If you want a real Japanese girl then you have to come to the right place with the FC2 Live Adult section. This is a genuine live cam girl site from Japan, but much more besides. There are very few other places you can find real Japanese camgirls so you don’t miss this chance.

Yes, it is very different and at-first confusing to use when compared to some of the other cam girl sites out there with Asian girls, but for the real fan of girls from Japan, this does offer something a bit special. If you find Pinay cam girls to be not exotic enough for you, then FC2 is going to offer you the real deal.

Japanese video site house recorded and live sessions

The Japanese always seem to have a unique way of doing things, and the same goes for cam girl sites as much as anything else. At FC2 there is a huge range of different material to watch, and most of it is not adult at all. You will find that FC2 is a bit like YouTube, with the same mix of weird content creators and uploaded copyright infringements.

Being Japanese their weird-shit is even weirder, but just like other video sites, they have problems with the law and things go up and down depending on who is uploading and who is complaining.

That goes for most of the site, but here we are interested in the “Adult” section of FC2, and particularly the Live subsection of that. It takes a bit of digging to find as it isn’t on the main page, but you can use the button to go directly to the Adult part and then choose the Live section.

First, click on the button and say “Yes” you are over 18 years to get in.

There are typically a few hundred video streams online, but you have to click the “Live Broadcast” otherwise you’ll be seeing recorded shows as well.

Even though you’ll see the “English” version of the site all the rooms have their description in Japanese. Which is authentic but hard to navigate.

Try using the built-in translator in Chrome or your other browser to get the wording of the room descriptions converted to English. Of course, it isn’t perfect but it is good enough and it isn’t like chat room descriptions are that meaningful most of the time anyway.

More viewers in FC2 Live Adult rooms

Working out which room has actual live girls and which ones are just broadcasting recordings takes a bit of checking, but given that people really only spend much time in really live rooms you can use the viewer count as a good indicator.

Bigger rooms have more real live Japanese girls

A room that has a thousand, or even a hundred, viewers in it will be a real love Japanese girl doing cam chat. Scroll down though and you’ll start to find recordings, it is easy to tell which ones aren’t live as after a while you’ll see that nobody is commenting or tipping.

What do girls do on FC2

Most of the live chat rooms are just girls chilling. They can be extremely cute and fun, but hardly any sex at all. Not even nudity or a bit of skin. Remember that the censorship rules in Japan are really strict.

There are nude rooms and they are fun, but mostly a pre-sell to a paid broadcast. Learn more about that later in this review.

Dress up and Cosplay girls

You’ll see girls dressed nicely, in uniforms and pretty panty-and-skirt outfits but generally the girls here are more focused on being cute than on being sexy. Normal street-wear or housewive-doing-the-laundry outfits are common as well.

Keep looking until you see some braver hardcore girls. They are much more popular so are at the top of the list of live girls. These girls will wear just panties and do a hand-bra covering their tits just with their fingers. As long as they keep at least one finger over their nipples then they are within the “nonnude” rules, but of course you still get to see some pretty tits.

Nude group shows at FC2

Then there are some rooms where the girls push it to the limits of what’s allowed. But there are the Japanese definitions of what’s allowed and they are different from what we are used to in the west.

Yes, the FC2 Live cam girl can get nude, but as long as she is careful to cover the key parts like her nipples and pussy. Most of the time anyway.

And her face too apparently. Luckily you can’t get COVID19 from a cam girl, but they are making double sure anyway.

Bare asshole licking is cool in Japan

In case you think that this “non-nude” and “cover your tits” means there is nothing hot going on in Japan then you are wrong.

Pussy hair is entirely forbidden, but assholes are fine.

Including having three girl show in which one girl is eating out the ass of the other two girl. That’s perfectly ok in Japan and you can see it live and for free on FC2.

It isn’t even particularly popular, as you can see these three girls have only got a Total of 273 tips so far.

They did get their asses eaten which is always good, but I’m presuming they are here for the tips, not just the licks.

And notice how they are doing “hand-panty” to keep their pussies carefully covered. Because in Japan a bare pussy is obscene, but salad tossing is perfectly fine.

Japanese are strange.

But I’ll happily watch them anyway. Particularly when they can’t stop giggling and booing and ahhhing which is either incredibly entertaining and hot or intensely annoying and a turn-off depending on your view.

This is all in free live chat rooms, accessible even without login in or creating an account.

Good video and Audio at FC2

Japan is a high-tech country and these girls have great internet at home which means you get good quality audio and video. It isn’t up to the standard of places like Ukraine and Colombia where the cam studios have professional quality equipment, but it sure beats out the crappy home webcam rooms from Spain on Amateur.tv.

Professional or housewives

Are these FC2 cam girls just housewives messing around for pocket money, or are the professional AV stars or Japanese porno queens? It is hard to tell sometimes as every girl in Japan, professional or housewife, seems to be able to do the super-cute Kawai voice which is hot to me.

For the most part, the live rooms seem to be housewives or young office workers, but you never can tell. Perhaps some of them are Japanese stars. It wouldn’t be the first time a professional porn actress worked on a cam girl site.

Cam2cam at FC2

Want to let the Japanese girls see your package? Try turning on your cam with the button they call “Display Your Own image”. That’s cam2cam for the rest of us.

This is just for showing yourself to this particular cam girl it isn’t a public broadcast but you still have to prove your age with some ID.

Broadcasting yourself at FC2

If you want to broadcast yourself you can, and there are plenty of at-home broadcasters here but you won’t be able to avoid doing some kind of ID to show your age. As a Japanese site, they are very law-abiding and you have to prove yourself of 18 years or older to broadcast in the Adult section.

Log in to have a chat username, tip, or watch paid shows

What you can’t do without an account here is to chat in the text box or to give gifts or tips or keep watching when the show turns to paid mode. Any attempt to do that will just lead you to the registration page.

FC2 Japanese girls wearing masks

I don’t know if it is the COVID or just trying to protect their identity but you’ll see girls totally nude on FC2 and wearing nothing except a facemask. Careful use of their hands and leg positions means you never see their nipples or their pussy, but they don’t mind showing the rest of their bodies including asshole. Anal cam girl lovers will be pleased with the views here.

If you want to wait around long enough you’ll see the occasional nip-slip. This is a bit like Secretfriends where years ago people would spend hours waiting to see a nipple peek out from a careless girl they liked.

Nipslips and voyeuring

Only a few premium sites like Cams.com, LiveJasmin and of course Camcontacts still restrict what girls can show in free chat but apparently, this is still a thing in Japan. You don’t see much at all at Sakuralive until you have paid, but if you want to spend the time being a voyeur at FC2 you’ll see quite a lot.

FC2ID to get a login

To get into the FC2 system you need an FC2ID, which will be an account that works everywhere in FC2, not just in the adult live streaming system. It is a bit like having a Google account then gets you into Youtube, but lots of other parts of Google as well.

Start by clicking the “Free new registration” button.

Then filling the very basic sign-up form. All it needs is an email address, a CAPTCHA, and agreeing to the Terms of Use.

When you do the image verification you have to read the words and type the numbers.

Then watch out for the verification email that arrives quickly from [email protected], which is the generic address for FC2 and not related to the adult section so that’s reasonably innocent and safe.

The registration link takes you to a Profile Information screen where you can set your password and provide a password hint. That creates your profile and you get a username that goes FC2USER1111111 or something like that.

You can change your username to something else, but only if you click on the link that is only in Japanese.

Change your username if you want and then use the “Enter the user information now” link which takes you to an additional agreement about using FC2 Live which is additional to the FC2 terms.

Agree to the FC2 Live terms, and then again on the next page to watch adult programs.

The adult section of FC2 Live – click the button

After clicking Next and confirming your choices you are finally registered and can go and view the rooms as a registered user. It still defaults to the non-Adult section so make sure you click the Adult button to see the good stuff.

Text chat with FC2 Live girls anonymously

As well as the anonymous text chatting that you can do when you are logged out now you can use your nickname to chat with the girls. The default is still to be anonymous though, so click the button to the right of the chat text entry field to switch to your username if you want to be known and remembered.

They are all talking Japanese though and I’ve not yet seen any who are willing or able to talk in English.

Translate to English

You can use the built-in translator to convert the Japanese text in the chat window to English, but the translations are pretty minimal.

Free gifts

That is things like Balloons, Doughnuts and so on. There are a bunch of free ones you get given when you sign up, but you can only send them once per five minutes. Send a free gift and you’ll have a 5-minute countdown before you can send another one.

There are paid gifts that you can send at any time if you have the points.

Points are the tokens or credits at Live FC2 and you can buy points and send the points directly to girls as well. Right next to the gift button is the Tip Points button which is an orange P on a white circle in an orange square. /image

One-to-one Chat Settings

There are also a cam2cam feature which is called One-to-one and lets you do both adult and no adult broadcasting. You have to give your age verification ID if you want to do adult.

Content, Settings and Manage

Check out the menus to see the many options available.


  • On Air!
  • Live Recordings
  • Ranking
  • Broadcast Schedule


  • Live Broadcast Settings
  • One-to-one Chat Settings
  • User Setting


  • My Favorites
  • Manage hidden list
  • Manage Points
  • Affiliate management
  • Past broadcasts

For first-time users

FC2Live App for Android and iOS

There are apps you can use on your phone, both Android and iOS which is good because the websites are kind of strange on mobile. You can browse the girls and choose the rooms you like, but there are a lot of warnings about how it may not work right on your phone depending on what type you have.

You will get a better result using their App, and the version they have on their own app store is better than the one on Google or Apple stores as well.

If you choose to ignore their apps and just use the mobile website then that’s ok too but you have to click the “play” button a couple of times before it starts going.

Chatting with Adult Japanee girl on FC2

If you love Japanese girls then this site is really hard to beat and has a lot more things to see than the alternatives for Japan-specific cam girl sites.

It can be a bit frustrating if you can’t understand Japanese though.

Although it sounds great and the way they talk is so sweet and alluring, after a while the fact that they keep covering their tits and pussy with their hands and don’t actually masturbate can be a little bit frustrating compared to somewhere like Camsoda or Stripchat.

But then while you can find Japanese girls on Stripchat quite easily using the country search they all seem a bit standard-Stripchat, wearing Lush and masturbating without saying anything.

Over on FC2Live, it is more like chatting with a Japanese girlfriend which somehow is interesting in a different way.

Look at these two Japanese girls side by side, one is on FC2Live on the left, and on the right is Stripchat Japanese section.

From these still screenshots, it would appear the Stripchat site is more advanced, better video, and more girl showing and actively masturbating.

However in reality the girl on the left is chatting and flirting and showing as much as she can while staying within the rules, which is about everything except directly pussy view, and is constantly interacting with the viewers.

She won’t stop talking basically and even though I can’t understand more than one word in a hundred it is a lot more fun to watch and be in her room.

Paid Live Broadcast Rooms

Some of the rooms at FC2 Live are paid rooms. They can either be a per-minute fee to watch a room or it can be that you need to have a non-zero account to get into them.

The most common thing is that a girl will flirt and chat and maybe strip down in a free public room, then when many people are watching her she will turn on Paid mode and you have to pay to keep watching while she gets down to some more serious masturbating.

This example is charging 59 points a minute, which is about fifty cents a minute and so really very cheap.

Non-Japanese Cam girls on FC2 Live

There are a few, very few, cam girls here that are not Japanese. But so far most I’ve seen was in some kind of paid room so this isn’t very interesting.

FC2 Live Simple Payment

Want to get further with the Japanese girls who are live on FC2? Then you had better have some points, they are not expensive and you can easily buy plenty of cute “gifts” or just straight out points for a few bucks.

These points also let you continue to watch the rooms where the girl has switched to Paid broadcasts. Click any of the paid feature buttons and you get prompted to buy some points.

  • 1,000 points for $7.84
  • 3,000 points for $23.53
  • 5,000 points for $39.21
  • 10,000 points for $78.43

That’s right, no discount at all for bulk purchases.

Pay with any credit card they accept including VISA, JCB, Mastercard, DinersClub Discover and Maestro for you Europeans out there.

The credit card statement will show it as being charged by “FC2.COM”, which is an entirely innocent kind of site that doesn’t look adult at all. This might not be completely Safe For Work, but it is close.

Purely Legal Teens

All the broadcasters on FC2 Live are of legal age, even if some of them look and sound young. That’s just a cultural thing where Japanese women continue to giggle and look slim and petite well into their MILF years if not beyond.



  • Real Japanese girls, including college legal teens and housewives
  • Very cheap tipping
  • Free video and text chat even without an account
  • Authentic Kawai girls and rooms just chilling
  • Asshole closeups are fine despite the nudity rules
  • Girls do get wet and prove it by showing sticky fingers


  • Voice and chat is exclusively in Japanese
  • The site is cumbersome to sign up with lots of steps
  • Only a few nude girls and they are doing hand-bra, hand-panty so no pussy views
  • No visible active masturbating, mostly

What do you think of FC2 Live? Let me know in the comments or post in the forum!