If you want to watch some authentic European girls, but want a change from the Eastern European and Germans, then you have a great choice here at Mondocamgirls which is based in Italy. Real Mediterranian southern European girls are just different enough to be exotic, but familiar enough to be easy to get on with.

The main Mondocamgirls.com site starts off in Italian, but there is a switch to English which very importantly not just changes the menus but also shows cam girls who speak English. Now a lot of people in Italy do speak English perfectly well, though typically with a lovely accent, but not all of them may want to have cyber sex in English. By selecting the British Flag in the menu you get to speak to those ones exclusively.

Switching over to the English version gets you a more limited number of girls, but if you don’t mind their limited English then you can switch back to the full view of the models to get the widest range.

Yes, it is a British Union Jack flag to represent English, but of course, they can speak American as well or close enough.

These are camgirl who have set in the profile to speak English.
If however you want see all camgirls click here.

Use the flag to switch to English speaking girls

There are around 50 models online who speak English and perhaps another 10 who do not, so you are not missing out on many girls because you speak English.

When they are marked as online that isn’t the same as on other sites though as this is a “Skype cam girl” site where the website is only an intermediary to help you find and meet up with the girl. Your actual chat and show is directly between you and her using whatever video chat software you both agree on, typically Skype but it could be something else such as Zoom.

There are other Skype Cam Girl sites that this, and like those ones at Mondocamgirls the website helps with the searching for models, the meeting up, and also helps to handle the payments ensuring anonymity and safety between both parties.

Each skype cam girl at Mondocamgirls has their own page where they describe what offers they have to make to you. The prices are in Euro so you have to convert if you don’t use Euros and you have to browse through their collection for something you like. Most models offer a wide range of things, and are open to some custom choices.

Here are some examples, but it is really very variable and you need to check out the choices to see if you can find what you want.

PrisDevon ask 130 Euros for a 60 minute call with dildo and audio, cum and squirt

Lucilla charges 50 Euros for a 30 minute call, and for 60 Euros will piss in a cup and drink it

You can pay via the Mondocamgirls site using a credit card or a PaySafeCard PIN. The prices quoted are what you pay the site, and the model will get around 80% of that amount, so a lot more of your money is going directly to the camgirl at Mondocamgirls.com than if you spent the same amount on another site.

The down side of Skype sites is that you have to be your own tech support person and get the Skype or other video calling software working yourself. If you have been working from home during the Covid19 pandemic and are now totally fine with Zoom then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Doing a Skype or Zoom call with a cam girl means you automatically get two way video and audio, which on regular cam sites can be a pain to set up correctly.

Choose the thing you sould like and hit the buy button to start the process.

You have to give your email address, there is no need to create an account as such, and then specify how you are going to pay.

Your choices for payment at Mondocamgirls for a Skype show include:

  • Visa, Mastercard and American Express via CentralPay or TrustPay.
  • Paysafecard using a PIN bought in a store or online
  • OkShop
  • Bitcoin via CoinPayments
  • Or some existing credit you have with them

If you are a regular customer then you should create an account and get some credits for future purchases, but it is optional if you don’t want to.

This is a great addition to the Skype camming sites and you should check it out if you want to get more anonymous and virtual face-to-face cam session.

Try it and let me know how it goes.