Question: Is a scam site?

TL;DNR Answer: No

Long answer: No, it isn’t

Stripchat is a live porn cam site at which you get to watch girls, and guys, strip and masturbate for free.

How can it be for free?

The idea is that what you are seeing as a free show is a “free sample”, and perhaps you will buy some. You don’t have to pay anything, but some people do, and that is enough to make the site financially viable and to have enough money to pay the models so they will keep working.

  1. If you want to watch for free and never pay anything, then that is possible although limiting.
  2. If you want to pay some money so you can “tip” the girls to get them to do what you want, or to take them into a 1-on-1 private show, then that works though you should be aware that this is expensive in the long run
  3. If you want to broadcast yourself there to turn your own hot body into some cash, then this is also possible but again you need to be aware that Stripchat takes about half of your earnings as the middleman.

Is Stripchat legal?

A bonus answer that relates to whether or not Stripchat is a scam, is it legal?

The company is big enough to have plenty of lawyers to make sure they stay on the right side of the law, so for them it is legal.

Every person broadcasting their live streams on Stripchat have to submit government ID to prove that they are 18+.

That makes it legal for Stripchat. It doesn’t automatically make it legal for you though. Ensuring that you obey your local laws is your responsibility, and if watching live porn is against the law where you are then no you can’t do it.

But for most people where regular 18+ porn is legal, then both watching and broadcasting on Stripchat is fine.