Question: Which sites have two-way sound with cam girl

Answer: A few, here is a list

Want to get up close and personal with a cam girl? You can watch her, you can remotely “touch” her with a Lovense Lush, and you can write to her. But how about just talking to her?

Lots of people want to be able to talk to the person they have having (cyber) sex with, whether it is to give instructions or simply to get a closer connection.

That doesn’t work at some live porn sites where the only choice is to interact by typing words. That can be a pain if you don’t type well, or your hands are busy, or you are on a mobile phone with a tiny keyboard.

Solve all those problems with two-way sounds between you and a cam girl so that you can simply talk aloud.

Privates only?

Mostly cam girls will only listen to you during a private show. Otherwise your audio will spill out into their room and other people will end up hearing it. So although you may be able to tip a model in a public room to watch your cam on cam2cam for a while, the same is not done for listening to you.

If you want to have a two way conversation by speaking aloud, then that’s something to do in a private chat.


Niteflirt is really a “phone sex” site, and so if you just do phone calls of course you get two-way audio. But if you buy a video show there then you’ll want to add on a phone call or combine it all in a Skype session.

This British cam girl site has a lot of phone-based options. You can go into a “perv video” session and then call up a pay phone number to talk to the girl at the same time. It is costly and only works properly if you are in the UK, but if you are then it is a great option.

DXlive / SakuraLive

This Japanese only does private shows, there are no teasers or free tipping shows here. If you go into a private with the mainly Japanese and Korean models then they may give you an option, at extra cost, to do two-way sound with them.

Yes, available in private only, if models support it.


Yes, because it is a Skype-based cam site where the actual connection is done via Skype, though you pay via the website.


Yes, because it is also a Skype based site, in fact this is more of a directory where you hook up with Skype cam girls, but the actual chat session happens over Skype, Yahoo, Zoom or whatever video chat program you want that the model supports.

The final Skype cam girl site on this list, which works for the reasons given above.

Yes, indirectly, because the viewer can just hit their own “broadcast” button and transmit their video which the model can then see and hear. That only happens if she agrees to do so, and therefore effectively it only happens during private shows.


Yes, by viewers using the option to start their own broadcasting. Although the Cam2cam inside private shows feature is broken, viewers can still do a live broadcast, including video and audio, without age verification. As you can set a password for the room it is possible to ensure that only the model you are talking to can get in and hear you.


Yes, Cam2cam audio isn’t working, but if the viewer does their own Broadcast it works. This may need age verification though.


Yes, in every private show.

There is two-way audio included with the cam2cam which is available only in Exclusive Private, the higher-end version of private shows.

And finally one that used to but gave up that option:

No, Used to be via Skype, but disabled now.

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