When you want to pay using crypto while visiting Camsoda.com you have to put in some money somewhere. As most people are using exchanges to convert their money into crypto it becomes a multi-step process.

Camsoda is a major cam site that has been around for years, and recently they have integrated Rocketfuel’s 1-click crypto payment solution into their payment processes. With Rocketfuel users of Camsoda move their crypto on the exchange directly into coins or tokens on Camsoda.

Rocketfuel’s payment solution simplifies the process of making cryptocurrency payments by offering a straightforward interface. With just a single click, users can complete transactions using their preferred cryptocurrencies, eliminating the need for manual input, and multiple steps and removing the worry of using the wrong address.

You can still pay directly from your crypto wallet if you have one, so MetaMask or Electrum users are still find to just scan a QR code or cut-and-paste an address. But if you have your coins on the right exchange then you can connect your exchange account to Rocketfule for a direct withdrawal.

What’s the catch?

The lack of choices of supported exchanges.

Originally when I looked at this feature I found that Coinbase.com and OKCoin.com were both supported, and I was looking forward to seeing this expand to other exchanges. Perhaps Binance, which has API integration with other products, but be added to this list.

Sadly it has gone the other way and today only OKCoin is listed as an exchange that 1-click crypto payments are supported for. There’s no mention of Coinbase or Binance.