Cam4 is one of the oldest camgirl sites that is still operating, and while old means well established it also means a few of their features are a bit dated. Time for a refresh of their messaging system with the announcement today of a feature-packed “Messaging” system. And yes, it has AI in there, you can’t miss that out today, can you!

Most sites have some way to keep a thread of messages going between models and viewers when they are outside of a chatroom, and though some like the “DM system in Chaturbate are hardly used, there are others that do make sense. Stripchat has an ok messaging system, and most content sites have messages-with-payment systems.

I must admit I hardly used the old Cam4 system so I’m not too sure what is really “different”, apart from what they describe in the new restrictions for it. Sounds good though so let’s take a look.

A Fresh, Intuitive User Interface

The first thing users will notice is the completely revamped design and user interface. CAM4’s development team has made sure that both desktop and mobile users find the new messaging system not only good looking, but that it works well. It is a lot more like a chat program, say Skype or WhatsApp, rather than the old “inbox” which was more like a primitive email box.

Starting Conversations Made Simple

Go into the new system using the speech bubble with dots icon on desktop, or choosing it from the hamburger menu on mobile, it goes to a URL that is still called “inbox” but now is titled Messages.

Whether you’re looking to connect with someone you’ve recently watched, tipped, or simply want to search for a specific username, the new search capabilities provide real-time results, making it a breeze to find and chat with other users.

Just use the search to type the name of the person you want to talk to.

However, it seems it has to be someone you have interacted with before, just trying to message a broadcaster who you follow isn’t good enough.

What you can do though is to find them within the “Groups” section and then send them a Wink to see if they respond. Regular users get 3 winks per day, or if you upgrade to Gold you can just go straight into chat.

Wink Feature

They are quite proud of their “Wink” feature. This allows non-gold users to signal their interest to others, giving everyone a chance to spark a conversation. Meanwhile, gold members enjoy the perk of bypassing this feature, allowing for direct messaging without any limitations.

Organized Conversations for a Seamless Experience

Users can now filter their chat threads by date or star important conversations for quicker access. This level of customization ensures that your messages inbox stays tidy and manageable, so you can focus more on the interactions that matter most.

Enhanced Media Sharing Capabilities

Sharing content has received a major upgrade. Users can now send a variety of media types, including exclusive videos and galleries from My Shop, directly within a conversation. Broadcasters stand to gain significantly, as they can share fan-only content, thereby increasing their visibility and connection with their fanbase.

This brings it more in line with the messages-for-content systems that other content sites use.

Personalized Interaction with Tips and Gifts

The addition of tips and gifts within chat threads introduces a new layer of interaction. Viewers can now show their appreciation for content in a more meaningful way, which can turn chat threads into something like an offline show.

Private Cam2Cam Shows Button

The ‘Request Private Show’ button ushers in a more intimate setting for users. By initiating a request for a Cam2Cam show from within chat, viewers can move directly from messaging into a private chat session.

Post-Show Ratings and Feedback

Following a private show, users have the option to rate one another. This feedback system is ultimately good for everyone though at times it can seem like a pain. It can be hard when you are first starting to get good ratings, but at least it helps to protect everybody by keeping things honest.

Effortless Message and Media Bookmarking

CAM4 has also added the ability to save messages and media with bookmarks. This feature allows users to easily bookmark and access important content later, organized neatly within each thread for convenience.

All in all, it sounds like a good enhancement, and as it is the main messaging system and not an add-on like the DM at CB it will get used. As for the new features, that will depend on whether models and viewers at Cam4 start to use them.

Cam4 AI chatbot

There is a default button for “Spark” the new Cam4 AI chatbot. You can talk to the bot in the messaging system and it is supposed to just answer based on what it knows about Cam4.

It is a bit flakey at the moment but I presume they will train it up and it will get better.

Spark the cam4 ai assistant getting it wrong.

That didn’t go too well, but you can see it might get better. Do you think this is helpful?