Cam girl sites all give the viewers a way to give tips to the girls who broadcast there. On some times there are different names for it but it comes down to the same thing, tipping.

Read on to learn all about tipping cam girls.

What is cam girl tipping? (The history)

Skip this if you are not interested in how tipping started.

In the very beginning cam girls, or more accurately “cam-girl” singular was Jenny and she broadcast her life as an art project.

The first commercial cam girl sites let girls be your online “friend” and the biggest was Friends, that is where I first worked as a cam girl. You hung around and text chatted with guys, and when they wanted to see you they paid by the minute for a live video stream from your webcam.

Many cam girl sites started up with the same basic layout and today a lot of them are still around, though not the original which closed back in 2018. Still going are CamContacts, and Flirt4free all from the early days of cam girl sites.

No pay, no see nude girls.

Then along came MyFreeCams and invented the idea of a site where the girls would be nude, and would do sex shows, all for free with no payments and not even a login required.

While popular with the viewers how would you motivate the girls to do the show? What was in it for them? The number of girls who are literally exhibitionists and get off on exposing themselves is too small to keep a site running and satisfy the viewers.

The solution is taken from the same idea as the street performers or buskers who sing, play an instrument or do an act in a street or town square. They do their show, and people who like it will leave money in their hat / guitar case / bucket.

It did work and soon many girls were making a lot of money just from tips while they did public sex shows. Not all the models were happy with this, and many complained in this forum as well as others, but there were still plenty of places they can go to do paid shows. There are still are, but less than before.

The norm had changed and more and more cam girls and cam sites start to accept tipping, and while cam girls could earn more money in tips during a public show than during a private paid-per-minute live sex show then they started to prefer tipping.

New cam sites now start with tipping and only implement private shows later once they are established.

Today tipping is the main way that cam girls get rewarded, and the main way that their fans and viewers interact with them beyond text chatting. First comes tips, then possibly privates, and beside that a cam2cam experience.

But tips first.

Therefore, on to how to tip a cam girl.

How to tip a cam girl

Most cam sites make it easy to tip by putting a prominent button on the video chat screen which you can click to send a tip.

Here is the tip button at Rampant.TV, a British camgirl site.

The use of a dollar sign, though a bit strange for an English cam site, does make it clear that this is a paid action.

Not all cam sites have equally clear buttons, but mostly there is some clue that you are “giving” something, and an indication it has value.

Here is an array of tip buttons from different sites. Do you recognize them all?

Click the ones you don’t know and visit before reading on!

To tip a cam girl you will find the girl you like, and then click the appropriate button.

What happens next depends on whether you have an account and have credits with that site. Typically that won’t be the case at first so you will be prompted to go through the process of creating an account first.

At some sites a new account comes with complimentary free credits, at other sites you need to pay for a package of credits, though the first purchase typically has some bonus credits.

Therefore the steps to tip a cam girl for the first time are:

  1. Find the girl you want to tip
  2. Watch her free public video
  3. Click the tip or gift button
  4. Create an free account on the website
  5. (Optionally) Verify your email address
  6. Buy some credits, choose a minimum-sized package if there is one
  7. Go back to the girl you found earlier
  8. Click the tip or gift button now while you are logged in
  9. (Optionally) Specify which gift or how large a tip to give
  10. Enjoy!

All sites that have tips or gifts allow you to choose how much to tip, or to choose gifts of different values.

Enter tip amount at Chaturbate

On other sites it is done with buttons so you don’t have to type anything.

There is always a way to give me if you want to stand out with the girl and in front of the other people in the room, but the basic tips are always welcomed.

Once you are all set up with an account and some credits then the process becomes much easier.

To tip a cam girl:

  1. Find a girl you like
  2. Click the tip button
  3. Select the amount or use the default (25 at Chaturbate)
  4. Enjoy

Why you should tip a cam girl

Where else do you tip girls? Not every country is a tipping country, but in the US and much of the world it is perfectly normal to tip anybody who has provided you with good service.

Who do you tip when they provide good service:

  • Server / Waitress in a restaurant
  • Hat-check girl in a theater
  • Barista / bariste in a coffee shop
  • Bikini barista when you want to see what’s under that bikini
  • The stripper who waves her tits in your face

A cam girl who is putting on a live sex show for you to watch, she certainly is providing good service.

And just like the server in the restaurant she gets most of her income from tips, not from a wage check. In fact for cam girls there typically is no income at all except for tips and privates.

Cam girls are mostly online because they want to earn some cash. If it doesn’t do that for them then the appeal of spending hours online chatting is quite diminished and maybe they’ll have to go get a paying job.

Not many are in my position of being able to do my job, and broadcast at the same time, and even I don’t do that perfectly well. When I’m focusing on my paying office job I’m not being a great job of being a cam girl, unless you like to watch me as a voyeur which is ok to but not the regular thing for cam girls.

Visit my room at Chaturbate anyway and leave me a tip and tell me you cam from this article!

How much to tip a cam girl

Unlike tips in a restaurant, where 20% of the bill is a typical amount it isn’t so easy to say how much you should tip a cam girl.

Really you should tip what you feel is right for the pleasure she gives you, and what you can afford. Just like investments or gambling, don’t spend what you can’t afford to.

Some cam girls make it easier by having a Tip Menu, more on that below, but without that it is up to you to decide.

The default tip amount on each site is a good basic tip. There may be smaller tipping amounts available but small doesn’t look good for cocks or for tips.

Just as you don’t want the girls thinking “what a small cock you have” you don’t really want them thinking your tips are small either. At least stick with the default and then at least you are average. That is 25 tokens at Chaturbate, and 20 at Stripchat.

See if I’m online at Stripchat and let me have a default tip and let me know you found me from this article.

What happens to the tips

When you tip a cam girl it goes into her account. Every cam site has some way to record the tips and the cam girl can see what she has earned. Typically there is a running total, and sometimes a list of tips received so far.

The money that the tips represents is held by the cam site and then paid out to the girl once or twice a month. Not all the money goes directly to her, the cam site takes a large cut of it.

For models who work for a studio then the money goes to the studio, and they take a cut which pays for the room and the internet etc, and then it goes to her.

Tips in a restaurant also get handled by the management, and they take a cut, but the percentage take by the cam girl sites, and the studio management, can be large.

Easily 50% is taken by each one, so in the case of a studio girl, she is getting 25% or less of what you’ve spent on her.

If you don’t like that then consider going to a Skype camgirl site where the girls get a much larger share of the income, though still not 100%. On a skype site, the site only organizes and handles payments, it doesn’t do any video technology, and hence they can payout 80% of the money to the girl.

Try a Skype camgirl site such as CamLust.

What tipping will get you

When you tip a cam girl the idea is that she appreciates the practical display of your affection. Saying “you’re hot” isn’t as meaningful to the camgirl as receiving some tips that show you really believe it.

Tipping gets you the attention and the appreciation of the cam girl.

Tipping is not

Tipping isn’t a way to get obedience or to command a cam girl. There are some exceptions to this in Tip menus, see below, but generally a tip is something that you have given generously and the girls accept it as a gift.

A tip to a cam girl is not a payment for services.

Tip menus and how they work

Despite what I’ve said above about tipping not being a payment there are times when people will do things for tips, and to take the guesswork out of knowing what value a girl places on her flashes she may put up a tip menu.

A tip menu is a list of things she is willing to do for you and the amount of tokens which things are reasonable to make that request.

Here is my tip menu as an example.

Notice: Hony's Tip Menu
Notice:  Spread legs (45)  Ass (51)  Tits/nipples (52)  Pussy (54)  Feet/Change heels (55)  Show (not wear) toys (56)  Like what you see (69)  30 sec Lush Wave pattern in my pussy (97)  30 sec Pulse pattern in my pussy (98)  30 sec Lush Fireworks in my pussy � (99)  PM you (101)  1 min Lush Earthquake in my pussy � (150)  Remove Lush from pussy 2 minutes (199)  Watch your cum (C2C) (200)  Spread pussy open (250)  Wear foxtail (if not wearing) (401)  Change buttplug (my choice) (402)  Change buttplug (your choice) (801)  Buy me a nice buffet (900)  Buy me a pair of nice heels (1200)  Be my knight (9999)
My tip menu on Chaturbate

Each thing I am willing to do for you has a number after it. That is the number of tokens you should tip if you want me to do that thing.

In my example, if you want me to spread my legs then tip 45 tokens.

That both means I’m always willing to do this, else I’d take it off my menu, and that I find 45 tokens a fair and reasonable amount for that request.

This doesn’t mean that it is the only things I’m willing to do. Like most cam girls I’m quite happy to do a range of things that my viewers like.

If you have a request though and it isn’t on the menu then you need to talk to me about it first.

WIth things on the tip menu it is easier, just tip that particular amount and I’ll know that is what you want me to do.

When you are watching me, or another cam girl, on your phone and typing is inconvenient then using a tip menu is a good way to go.

On Chaturbate the tip menu is an automated piece of text that appears in the chat window. Although this is common on some sites, on others the tip menu is a separate part of the controls.

For example, on Stripchat my tip menu is visible only when you click on the tip button and then the list pops up.

Stripchat tip menu
My Stripchat Tip Menu

As you can see the menu is similar, though I haven’t managed to keep it completely the same.

If you are a new cam model and want to set up your own tip menu then you need to check out what technique is used for it as each site is slightly different. On some it is a built in option, on others it is a app or game or plugin.

The big things is what items will you put on the list? Make sure it is things that people want, and which you are willing to do at any time

How to avoid tipping

If you don’t want to tip for flashes or tip for particular action then you’ll have to find another way to agree with your cam girl what you want her to do and how you will pay her.

The best way is to take her into a private room where she will be focus on just you and you alone.

Most cam girls will take private shows, though not all, and in a private show she has nothing else to do but to talk to you and keep you happy. That means she will do most things you ask, though if you have something very specific in mind you should ask her if she is ok with that first.

Tipping and remote control sex toys

One important twist on the whole idea of Tipping cam girls is that most of us now have them connected up to a remote-controlled vibrator.

The most common one is this pink vibrating egg with a tail that is made by the Lovense company and is called a Lovense Lush.

Connected to a PC or phone using a Bluetooth connection the toy is inserted into the model and then controlled by the website. Every time tips are received the website sends a signal to turn the vibrator on.

Different tips can turn the vibrator on for different durations and different power levels.

Every girl likes vibrations and by connecting tipping to vibrating we all get motivated to get more tips, not just for the money but for the sexual pleasure. That makes for a more enthusiastic cam girl, and a better show.