificially enhanced camgirls the same as AI? I don’t think so myself, but I can see that it annoys some people.

It is a bit like objecting to silicone breast implants as they are artificial. I’ve got mixed feelings about that, natural seems good, but enhanced can look great too.

That is a broader debate, and not limited to Camgirls.

Several people also didn’t like the way that Russia gets included with Europe in the geo filters. Although technically correct it doesn’t feel right to some people. Actually, lots of Russia is in Asia geographically, but when you search for an Asian camgirl you don’t really mean a Russian blue-eyed blond who happens to live in Vladivostok do you?

How do you feel about the new filters at Chaturate? Would you agree with me that they are still behind Stripchat for better ways to “discover” girls?

I’ve just realized that two years ago they were experiementing with AI or machine learning to improve suggestions, I’m not sure what came of that.

Have you found it easier, or harder, to find the girls you like on CB recently?