DSCGirls.com recently came to my attention and suprised me by being an ethnic site for Indian girls. The “D” is for Delhi, the major city in India and they are focusing on what is known as desi girls, and then go into a lot of terms I’m not familiar with such as “sexy bhabhis and mallu aunties” which sound fun and kinky even if I don’t know what they are!

So if you are looking for chat in one of the Indian languages and are more comfortable with talking in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali or Gujarati than English this might be the site for you.

I’ll be coming back for a real review soon, presuming I can understand what is said! Update: Detailed review completed, read it here.

Meanwhile, visit https://www.dscgirls.com/

“Asian camgirls” doesn’t just mean Filipino and Japanese any more!