Fans of porn stars on cam sites are in for a real treat with the announcement that the striking Russian blond “Kelly Collins” is set to do her first-ever live virtual reality cam show on June 14th. The show will air at 9 PM PDT/ 4 AM GMT on June 15th, allowing fans to try a life-like experience with her.

If you haven’t heard of her then you have not been paying attention as she is the “Best New International Starlet” according to AVN Awards. Having done 20 films in the past year you can also say she is a “hard worker”!

Where do you expect to find a porn star doing VR? On Stripchat of course which has the best VR, for the most part, the only working VR, in the cam area.

Using VR means that viewers can get a closer feel for being with the model.; And with someone who is usually doing porn vids so you don’t get to interact with her the idea of being able to tip for requests is a great chance to see what she would be like in real life.

It might only be virtual, but it is much closer than you get with recorded content.

The promise is that the show will be unscripted and just her being her natural self, at least the porn version of herself. If you are a fan of hers, or of Russian girls in general, then don’t miss this chance.

Set your reminders for June 14th at 9 PM PDT.