Question: In the VR cam rooms at SexLikeReal can the girls see my room?

Answer: No, and that’s official

Read this answer from the FAQ section of the SexLikeReal VR platform. They prioritize user privacy, ensuring that the cam girls cannot see your personal space during the virtual sessions.

It is a natural question given that while you are in VR using your headset you really feel that you are “there” in the room with the girl, but while it seems like you are there you are not really and she can’t see you. Not even your video.

Although your Oculus Quest 2 is connected to the VR cam room at SexLikeReal, the girls cannot see beyond the virtual environment. Your personal space remains private.

The built-in IR camera on the Quest 2 are just for position tracking and doesn’t have any pictures transmitted. Meanwhile, the pass-through cameras that let you see what is there do not transmit either.

This ensures that your surroundings remain concealed from the cam girls’ view. This privacy feature adds an extra layer of security and intimacy to your virtual experiences.

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