Want to let models know who you are, but really don’t want the rest of the world to find out? Then you are in luck with a new privacy option at Stripchat.

“Make Your Profile Visible Only to Models”

This new privacy feature at Stripchat provides a good balance between letting models know about you, because communication is always important to get a good experience online with camgirls, but at the same time not letting too much of your private information leak out.

Everbydoy at Stripchat has a profile, both models and viewers, and just like your Facebook or X profile you might want to fill it in with a little detail about you. That helps you to build that personal connection, and honestly lets the models remember who you are because they deal with huge numbers of viewers. Keeping your model to a nice into to yourself is great, but you really are only doing it for models right?

This is where the new privacy setting comes in, previously, you could make your profile visible to:

  • Everyone
  • Registered users only
  • Friends only
  • Nobody

That kind of makes sense on a social media site, but honestly, Stripchat is not a dating site and is not Facebook. You are not here to make “just being friends”, you want to meet hot models.

That is why Stripchat offers a new option: Models Only. Select this option so that, like it says on the tin, only the Stripchat models (and probably the site administrators if we want to be realistic) will see your profile.

To enable this option:

  • Click on your account icon at the top (your initials on desktop, and behind … three dots on mobile)
  • Choose Settings and Privacy near the bottom of the list
  • Look for Privacy, then go to the Profile visible to section
  • Choose Models only and you are done.

All done. Now it’s just between you and the models 🙂

Why set up a profile anyway? You get a blank profile as soon as you sign up, but you will make life easier for me and other Stripchat models when you fill it in at least a bit.

It could lead to more genuine conversations and a deeper understanding of each other’s preferences. I, and other girls, can tailor our performances to better suit your interests, creating a more fun and enjoyable experience for both parties.

So profiles are good, but keeping them reasonably private is also sensible. This privacy setting can also serve as an extra layer of security for those who wish to keep their camming activities private. It’s a small step towards ensuring a more secure and comfortable environment for you on Stripchat.

What else should you do in order to stay private on SC? Don’t forget to choose a username that doesn’t give anything away, use a confidential email address, and consider paying with a payment method that doesn’t come up on your bank statement.

I wrote this guide for Chaturbate, but most of it applies to Stripchat as well:

And remember, don’t forget to have fun!