Update 2021: Site is still up but there are no models online and the payment system to buy tokens doesn’t work. Suspect this is defunct / dead. Try another site.

Looking for Free Web Cams? Well then Freewebcams.com is as good a place to start as anywhere. It isn’t big, in fact it is quite small, but what models are available are good and the options for free chatting are generous.

Colombian girls are in the main here so if Latina cam girls appeal you should read on and learn why this site is like Chaturbate, but isn’t.

I almost feel that calling it “free webcams.com” dates this sites to the early days of camming before it was called, well, camming. Today if a new business wanted to boast about free cams wouldn’t they call it “freecams.com”?

Unfortunately, that legacy of an early start in camming doesn’t mean that freewebcams.com has grown, unlike many other sites from that time it has stayed a small nice offering.

Colombian Beauty MarianaSilvax

Like any small site, it is a matter of whether you find that one right chat host or model for you, the top model here is for sure MarianaSilvax who is a beautiful Colombian who dances to music with enough wriggle to make anybody salivate.

Why so much like Chaturbate

The first thing that has to jump out at you when you see Mariana at Freewebcams is that somehow it looks so much like Chaturbate. The layout, the color scheme, everything seems like CB. But not the current chaturbate, maybe one from 5 years ago and yet not quite.

At first, you might think that this site is one of the very many whitelabels of Chaturbate, and so it isn’t unreasonable to switch over to chaturbate.com and look for Mariana. And she is there, with the same screen name and the same video.

Don’t jump to conclusions though, because the chatroom at “free web cams.com” is really different and this is just a case of a popular model split camming and sending her video stream to two different web sites. The clue is that there are different numbers of people in her two rooms, and her name is very slightly different in one vs the other.

Then check out a few of the other girls online at freewebcams.com, and it is only a few it is true, and they are not all on Chaturbate, at least not under the same names. You might find the same type of models at Bongcams or Flirt4Free, the sophisticated and beautiful but not native English speakers.

Is it really free

Well yes, the video, the chatting, are all free. At unlike many sites at freewebcams.com and unregistered or “grey,” anonymous guests can chat just fine.

It is no fun chatting as “Guest9056” in grey though, as the models never answer, you have to wonder if they even see the grey chatting. The “Join Now for Free button beckons and invites just as much as Mariana’s wiggling butt.

The signup screen again has a very chaturbate-look to it and it is hard to escape the impression that one site deliberately looked to the other for inspiration. Or cloned the site to be blunter. As to which came first, the chicken-or-the-egg, I couldn’t say.

Copyright signup forms

Given that a signup form is quite generic you can hardly complain about copyright infringement no matter how “similar this feels”.

Entering a username, password, email, and choosing gender and birthday gives you a free basic account.

The account works right away and you can log in and set up your profile.

What you can’t do is much of anything else until you verify that email. You can’t even chat with the models as they all have chat for basic turned off. As an odd twist, you can do less as an unverified member than you could do as an unregistered guest!

The menu at the top of the screen keeps bugging you to verify so you had better make sure that the email address you gave is working.

Look in your inbox for an Email that looks like this:

From: FWC <[email protected]>

Subject: FreeWebCams.com Account Information

Inside the email is your ID, which may be different to what yo uspecified when you signed up as it will have some extra numbers to make it unique, and your password in full text.

Not a very secure email, but convenient. Make sure you keep the details in a safe place and perhaps you shyould delete that email after you have cliecked the button that says.

“Activate your account”

Once you are in the prompt to verify goes away and you have a working Basic account, But:

Basic member chat has been disabled, please upgrade your account.

Once again it isn’t good enough to chat, so making an account has actually reduced my ability to chat. Admittedly the models are never going to reply to a grey anon “Guest123” but at least it felt like I was saying something.

Apart from chatting the other features of an account do work, like marking favorites by clicking the “Follow” button and setting up a profile which is all good.

Start My Webcam

The prominent button on the menu to start webcam makes it seem that this will be a site, like chaturbate or ShowUp, like allows anybody to broadcast. That doesn’t work though as it wants you to go Get Tokens and Become Premium before starting your own webcam. It would seem the broadcasting option is more about being able to cam2cam rather than for members to earn their own tokens and membership benefits.

If you want the membership benefits there really is no way around spending some money to buy at least a basic package. Une plus is that there are a really large number of ways you can pay for your tokens giving you a wide range of payment options.

There are more, many more, payment options than there are girls online at Freewebcams.com which somehow seems the wrong way around.

Credit card payments, billed as cammcs.com, is the basic and obvious one. But down at the bottom of the screen are a range of options including:

  • Buy tokens using store gift cards using “Paygarden.com” – the same solution as Stripchat.com uses
  • Pay with Check or Money order via “TOKEN SOLUTIONS INC.”

If you choose the gift card method then you can do things like trade a $25 Walmart gift card for 166 tokens. That is expensive compared to buying the same number of tokens using a credit card, but it is entirely anonymous if you buy the card in a store or even online using instant email delivery.

Walmart, Best Buy and Target are the example gift cards accepted but there is a huge list of other choices from Bed & Bath to Pottery Barn and Starbucks. There really is no excuse now to not safely buy tokens here for using at “free webcam com” or at Stripchat.com.

The other alternative payment system, Token Solutions Inc, offers an even more bewildering range of choices. You can even walk into a Bank of America branch and put down cash on the barrel head to buy your tokens. This company also takes bitcoins via Bitpay.com giving you another rather long way around to get your tokens. In an example transaction using this cryptocurrency, it would cost 0.003193 BTC to get 250 tokens. The exact amount of BTC varies but is whatever equals $29.99, so that is actually a better deal than using a credit card!

Bitcoin is the only option though, so unlike SoulCams or Xcams you can’t use other types of cryptocurrency.

Discounts and cheaper tokens

This is all irrelevant if you can’t find the model you like, and with such a small number of models, it is hard to see many people finding their perfect match. But if hot Colombians are right for you then you could end up spending quite a bit here so it is worthwhile making sure you have a good deal on your tokens.

Payment viaPrice in $TokensPrice per tokenDiscount
Credit card29.992000.15
Walmart Gift Card29.991660.18-20.48%

Break down the options here and you can see that Bitcoin is actually the best deal, with Walmart Gift cards the worst. Perhaps a different gift card might be better so you can work your way through the options, let me know if you find something that works better.

FreeWebcams in the Forum

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